Sunday, 26 May 2024

Patch 14.4 PBE Preview

The latest Patch 14.4 is bringing some exciting new content to the game. In this article, we’ll explore the new cosmetics, game changes, major champion changes, and major item changes coming in this patch. Let’s dive in!

New Cosmetics

The Porcelain skinline is making a comeback with six new champions showcasing the iconic whites and blues that make this skinline distinctive. This skinline is based on the Chinese Zodiac, with each character holding a “Relic” that symbolizes a different animal. Aurelion Sol is protecting the Dragon Relic, which can be purchased for 1820 RP. Additionally, Porcelain Darius, Graves, Irelia, Miss Fortune, and Morgana will be available as epic skins, costing 1350 RP each. Porcelain Kindred is also receiving a mythic variant, available for 150 Mythic Essence. Summoner Icons, Emotes, and Ward Skins in the Porcelain theme will also be available for 250, 350, and 640 RP respectively.

Patch 14.4 PBE Preview

Also, in Patch 14.4, players who have achieved gold in any ranked queue will receive Victorious Tryndamere for free. Players will also receive free Chromas corresponding to their end rank, as well as each rank below it. So, if you achieve Gold, you will receive the base Victorious Tryndamere skin, along with the Bronze, Silver, and Gold chromas.

Game Changes

One of the major game changes in Patch 14.4 is the adjustment to how tethers work. Many champions use tethers in their abilities, and Riot has made changes to make them more responsive, triggering and disconnecting more smoothly across the board.

Major Champion Changes

As always, there are several champion adjustments in this patch. Some notable changes include:

  • Bard: Increased AP ratios, lowered armor and base damages, increased attack speed and attack speed ratio.
  • K’Sante: Adjustments across different abilities to make the champion more manageable.
  • Volibear: Small touch-ups including increased bonus movement speed and reduced cooldowns on certain abilities.
  • Rek’Sai: Changes to improve healing abilities, speed, and damage. Rek’Sai’s abilities now deal both physical and magic damage, offering more dynamic gameplay.

Major Item Changes

Patch 14.4 brings changes to some of the game’s major items. Here are the highlights:

  • Black Cleaver: New recipe with increased armor reduction per stack and a reduction in maximum stacks.
  • Terminus: New recipe with reduced stacking and increased effects.
  • World Atlas: Starter support item offering more gold for damaging champions and killing minions, with a slightly longer quest recharge timer.
  • Runic Compass: Upgrade to World Atlas with similar changes, providing more gold for damaging champions or killing minions.
  • Solstice Sleigh: Update to Bounty of Worlds that scales healing based on maximum health and offers a 30% increase in movement speed.
  • Zaz’Zak’s Realmspike: AP upgrade to Bounty of Worlds with lower cooldown and lower base damage, but increased AP ratios and maximum health percentage damage.


  • When will Patch 14.4 go live?
    Riot will provide detailed information closer to the patch’s debut. Stay tuned for announcements and future articles!


Patch 14.4 is bringing exciting new content to the game, with new cosmetics, game changes, major champion changes, and major item changes. Players can look forward to exploring the new Porcelain skinline, trying out the adjusted champions, and adapting their gameplay strategies with the updated items. Stay tuned for more information from Riot and enjoy the latest update!

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