Thursday, 23 May 2024

Best Comps to Play in TFT Patch 13.24 – Las Vegas Open Edition

Teamfight Tactics’ biggest LAN event, the TFT Vegas Open, just concluded, with Milala emerging as the champion. The tournament showcased some popular comps from the previous patch, as well as new ones that dominated the entire event. In this article, we will discuss the best comps from the tournament and provide insights on how to play them effectively to improve your performance in TFT.

Crowd Diver Yone

Crowd Diver Yone comp

The Crowd Diver Yone comp stands out as one of the most powerful and underrated compositions in the current patch. Yone’s recent buffs, along with improvements to units like Zed and Viego, have taken this comp to another level. It has been dominant in the China TFT lobbies, known for their high skill level.

To succeed with this comp, you need to focus on Yone as your main carry. The Crowd Diver trait and Yone’s extra omnivamp in prolonged fights make him a formidable force. Additionally, having Viego and Zed as secondary carries further enhances this comp’s strength.

When playing this comp, make sure to position Yone strategically and aim to activate the Crowd Diver bonus. However, it’s important to note that reaching level 7 can be challenging, as it may leave you vulnerable to opponents. Nevertheless, if you manage to complete the comp, it becomes one of the strongest setups to secure victory in lobbies.

K/DA Spellweaver

Spellweaver Ahri comp

Ahri takes the spotlight in the K/DA Spellweaver comp, following the nerfs to Fast 9 and other outlier compositions. This setup relies on capping with the K/DA bonuses, using Ahri and Akali as your carries. Ahri excels at melting the frontline, while Akali focuses on eliminating backline threats.

While this comp may struggle to win lobbies against certain opponents, it performs consistently well and is reliable for securing top 4 finishes. If you come across a good K/DA/Superfan opener and have favorable components, this comp becomes even stronger. However, beware of the competition for units like Akali, as other comps may contest them.

Miss Fortune/Bard Jazz Reroll

Jazz MF Bard comp

The Miss Fortune/Bard Jazz Reroll comp, while not as dominant as before, remains a competitive choice in the current patch. The nerfs to Jazz’s augments have made hitting 3-starred units crucial for success. However, with fewer players contesting this comp, it has become easier to play.

To achieve effectiveness with this comp, prioritize finding the That’s Jazz Baby augment and securing Headliner Miss Fortune or Bard units. Additionally, try to avoid heavy competition from other players. For a comprehensive understanding of this comp, including unit priorities, augments, and strategies for different stages of the game, refer to LeDuck’s guide.

Akali/Karthus Pentakill

Akali Karthus Pentakill

The Akali/Karthus Pentakill comp is a fearsome composition that has become even stronger in the current patch. Despite the nerfs to Executioner units, the buffs to Viego and a greater emphasis on Mordekaiser 3-star make this comp a force to be reckoned with.

To successfully play this comp, look for copies of Karthus and Akali at level 8, or find them as Headliners. Additionally, prioritize Metalheads and combat-related augments such as Idealism and Healing Orbs. The combination of Akali’s threat to the enemy’s backline and Karthus’s ability to finish off opponents makes this comp devastating. The Pentakill trait bonuses and the addition of Viego as a third carry further boost its power. Be aware of potential contestation for Akali and Viego from other comps.

Country Samira

Country Samira TFT

Country Samira is one of the most popular comps from the TFT Las Vegas Open and remains a strong contender in the current patch. The nerfs to healing and attack speed bonuses had minimal impact on this comp’s strength.

To excel with this comp, prioritize finding early copies of Samira or Urgot, and aim to secure Country headliners, particularly Tahm Kench or Katarina. Avoid heavy contestation from other players. Augments that enhance rerolling or items for your carries, specifically Samira and Amumu, are essential for success.

The key to this comp lies in its tempo and capitalizing on the power spike when you have a 3-starred Samira or Urgot as your Headliner. Winning early rounds with the help of Country’s Dreadsteed summoning unit allows you to save HP and buy time for rerolling to acquire your desired units. Once your units are online, Samira and Amumu form a formidable duo capable of defeating even heavily stacked opponents.

Annie Reroll

Annie Reroll

Despite the changes to Annie’s Superfan item, Annie Reroll remains a strong option in the current patch. Playing this comp requires a faster-paced approach compared to the previous patch. It is crucial to obtain a 3-star Annie early on to leverage the power spike and establish a winning streak in Stage 3 before transitioning into the late game.

To optimize this comp, prioritize finding numerous Annies in the early rounds and acquiring favorable components such as Recurve Bow, Giant’s Belt, Tear of the Goddess, and B.F. Sword. Augments like Learning to Spell or Combat Caster can also enhance its performance.

Although this comp may not consistently win lobbies, having Sona at level 9 and benefiting from Ahri’s recent buff make it one of the most powerful compositions for climbing the ranks.


  1. What are the best comps to play in TFT Patch 13.24?

    • Crowd Diver Yone
    • K/DA Spellweaver
    • Miss Fortune/Bard Jazz Reroll
    • Akali/Karthus Pentakill
    • Country Samira
    • Annie Reroll
  2. How do I play the Crowd Diver Yone comp effectively?

    • Focus on using Yone as your main carry.
    • Activate the Crowd Diver bonus by positioning your units strategically.
    • Aim to reach level 7 while managing your economy to complete the comp.
  3. What makes the K/DA Spellweaver comp strong?

    • The K/DA bonuses combined with Ahri and Akali as carries.
    • Ahri excels at dealing with the frontline, while Akali eliminates backline threats.
  4. How can I play the Country Samira comp successfully?

    • Prioritize finding early copies of Samira or Urgot.
    • Secure Country headliners, particularly Tahm Kench or Katarina.
    • Focus on rerolling and obtaining augments and items for Samira and Amumu.
  5. Is the Annie Reroll comp still viable in Patch 13.24?

    • Yes, Annie Reroll remains a strong comp.
    • Prioritize obtaining a 3-star Annie early on for maximum effectiveness.
    • Play aggressively to secure a winning streak in Stage 3.


Mastering different compositions is essential for success in TFT Patch 13.24 and the upcoming Remix Rumble. The comps discussed in this article provide a solid foundation for climbing the ranks. Remember to adapt to the game and remain flexible in your approach. For more comprehensive insights, refer to LeDuck’s Augments Tier Lists and explore other team comps. Good luck, and may your journey in TFT be filled with victories!