Friday, 24 May 2024

Overwatch and the Quest for a Lore-Filled Show

The Overwatch community is abuzz with conversations about the game’s storytelling and the thirst for more lore. One Reddit post by user fitneyfoodie ignited a lively discussion on the topic, drawing comparisons to Riot’s League of Legends hit show, Arcane. While Overwatch players appreciate the intense player versus player (PvP) gameplay, they crave more story-driven experiences, especially during events. This has led some to wonder if Overwatch could follow in League of Legends’ footsteps and create its own captivating television series.

Exploring the Desires of Overwatch Players

Fitneyfoodie’s post laid the foundation for the conversation by suggesting a short run show for Overwatch, similar to Arcane for League of Legends. Many participants in the discussion praised the lore and cinematics of Overwatch, recognizing the immense potential for storytelling. However, the sentiment around the limited ‘story-type’ gameplay offered during events was not as positive.

Comparisons to Other Games

The discussion took an interesting turn when BeerGogglesFTW introduced other multiplayer games with untapped storytelling potential. One such game mentioned was Apex Legends, where trailers seem to reveal more of the storyline than the actual gameplay. There was also surprise expressed about Riot’s Valorant, as its lore has not been fully utilized in a similar manner, although rumors of a Valorant show have surfaced.

Addressing Feasibility Concerns

Skepticism arose among Reddit users like ios_static and rjacobb about the feasibility of an Overwatch show. Ios_static raised questions about Blizzard’s ability to fund such a project, citing the complexities of managing a development team. Rjacobb went further, bringing up concerns about the management of Heroes of the Storm and issues with advertisers. These concerns primarily centered around the practicality of the suggestion.

A Missed Opportunity?

Ultimatum227 expressed regret over missed opportunities within Overwatch, highlighting the high-quality cinematics and writing associated with the game’s PvE content. They suggested that creating a mini-series utilizing these assets could have been more profitable than periodically releasing short missions fighting NPCs. This sentiment reflects a collective disappointment and a call to action for better game management.

Overall, opinions regarding the idea of an Overwatch show were mixed. Some supported the notion, seeing it as a promising direction for Blizzard to explore. Others remained skeptical, citing concerns about resource allocation and Blizzard’s ability to execute such a project. However, the common thread that binds the community together is the desire for more lore and character development within the game. This Reddit discussion truly showcases a community yearning for content that goes beyond traditional gameplay.


Q: Are there any plans for an Overwatch show in the works?
A: As of now, there are no official announcements regarding an Overwatch show. However, the community’s enthusiasm for the idea may catch the attention of Blizzard and lead to exciting developments in the future.

Q: How can players engage with the Overwatch lore outside of the game?
A: Blizzard has released various cinematics and comics that delve deeper into the Overwatch universe. Fans can immerse themselves in these supplementary materials to expand their knowledge and appreciation of the game’s lore.

Q: Will Blizzard prioritize lore and character development based on community feedback?
A: Blizzard is known for actively listening to its player base and incorporating feedback into their games. While there are no guarantees, the passionate discussions happening within the community may influence Blizzard’s decisions and lead to more compelling storytelling in Overwatch.


The Overwatch community’s desire for a lore-filled show like League of Legends’ Arcane reflects a hunger for more immersive experiences within the game. While the feasibility and practicality of such a venture remain uncertain, the ongoing discussions demonstrate the passion and dedication of Overwatch players. As fans eagerly await news of any future developments, they can continue to enjoy the existing lore-rich content and find solace in the fact that their voices are being heard by Blizzard.