Friday, 24 May 2024

League of Legends Early 13.7 Balance Patch – Improvements for Champions and Systems

Now that the Spring Split is coming to a close and the Playoffs are in full swing across various regions (LCS, LPL, LEC, LCK), the excitement is building for the Mid Season Invitational (MSI) Tournament, a highly anticipated international event for League of Legends (LoL) fans worldwide.

With MSI on the horizon, Riot Games has implemented balance changes to ensure the best possible experience for LoL esports enthusiasts. Let’s dive into the early 13.7 balance patch notes and explore the buffs, nerfs, and system changes that will shape the game.

Champion Buffs


Azir, the Shuriman Emperor, has been struggling since his mini rework in patch 13.4. To address this, Riot is introducing a series of changes to help Azir reclaim his power. These adjustments include buffs to his early armor, attack speed growth, and ability potency.


Katarina receives buffs to her Ability Power (AP) build, though her attack damage build sees some nerfs. These changes aim to enhance Katarina’s AP scaling, making her more formidable in the mid to late game.


Kalista receives a boost to her Attack Damage (AD) per level and a shortened duration for her passive ability, Martial Poise – Oathsworn Bond Ceremony. These adjustments aim to improve Kalista’s overall performance and flexibility during gameplay.


Graves has seen success after changes to Jungle experience, and now he receives additional buffs to potentially bring him back into the spotlight. These buffs include an increased bonus physical damage critical strike chance ratio and a reduced cooldown for his ultimate ability, Collateral Damage.


Alistar, the support tank, receives stat buffs in hopes of improving his viability in the bot lane. These adjustments increase his base armor and base health, potentially shifting the meta and making Alistar a more attractive pick.


Yasuo, the renowned swordsman, receives significant changes to his laning phase. Adjustments to his passive ability, Way of the Wanderer, and his E ability, Sweeping Blade, aim to provide more flexibility and scaling throughout the game.

Champion Nerfs


Rammus, the Armordillo, faces nerfs to his Defensive Ball Curl ability’s armor ratio. These changes streamline Rammus’ power and provide a more balanced gameplay experience.


Veigar, the tiny master of evil, receives nerfs to his AP ratios to bring him in line with other champions. The adjustments to his Q, W, and ultimate abilities aim to create a more fair and competitive environment.


Olaf, the unstoppable Viking, has been dominating both competitive play and solo queue. As a result, he receives nerfs to his passive ability, Berserker Rage, and his Q ability, Undertow. These changes aim to reduce his snowball potential and bring him back to a more balanced state.


Sejuani, the Winter’s Wrath, receives adjustments to her passive ability, Fury of the North, her Q ability, Arctic Assault, and her ultimate ability, Glacial Prison. These changes aim to curb her strong presence in professional play and create a more balanced gameplay experience.


Vi, the Piltover Enforcer, has been a staple in professional play this season. To level the playing field, she receives nerfs to her Q ability, Vault Breaker, and her E ability, Relentless Force. These adjustments aim to reduce her dominance and promote diversity in team compositions.


Wukong, the Monkey King, is seeing his time in professional play come to an end. Changes to his W ability, Warrior Trickster, and his E ability, Nimbus Strike, aim to bring him back to a more balanced state and open up opportunities for other champions to shine.

Lee Sin

Lee Sin, the Blind Monk, faces nerfs to his base attack damage and base armor. These adjustments aim to reduce his overall strength and maintain a balanced playing field for all junglers.


Zeri receives long-awaited nerfs after numerous complaints from fans about her dominance in the competitive scene. Adjustments to her health per level, shield steal percentage, and ultimate ability, Lightning Crash, aim to bring her power in line with other champions.


Annie Support has been a force to be reckoned with in both high-level play and professional matches. To address this, Riot increases the cooldown of her E ability, Molten Shield, and reduces the shield amount. These changes aim to create a more balanced gameplay experience and promote diversity in the support role.


Thresh, the Chain Warden, receives minor nerfs to his Q ability, Death Sentence. These changes reduce the cooldown refund on hit, ensuring a more balanced and less spam-heavy gameplay experience.


Kha’Zix unexpectedly faces nerfs to his W ability, Evolved Spike, and his ultimate ability, Void Assault. These changes aim to provide a more balanced environment and reduce Kha’Zix’s dominance.

System Buffs

In addition to champion adjustments, Riot is also implementing system buffs to improve gameplay overall. Two items, Abyssal Mask and Death’s Dance, receive buffs to their stats, providing champions with more options and diversity in their builds. Furthermore, Grievous Wounds receives slight adjustments, allowing it to be applied even when damage would be completely blocked by a shield.

System Nerfs

Catalyst of Aeons, an item commonly used by champions like Cassiopeia and Ryze, receives a slight nerf. The health provided by Catalyst of Aeons is increased, but the cost is also raised, ensuring a more balanced power curve.


Q: Will these changes significantly impact the League of Legends meta?
A: These changes have the potential to shake up the meta and open up new options for team compositions and strategies. However, the full impact will only be known once the Mid Season Invitational begins on May 4th.


The early 13.7 balance patch for League of Legends introduces a range of adjustments to champions and systems. These changes aim to create a more balanced and enjoyable gameplay experience for both casual and professional players. Stay tuned for the Mid Season Invitational to see how these changes impact the competitive scene. For more information on the balance changes, refer to Riot Phroxzon’s Tweet for the original source.