Thursday, 23 May 2024

An Interview With MultiVersus Director Tony Huynh

During a recent closed alpha test, we had the opportunity to interview Tony Huynh, the director of MultiVersus from Player First Games. In this interview, we discussed various aspects of the game, including its cooperative gameplay, working with Warner Bros, combat designs, and business models.

MultiVersus: A Cooperative Platform Fighter

MultiVersus is a free-to-play cooperative platform fighter that aims to remove barriers and provide a smooth learning curve for players. The game is focused on team-based gameplay, with every aspect designed around collaboration and cooperation. It features a diverse cast of iconic characters that have been meticulously crafted to reflect their unique abilities. Furthermore, MultiVersus supports multiple input devices, ensuring accessibility for all players.

A Focus on Cooperative Gameplay

One of the distinguishing features of MultiVersus is its emphasis on 2v2 team-based battles. Tony explained that this decision stemmed from his desire to create a game that captures the joy of playing with friends. By fostering a shared objective and encouraging teamwork, MultiVersus offers a unique and enjoyable experience. This approach required a complete overhaul of the game’s mechanics, including character abilities and strategic gameplay elements.

Learning from Other Genres

When asked about the potential for incorporating ideas from other genres into fighting games, Tony expressed the importance of being open-minded. He acknowledged that there are valuable lessons to be learned from various genres and emphasized the need for developers to explore new ideas. By understanding different ways to play and considering player preferences, the goal is to create an engaging and accessible experience that appeals to a wider audience.

A Fair and Enjoyable Monetization Model

Tony stressed that MultiVersus is committed to fairness and ensuring that the game remains free from pay-to-win elements. Players can earn benefits such as perks solely through gameplay and not by spending money. The focus is on providing a great experience for all players, with cosmetic items available for purchase. These items, such as ring out effects, are designed to be visually appealing and worth investing in.

Seasonal Content and a Growing Roster

The development team plans to introduce both seasonal content and surprises throughout MultiVersus’ lifecycle. Tony emphasized their goal of surprising and delighting players, which will involve dropping new content, such as maps, modes, and characters periodically. Currently, the game features 15 playable characters, with a roster of 16 announced. Each character is carefully crafted to offer a unique gameplay experience while pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Warner Bros: An Ideal Partnership

Working with Warner Bros has been a dream come true for the MultiVersus team. The partnership has provided invaluable resources, including character licenses and support for development and testing. Warner Bros has been receptive to the team’s ideas and has made the approval process smooth. The collaboration has exceeded expectations and has been instrumental in realizing the game’s vision.

Expanding Possibilities with Technical Innovations

MultiVersus utilizes server-based dedicated rollback netcode, a relatively uncommon and expensive technology. This approach allows for greater flexibility in terms of team sizes and game modes. While there may be challenges in scaling up the game beyond 2v2 matches, the team is confident in the surmountability of these challenges. They plan to introduce new modes and surprises while ensuring the best possible experience for players.

Future Prospects: Story Mode and Casual Playstyles

While the focus of MultiVersus is currently on cooperative gameplay, the team recognizes the demand for a story mode and additional casual playstyles. They aim to provide content that appeals to a wider audience and are open to exploring new possibilities. The priority, however, remains on refining the core gameplay experience and addressing any bugs or balance issues.


MultiVersus promises an engaging and cooperative platform fighting experience. With its commitment to accessibility, fairness, and continuous content updates, the game aims to captivate both casual and competitive players alike. Stay tuned for further updates and details as MultiVersus progresses towards its open beta planned for July on various platforms. Visit Wqaindia for more information on MultiVersus and other exciting gaming news.


  1. When will MultiVersus be released?
    There is no official release date yet, but an open beta is scheduled for July on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

  2. How many characters will be available at launch?
    The game will launch with 16 characters, each offering a unique playstyle and contributing something new to the roster.

  3. Will there be a story mode in MultiVersus?
    While there are currently no immediate plans for a story mode, the team acknowledges the desire for it and is open to exploring additional modes in the future.

  4. What is the monetization model for MultiVersus?
    The game follows a fair monetization model, with no pay-to-win elements. Players can earn perks through gameplay, and cosmetic items are available for purchase to enhance the visual experience.

  5. Will there be larger team sizes in MultiVersus?
    The game’s server-based dedicated rollback netcode provides flexibility for different team sizes. While challenges exist, the team is confident in expanding the game beyond 2v2 matches to offer new modes and experiences.


MultiVersus, with its cooperative gameplay, diverse character roster, and commitment to accessibility and fairness, aims to deliver an engaging platform fighting experience. The partnership with Warner Bros has provided invaluable resources and support, further enhancing the game’s potential. Keep an eye out for the upcoming open beta in July, and visit Wqaindia for more updates and information on MultiVersus and other exciting gaming news.