Sunday, 26 May 2024

Audio-Driven Adventure Game: The Vale: Shadow Of The Crown

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind gaming experience, imagine embarking on an adventure without relying on visuals. Enter The Vale: Shadow of the Crown, an audio-only action RPG set to launch in August. Unveiled at PAX West 2019, this game introduces a unique concept where players control a blind warrior, navigating a medieval quest guided solely by sound.

A Medieval Quest, Unseen but Felt

Immerse yourself in the role of a royal noble, born blind and second-in-line to the throne. Unfortunately, your older brother, who happens to be quite unpleasant, has taken the crown and banished you from the kingdom. Left alone in a sightless world, you must rely on your remaining senses to survive, battling enemies and collecting resources along the way.

Harnessing the Power of Sound

You may wonder, how do you play a game without visuals? Headphones become your essential companion. The Vale combines binaural audio technology with a wide range of soundscapes, creating a realistic, 3D surround sound experience that guides you through various environments. The game also boasts full voice-acting, providing additional assistance and keeping players on track. Moreover, The Vale offers a unique opportunity for visually impaired players to fully engage in the adventure.

A Complete RPG Experience

Beyond its innovative exploration approach, The Vale offers a comprehensive combat system, pitting players against different foes and formidable bosses. Your ability to discern sound cues will determine the precise moments to attack or defend. As an RPG, character progression is essential, and you can enhance your abilities by equipping sets of armor and learning upgradeable magic spells. Additionally, you can acquire new items from vendors or gather ingredients by hunting animals.

A Vast Adventure Awaits

The Vale features a compelling narrative set across 20 diverse locations, accompanied by numerous side quests and immersive audio cutscenes. With a gameplay duration of over 5 hours, this game promises an enthralling experience. The Vale will be available on Xbox One and PC via Steam and starting August 19. Curious to try it out? A free Steam demo is also available. The game will launch on the Epic Games Store shortly after.


Q: Can visually impaired players enjoy The Vale?
A: Absolutely! The Vale’s audio-focused gameplay ensures that visually impaired players can fully participate in this immersive adventure.

Q: What platforms will The Vale be available on?
A: The game will launch on Xbox One and PC via Steam and initially, with a subsequent release on the Epic Games Store.

Q: How long is the gameplay duration?
A: The Vale offers over 5 hours of gameplay, including a captivating storyline, side quests, and audio cutscenes.


The Vale: Shadow of the Crown is a groundbreaking audio-driven adventure game that pushes the boundaries of traditional gaming. By relying on immersive soundscapes and binaural audio technology, players find themselves captivated in a sightless world, where every step is guided by their ability to discern and interpret sound. Whether you’re visually impaired or simply seeking a truly unique gaming experience, The Vale is set to deliver an unforgettable journey. Mark your calendars for the August 19 release date and prepare to embark on an adventure like no other.

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