Friday, 24 May 2024

12 Ways to Enhance Destiny 2’s Collection Experience

Destiny 2 is a vast and immersive game that offers players endless adventure, teamwork, and competition. While I had many positive things to say about the game in my review, one area that could use some improvement is Destiny 2’s inventory management and vault system. In this article, I will explore some constructive suggestions to enhance the collection experience in Destiny 2.

Increase the Vault Size

One recurring issue in Destiny 2 is the limited vault size. Despite the game’s impressive 200 inventory slots, it falls short when compared to the original Destiny. By expanding the vault size, players would have more room to store their weapons, armor, and general inventory items. This would be particularly beneficial for completionist players who enjoy collecting all the Crucible weapons and other meaningful rewards.

Vault Size

Subdivision Options

The current vault system in Destiny 2 lacks effective organization. Presenting all items in one directory makes it challenging to find specific items quickly. To address this, Bungie should provide players with various subdivision options, such as organizing items by power, item type, or damage type. This would significantly improve the overall usability and efficiency of the vault system.

Add Legendary Items to the Collection

One notable change in Destiny 2 is that legendary weapons and armor come with a fixed set of perks. Unlike the previous game, where players could hold onto multiple versions of the same item with different perks, Destiny 2 only requires one copy. To provide players with more flexibility, Bungie should implement a collection system for legendary items. Once acquired, these items would be permanently added to the collection, allowing players to reforge and infuse them as needed.

Legendary Items

Exhibit Sets and Show Missing Pieces

For many players, completing full armor or weapon sets is an important endgame goal. Displaying these sets in the collections tab and highlighting missing pieces would offer players a clear objective to work towards. This feature could also introduce players to sets they may not be aware of, encouraging them to explore and engage in new activities.

Bring Back Ship and Sparrow Collections

In the original Destiny, ship and sparrow kiosks were beloved features for collectors. However, these kiosks are missing in Destiny 2, forcing players to either use precious vault space or keep them in their character inventory. Reintroducing ship and sparrow collections would greatly enhance the overall collection experience.

Offer More Than 50 Mod Slots

Dedicated players often encounter the problem of limited space in the mod inventory. With various equipment mods available at different rarity tiers, the current 50-slot mod inventory quickly becomes insufficient. Increasing the mod inventory to accommodate all potential mods would alleviate this issue and provide players with a more seamless customization experience.

Mod Inventory

View All Inventories at Once for Each Slot

Many players have multiple characters within a single account, which can make it challenging to keep track of each character’s inventory. Implementing a feature that allows players to view any given character slot across all their characters and the vault simultaneously would greatly enhance convenience and ease of use.

Offer Visual ID for Items with Legendary Mods

Distinguishing between items with and without legendary mods is crucial for inventory management and decision-making. Destiny 2 should incorporate a visual indicator to quickly identify items that have equipped legendary mods. This would enable players to make more informed choices when organizing their inventory.

Allow Mod Transfers via the Companion App

While the Destiny 2 companion app allows for convenient transfers of weapons and armor between characters, it currently lacks the ability to transfer mods that are stored in the vault. By allowing mod transfers through the app, Bungie would enhance the overall user experience and streamline the mod management process.

Max Power Details

To better plan activities and optimize character loadouts, Destiny 2 should provide players with a clear indication of their character’s maximum power level. This information is crucial for activities that require a specific power level to succeed, such as Nightfall or Raid. By displaying the maximum attainable power level for each character, players can make better-informed decisions and easily identify the most powerful gear across their account.

Max Power

Show Determinative Paths to Shaders

The shader system in Destiny 2 offers customization options but presents challenges when players run out of specific shaders for their desired look. Bungie should offer clear paths for players to acquire the shaders they prefer. Each shader slot should provide previews and descriptions, even if they haven’t been obtained yet. This would allow players to pursue shaders with intent and engage in rewarding activities to acquire them.

Add Lore Collections

For players interested in the rich lore of Destiny 2, a dedicated library or in-game encyclopedia would be a welcome addition. This would allow players to explore the game’s universe and access collected lore entries in one convenient location. By providing a comprehensive place to gather and read lore fragments, players can deepen their understanding and appreciation of the game’s narrative.

In conclusion, Destiny 2 has made significant strides in delivering an enjoyable gaming experience. However, there are areas, particularly the inventory management and collection systems, where improvements could enhance player satisfaction and engagement. By addressing the suggestions outlined in this article, Bungie can further enrich the collection experience and cater to the diverse needs of its player base.


Q: Will these changes be implemented in Destiny 2?

A: These suggestions are based on player feedback and are meant to be constructive ideas for improving the collection experience. While it is ultimately up to Bungie to decide which changes to implement, we hope they will consider these suggestions to enhance the game for all players.

Q: Are there any other collection-related features that could be improved in Destiny 2?

A: While the suggestions in this article cover some of the main areas for improvement, there may be other aspects of the collection experience that players would like to see enhanced. Bungie is continually listening to player feedback, and we encourage players to share their thoughts and ideas.

Q: How can I provide feedback to Bungie about these suggestions?

A: Bungie has various channels for feedback, including their official forums and social media platforms. Additionally, players can use the in-game feedback feature to submit their suggestions directly to Bungie.


As a dedicated player of Destiny 2, I believe that the game has tremendous potential to provide an even more engaging and satisfying collection experience. By addressing the issues with inventory management and implementing the suggested improvements, Bungie can empower players to fully enjoy the game’s expansive world and collect their most cherished items. Let’s hope that Bungie continues to iterate and refine these systems, allowing players to play the way they want and make the most of their Destiny 2 journey.