Monday, 24 Jun 2024

Does Kinect Work If You Are GWAR?

Update: Today we mourn the loss of Dave Brockie, known as Oderus Urungus, the creative genius behind the legendary metal band GWAR. As a tribute, we are sharing this video of GWAR in the Game Informer offices, playing Harmonix’s Dance Central.

GWAR has been rocking the world for 25 years, leaving concertgoers drenched in fake blood and other bodily fluids. They slay monsters on stage, mock celebrities and politicians, and promote mosh pits that could rival a battlefield. But as a gaming journalist, I couldn’t help but wonder if these alien creatures, adorned with spikes and alien sea creature codpieces, could ever experience the wonders of Kinect for Xbox 360. So, I decided to put it to the test and invited them to our office.

To the surprise of my colleagues at Game Informer, lead singer Oderus Urungus and bassist Beefcake the Mighty eagerly accepted my invitation. I wanted to see if Kinect could sense their unique presence and if they could enjoy a game of Dance Central like the rest of us.

Watch the video below to witness the Kinect test and an impromptu tour of our office, which was invaded by GWAR.

GWAR in the Game Informer offices

Special thanks to David Schulte from CTV for assisting with the video shoot. Our regular video pro Ben Hanson was away, and Dave stepped up to make this happen.

WARNING: GWAR is known for their offensive, crude, and gross antics. This video is not suitable for viewers under the age of 18.


Q: Who is GWAR?
A: GWAR is a legendary metal band known for their outrageous stage performances and theatrical costumes.

Q: How long has GWAR been active?
A: GWAR has been rocking the world for 25 years, delighting fans with their unique brand of metal music and showmanship.

Q: What is Dance Central?
A: Dance Central is a popular dance video game developed by Harmonix for the Kinect for Xbox 360. Players can learn and perform various dance routines to hit songs.

Q: Did GWAR enjoy playing Dance Central?
A: Watch the video to find out if GWAR could conquer the dance floor with their signature style.


In conclusion, GWAR proved that even alien metal creatures can have fun with Kinect. Their willingness to embrace the technology and participate in our gaming experiment showcased their dedication to entertaining their fans in every way possible. Rest in peace, Dave Brockie, your unique and unforgettable presence will be missed.