Monday, 27 May 2024

New League of Legends Skins for MSI: Inkshadow

While the playoffs are in full swing, Riot is already revealing exciting details about the upcoming Mid Season International (MSI) Event. Just like in previous editions, this year’s MSI will feature an in-game event to reward players who closely follow the action. But this time, Riot has something special in store for League of Legends (LoL) players—a brand new skin theme!

Inkshadow – LoL MSI Skins

Recently, the League of Legends Official Twitter Account shared a preview of the upcoming Inkshadow skins, confirming a leak by the famous leaker, Big Bad Bear. The video showcases each champion’s in-game model, abilities, auto attacks, and recall animations, giving players a tantalizing glimpse of what’s to come. Although the splash arts are still under wraps, the preview reveals the unique Ink magic tattoos that blend seamlessly with the champions’ abilities. One example is the Ink Brush VFX and SFX that amplify the impact of their attacks, particularly noticeable in Master Yi’s case.

Here are the seven champions receiving an Inkshadow skin:

  • Kai’Sa – Inkshadow Kai’Sa
  • Yasuo – Inkshadow Yasuo and Prestige Inkshadow Yasuo (No standalone video yet)
  • Yone – Inkshadow Yone
  • Udyr – Inkshadow Udyr
  • Master Yi – Inkshadow Master Yi
  • Volibear – Inkshadow Volibear
  • Aurelion Sol – Inkshadow Aurelion Sol

The Inkshadow Universe is set in Rabadon City, a place where magic thrives and those who control it hold ultimate power. The Cabal reigns with an iron fist, crushing any resistance that dares to challenge their authority. But an Uprising is on the horizon. Rebels armed with dangerous magic inked into their very skin are rising to overthrow the Cabal and restore the city to its people, even if it means facing their demise…

Inkshadow Yone
Inkshadow Yone In-Game Model

When will the Inkshadow New LoL Skin line be available?

The new Inkshadow skins are set to release alongside the Mid Season Invitational Event, which is scheduled to commence on May 4. As for pricing, Epic Skins featuring Volibear, Yone, Aurelion Sol, Yasuo, Kai’Sa, and Udyr will cost 1350 RP each. The Legendary Inkshadow skin for Master Yi will be priced at 1820 RP. Finally, the Prestige Inkshadow Yasuo skin will be available in the MSI Event Store for 2000 tokens (please note that you will need to purchase the MSI Event Pass to obtain that amount of tokens).

Citation: Inkshadow Master Yi is the Legendary Skin

In a LoL Pls video released in January, Riot hinted at a brand new artistic mid laner. While it’s unclear if this champion is directly linked to the Inkshadow skin line, it is speculated that Chinese ink brushes may play a significant role in their mechanics, reminiscent of Sai from Naruto.


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The Inkshadow skins for the Mid Season International Event have League of Legends players buzzing with anticipation. This unique skin line introduces stunning Ink magic tattoos that meld seamlessly with each champion’s abilities. As players gear up for the MSI Event, they can look forward to acquiring these visually striking skins, each with its own distinct flair. So mark your calendars for May 4 and prepare to embrace the Inkshadow Universe, where rebellion against the Cabal is brewing!