Thursday, 18 Jul 2024

2K Games Announces Exciting Expansion for Civilization V

Civilization V, the popular strategy game, is about to get even bigger and better with the upcoming expansion from 2K Games and Firaxis. The Brave New World expansion offers players a host of exciting new features and scenarios that will take their gaming experience to the next level.

A Whole New World Awaits

One of the most significant changes in the expansion is the introduction of a new cultural path to victory. Players will now have the opportunity to spread their culture across the globe, dominating all other civilizations. Build Museums, Opera Houses, and other cultural landmarks in your empire, and create masterpieces with Great Artists, Writers, and Musicians. Use Archaeologists to uncover ancient battles and city ruins, discovering priceless cultural artifacts along the way. Be the first civilization to achieve a Culture Victory and become the envy of the world.

Diplomacy Takes Center Stage

Diplomacy has become even more important in Brave New World. The game now features a World Congress, where critical issues such as trade sanctions, resource usage, and nuclear weapons are discussed and voted upon. City-state alliances also play a crucial role in the game, so choose your allies wisely. Every decision you make will now have a more significant impact on the diplomatic landscape and lead you closer to a Diplomatic Victory.

International Trade and Prosperity

Create prosperous cities by becoming hubs of international trade. Develop trade routes by land and sea, generating wealth and spreading religion, culture, and science. As your civilization advances in economics and technology, you’ll be able to establish more trade routes, connecting with other civilizations for greater rewards. Choose between safer routes with lower payoffs or riskier routes with higher rewards. You can even direct your trade routes inward to support the growth and development of your own empire.

New Civilizations, Wonders, and Scenarios

The expansion brings nine new civilizations into the game, each with its unique traits, units, buildings, and leaders. Explore the world with a dynamically-generated continent in the Scramble for Africa scenario, or experience the intensity of the American Civil War in the War Between the States scenario. Additionally, eight new wonders, including the Parthenon and Broadway, have been added to enhance your gaming experience.

The Brave New World expansion is set to release this summer on PC and Mac for $29.99. Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey of culture, diplomacy, and trade as you take your civilization to new heights. Don’t miss out on this exciting addition to the Civilization V experience.


Q: When will the Brave New World expansion be released?
A: The expansion is set to release this summer on PC and Mac.

Q: How much will the expansion cost?
A: The Brave New World expansion will be available for $29.99.

Q: Are there any new civilizations in the expansion?
A: Yes, the expansion introduces nine new civilizations, each with its unique traits, units, buildings, and leaders.

Q: What new features are added to diplomacy in Brave New World?
A: The game now features a World Congress where critical issues are voted upon. City-state alliances play a more significant role, and diplomatic decisions have a more significant impact on the game.

Q: Can you establish international trade routes in the expansion?
A: Absolutely! You can build prosperous cities by establishing international trade routes by land and sea. These routes not only generate wealth but also spread religion, culture, and science.


With the Brave New World expansion, Civilization V is set to become even more immersive and exciting. Explore new civilizations, engage in diplomacy, and build thriving trade networks as you strive for victory. Mark your calendars for the summer release of this highly-anticipated expansion and prepare to take your civilization to new heights.