Friday, 24 May 2024

Teamfight Tactics Patch 13.21 – A Look at the Updates and Changes

Welcome to the final competitive patch of Runeterra Reforged! Teamfight Tactics Patch 13.21 is a significant update, especially for those preparing for the upcoming Runeterra Reforged Championship. In this article, we’ll explore the key changes and improvements introduced in this patch.

Trait Changes

Let’s start by discussing the changes to Multicasters. In the previous patch, this trait received a significant buff, catapulting it to the top tier. Despite some nerfs in the 13.20 hotfix patch, Multicasters remained overpowering. To ensure a healthy competitive environment for the upcoming Championship, the damage of Multicasters has been reduced, making them less overwhelming.

Moving on to the buffs, Challengers have received substantial improvements, especially the bonus for having six Challenger units. These buffs, combined with enhancements to two specific Challenger units, make playing Challenger compositions much more appealing in this patch.

Unit Changes

Among the two-cost units, Twisted Fate, the star of Multicasters, has received a nerf to bring his power level in line with other two-cost units. Miss Fortune and Nautilus from the Bilgewater faction have been buffed, enhancing the viability of Vertical Bilgewater compositions.

In the three-cost category, both Sona and Vel’Koz, key units for Multicasters, have been nerfed. This, in addition to the nerfs to Twisted Fate and the Multicasters trait, significantly reduces the power of this composition. Taliyah remains untouched and will need to carry the weight in Patch 13.21.

Darius, a three-cost unit from Noxus, has received a quality of life buff to his recast effectiveness in his three-star version. While this buff alone may not make him overpowered, it could have a significant impact given the current strength of Noxus compositions.

Two four-cost units, Fiora and Kai’Sa, are receiving buffs that will make them crucial additions to Challenger, Void, Demacia, and Slayer compositions. These buffs are expected to shake up the meta and create more variety in team compositions.

Sejuani, one of the key units in the Nilah + Sejuani composition, is getting a nerf to her passive true damage. This change aims to reduce the overall effectiveness of this combination, creating a more balanced gameplay experience.

Lastly, Silco, a key unit for Sorcerers, is receiving buffs to his mana and spell damage. Sorcerers have struggled in recent patches, but with these changes, they are expected to become a more viable and powerful option.

Item Adjustments

In this patch, several items are being adjusted to maintain a healthy meta. Blue Buff, Shojin, and Protector’s Vow, which were considered overpowered in certain compositions, are receiving reductions in starting mana. Additionally, Shojin is receiving a buff to its attack damage scaling, making it more versatile in AD-focused compositions.

Other adjustments include changes to the radiant versions of certain items and nerfs to Crownguard and Rapid Light Cannon (Radiant Rapidfire Cannon). These changes aim to address the balance and effectiveness of these items in gameplay.

Augments Changes

While there aren’t significant changes to the augments themselves, there are some notable buffs to Parting Gifts and Stellacorn’s Blessing (Targon units’ attack speed), as well as a nerf to Golden Ticket. These adjustments aim to enhance the overall gameplay experience and create more strategic choices for players.

Bug Fixes

To improve the overall stability and fairness of the game, several bug fixes have been implemented in this patch. These fixes address various issues, such as the offering of conflicting items in the carousel and the correct functioning of certain abilities.


  • Q: When does Patch 13.21 go live?

  • A: Patch 13.21 is expected to go live on [insert date].

  • Q: What are the best compositions to play in this patch?

  • A: We will share the best comps to play in TFT Patch 13.21 once the patch goes live. Stay tuned!


Teamfight Tactics Patch 13.21 brings important updates and changes to enhance gameplay balance and variety. With adjustments to traits, units, items, and augments, players can expect an improved competitive environment and more strategic choices. Stay tuned for more content on the latest League of Legends and TFT updates on our website.

Remember to catch the Runeterra Reforged Championship stream on November 3rd to witness the best players from each region battle it out for the World Champion title. Good luck on the battlefield, and may the best tactician win!