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Anarchy Reigns: A Unique and Thrilling Gaming Experience

Anarchy Reigns

Online gaming is often dominated by shooters and sports games, leaving action games to be mainly single-player experiences. However, Platinum Games has managed to break this mold with their game, Anarchy Reigns. This 3D, arena-based brawler offers chaotic battle royales where anything goes, along with a substantial single-player campaign.

The Perfect Blend of Fighting and Action

Anarchy Reigns combines elements from both fighting and action games, resulting in a satisfying and accessible gaming experience. The game allows players to block attacks and execute flashy throws, reminiscent of the satisfaction found in Street Fighter. Unleashing a flurry of light and heavy attacks against opponents feels similar to action games like Asura’s Wrath, complete with ridiculous and powerful special moves. This fusion of familiar genres makes Anarchy Reigns immediately enjoyable, with a gradual learning curve for those eager to master its combat nuances.

A Mix of Excitement and Challenges

While Anarchy Reigns delivers excitement and relentless battles, some challenges exist that may hinder the overall experience. The camera controls can feel clunky at times, leading to situations where you may lose sight of incoming threats. Additionally, the lock-on system for selecting targets can be finicky, potentially affecting the flow of combat. Despite these minor setbacks, executing techniques to recover from a rough landing or break a combo feels immensely gratifying.

Unpredictable Multiplayer Mayhem

The heart of Anarchy Reigns lies within its competitive multiplayer mode. Offering a variety of match types, from intense one-on-one battles to chaotic 16-player battle royales, the multiplayer experience never fails to impress. Environmental hazards and unexpected events add an extra layer of unpredictability to each match, ensuring that the tide of battle can turn in an instant. However, the similarity in playstyles among the 17 fighters (18 with Bayonetta, available as a pre-order bonus) limits the potential for experimentation.

Creative Modes to Spice Things Up

Anarchy Reigns introduces exciting game modes that inject new life into the gameplay. Capture the flag becomes a thrilling experience as you strategize and outwit opponents to secure victory. Deathball, a violent twist on rugby, offers intense moments as teams pass and run the ball towards opposing goals. Even if your team faces defeat, the sheer fun of these unique modes makes every match enjoyable.

A Surprisingly Engaging Single-Player Campaign

While the single-player campaign may initially seem lackluster, it gradually improves as you delve deeper into the game. Playing as Jack or Leo, returning characters from Platinum Games’ Wii title, MadWorld, you embark on a journey filled with open environments and objectives to unlock. Most missions involve defeating waves of mutant enemies to earn points and access more exciting story missions. These story missions pit you against other fighters and provide entertaining cinematic moments, complete with Platinum’s trademark innuendos, corny humor, and gritty action.

Seamless Multiplayer Experience and Network Fidelity

Anarchy Reigns offers a smooth online matchmaking experience with quick and easy connections. The game’s network fidelity remains strong, ensuring stable gameplay in every round. Though the campaign has its rough moments, it still manages to entertain, although it may not satisfy those seeking a high-caliber action experience.


  • Q: Can I play Anarchy Reigns offline?

    • A: No, Anarchy Reigns focuses primarily on multiplayer gameplay.
  • Q: How many characters are available in Anarchy Reigns?

    • A: Anarchy Reigns features 17 unique fighters, with an additional character, Bayonetta, available as a pre-order bonus.
  • Q: What makes Anarchy Reigns stand out from other games in its genre?

    • A: Anarchy Reigns sets itself apart with its fusion of fighting and action gameplay, offering an accessible yet satisfying experience.


Anarchy Reigns breaks the mold of traditional online gaming experiences with its unique blend of fighting and action. While it may have its flaws, such as clunky camera controls and similar character move sets, the game still delivers excitement and unpredictability in its multiplayer mode. Additionally, the single-player campaign offers a surprisingly engaging journey with its open environments and entertaining story missions. If you’re looking for a thrilling and unconventional gaming experience, Anarchy Reigns is definitely worth a try.

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