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League of Legends Patch 13.18 Update

Patch 13.18 Infographic

Patch 13.18 has arrived with exciting changes to champions, items, and more! In this article, we will discuss the key updates and additions that this patch brings to League of Legends. Let’s dive in!

Champion Changes

Patch 13.18 introduces several champion adjustments to create a balanced and engaging gameplay experience. Notable changes include nerfs to Jarvan IV and Kayn, while Gwen and Irelia receive buffs. These alterations aim to improve overall gameplay and enhance the diversity of champion choices.

Item Updates

In addition to champion changes, Patch 13.18 also brings updates to various in-game items. Noteworthy updates include the Crown of the Shattered Queen, Spear of Shojin, Stormrazor, and Statikk Shiv. These updates will have a significant impact on gameplay strategies and create new opportunities for players to experiment with different item builds.

Clash and Ability Icon Updates

Alongside champion and item changes, Patch 13.18 introduces a new clash and updates the ability icons of several older champions. The clash offers an exciting opportunity for players to engage in competitive gameplay and test their skills against others. Additionally, the updated ability icons provide a visually refreshed experience to enhance immersion and modernize the game.

Meet Briar, The Restrained Hunger

Patch 13.18 marks the release of a new champion, Briar, The Restrained Hunger. Briar will be available starting September 13th. To learn more about her abilities, visit her champion page or watch her champion spotlight.

Exciting New Skins

Street Demons enthusiasts will be delighted with the release of new skins. Add Street Demons Briar, Street Demons Neeko, Street Demons Dr. Mundo, Street Demons Zyra, Street Demons Brand, Street Demons Rengar, or the brand new Crystalis Motus Taliyah to your collection! These skins provide a fresh and stylish look for your favorite champions.

Street Demons Skins
Street Demons Briar (1350 RP)

Street Demons Skins
Street Demons Neeko (1350 RP)

Street Demons Skins
Street Demons Dr. Mundo (1350 RP)

Street Demons Skins
Street Demons Zyra (1350 RP)

Street Demons Skins
Street Demons Brand (1350 RP)

Street Demons Skins
Street Demons Rengar (1350 RP)

Crystalis Motus Taliyah
Crystalis Motus Taliyah

Chroma Skins

Accompanying the new skins are stunning chroma variations. Here are the chroma skins for the Street Demons collection:

  • Street Demons Briar
    Street Demons Briar Chroma

  • Street Demons Neeko
    Street Demons Neeko Chroma

  • Street Demons Dr. Mundo
    Street Demons Dr. Mundo Chroma

  • Street Demons Zyra
    Street Demons Zyra Chroma

  • Street Demons Brand
    Street Demons Brand Chroma

  • Street Demons Rengar
    Street Demons Rengar Chroma

  • Crystalis Motus Taliyah
    Crystalis Motus Taliyah Chroma


To address any questions you may have, here are a few commonly asked questions about Patch 13.18:

  1. When is Patch 13.18 going live?
    Patch 13.18 is available now.

  2. Where can I learn more about Briar’s abilities?
    Visit her champion page for detailed information about Briar’s abilities.

  3. Are there any balance changes to other champions?
    Patch 13.18 focuses primarily on the changes mentioned above. However, it’s always good to stay updated on any potential balance changes that may affect your favorite champions.


Patch 13.18 brings exciting updates to League of Legends, with champion changes, item updates, and new skins. Explore the changes, try out the new content, and enjoy the enhanced gameplay experience. Good luck and have fun on the Rift!


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