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A Complete Guide to Red Dead Redemption II: Tips and Tricks for an Unforgettable Adventure

Are you ready to embark on an epic journey through the awe-inspiring world of Red Dead Redemption II? Whether you’re a seasoned cowboy or a curious newcomer, this survival guide is here to help you navigate the dangerous but captivating frontier. Packed with essential gameplay tips and tricks, this spoiler-free guide will make your experience even more immersive and enjoyable. So saddle up and let’s get started!

Snap to Aim: Become a Sharpshooter

Mastering the targeting system is crucial for success in combat. Instead of manually highlighting your enemies, utilize the snap aim feature for quick and accurate shots. Simply point in the direction of your target and pull the left trigger to make the targeting reticle snap onto them. This technique is particularly effective when facing enemies on horseback. Additionally, practice snapping to an enemy’s chest and subtly moving the analog stick to target their head for devastating headshots. With a little practice, you’ll become a sharpshooting gunslinger in no time.

Sharpshooting in Red Dead Redemption II

Explore: Uncover Hidden Gems

One of the joys of Red Dead Redemption II is the freedom to explore its vast and detailed world. Take the time to investigate interesting locations and houses you stumble upon during your journey. Delve into the unknown, and you might discover hidden missions, unique encounters, or even sketch-worthy sights that Arthur Morgan can capture in his journal. Embrace the spirit of exploration, and let the game surprise you with its hidden treasures.

Holster Your Gun and Remove Your Bandana: Avoid Unwanted Trouble

In the wild west, hospitality goes a long way. When entering a town or homestead, ensure that your gun is holstered and your face is visible, without a bandana. Most people you encounter will prefer a peaceful interaction. If you draw your weapon or hide your face, you might find yourself in a precarious situation. Attempt to greet the locals with a friendly demeanor and engage in dialogue to defuse any potential tensions. Remember, first impressions matter in the land of outlaws.

Journal: Capture Your Adventures

Don’t forget to document your remarkable experiences in Red Dead Redemption II. To access your journal, simply hold the left d-pad button. Arthur Morgan’s journal serves as a personal log, capturing his thoughts, sketches, and observations. It’s a great way to reminisce about your past adventures and relive memorable moments. Take a moment to reflect on the wonders of the world around you and let your journal become a testament to your journey.

Quick Missions and Quick Map: Seamless Navigation

Efficient navigation is key to maximizing your time in the game. Tap the left d-pad button to bring up your mission log and tasks, allowing you to quickly access your current objectives. Additionally, to save time when planning your next move, hold down the Options button to instantly open the map. Plot your course, strategize your actions, and dive back into the immersive world of Red Dead Redemption II without delay.

Upgrade the Camp: A Home Away from Home

As you progress through the game, you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade your camp. Investing your money at the ledger will unlock various improvements, such as better supplies, fast travel options, and a secure place to store your beloved horses. Make upgrading your camp a priority early on to reap the benefits throughout your adventure. Your camp will become a sanctuary amidst the untamed wilderness, providing comfort, convenience, and a sense of belonging.

Camp Upgrade in Red Dead Redemption II

Bring Some Food On Your Way Back to Camp: Keep the Gang Well-Fed

In the gang’s camp, Pearson is responsible for preparing meals, but it’s up to you and your fellow gang members to provide the necessary cooking materials. Make it a habit to hunt for game on your way back to camp. Take a small detour from the main road and hunt down a galloping deer or any other suitable prey. Transport the fresh catch on the back of your trusty steed, and your gang will appreciate the replenished food supply. After all, good food makes for happy outlaws.

How to Activate Fast Travel: Unlock New Horizons

While full freedom to fast travel isn’t available, you can unlock a convenient shortcut to major cities from your camp. Upgrade Arthur Morgan’s tent, and you’ll find a map added to the outside. Click on the map, select your desired destination, and you’ll be transported to the city with your loyal horse by your side. This feature allows you to efficiently explore new locations, conduct business, or simply indulge in the vibrant atmosphere of the towns. Fast travel awaits at your fingertips.

Day and Night Bring Changes: Time Your Encounters

The passage of time in Red Dead Redemption II affects the world around you. Certain areas and activities may vary depending on whether it’s day or night. Pay attention to the activities of the people and wildlife you encounter, and consider the potential outcomes of your interactions. Some encounters may be more fruitful or present unique opportunities depending on the time of day. Embrace the dynamic nature of the game world, and let it guide your actions as you explore the frontier.

Set up Camp: Rest and Prepare

When freely exploring the world, remember that you can establish a temporary campsite almost anywhere. Setting up camp allows you to rest and advance the time of day, preparing you physically and mentally for your next adventure. Pay attention to your core statistics and replenish them by resting at your campsite. Additionally, the camp offers the opportunity to craft supplies tailored to specific missions, granting you an edge in challenging situations. Utilize your camp wisely, and it will become an invaluable resource on your journey.

You’re Wanted, Now What?: Avoid Unwanted Attention

Bounty hunters are a constant threat in the wild west, signified by red indicators on your map. When traveling for quests or missions, it’s best to steer clear of them to avoid committing crimes in their presence. Committing crimes can lead to losing access to nearby missions temporarily. Keep an eye on their movement patterns using your map, and lay low until they pass by. Maintain a low profile to avoid unnecessary altercations and maintain your freedom in the untamed frontier.

Legendary Hunts: Tracking the Greatest Prey

For those looking for a thrilling hunting experience, legendary animals and fish await your challenge. You don’t have to wander aimlessly in search of these majestic creatures. Once you receive the maps associated with legendary animals and fish, a crown symbol will appear on your main map, indicating their location. When you enter the specific region, the game will confirm that you are on the right track. Make use of these maps to embark on legendary hunts and test your skills as a hunter.

Buy All The Fishing Lures: A Tacklebox of Possibilities

If you’re an avid angler, head to the bait shop in Lagras, located in Lamoyne. This one-stop shop offers a wide selection of bait and lures suitable for fishing in various environments. Be prepared with the right gear before you set out to your favorite fishing spots. Stocking up on lures early in the game ensures you’re always equipped for a fruitful fishing endeavor. Choose from a range of options and increase your chances of reeling in the big catch.

Loot Everyone: Profit from Your Victories

After defeating enemies, take the time to thoroughly search their bodies. Many foes carry valuable items such as ammo, money, and personal belongings. By looting these fallen adversaries, you’ll find watches, rings, and other treasures that can be contributed to your camp’s funds. Keep the money for yourself, invest in new horses and weapons, or test your luck at the local gambling establishments. Additionally, some enemies may carry healing items or documents that offer further insight into the game’s gripping narrative. Explore the aftermath of battle and reap the rewards.

Looting in Red Dead Redemption II

Study Animals: Unlock Nature’s Secrets

While riding through the stunning landscapes of Red Dead Redemption II, keep an eye out for wildlife. Getting close to animals allows you to study them and add valuable information to your animal compendium. Studying animals not only adds to the thrill of discovering new species but also reveals their significance in crafting and cooking. Different animals have unique properties that can be utilized for various purposes. Remember, some species are nocturnal, so consider taking a rest or exploring during the night to encounter these elusive creatures.

How to Find Plants: Crafting and Healing

Plants play a significant role in crafting and healing. However, locating specific plants can be challenging without assistance. Activate your hunting instinct by pressing R3 and L3 simultaneously. This enables you to highlight plants that can be interacted with. Look for a sparkling light rising from the plants, indicating their availability for gathering. Utilize the power of nature to your advantage, and create potent concoctions by collecting the right plants at the right time.

Weapon Wheel Management: Be Prepared for Anything

In the untamed wilderness, danger can lurk around every corner. Be ready for unexpected ambushes and encounters by equipping your desired weapons before setting off from camp. Take advantage of the weapon wheel to ensure you have the right tools for the job. While the game pauses when accessing the weapon wheel, familiarize yourself with your inventory in advance to minimize downtime in critical situations. A well-prepared gunslinger is a formidable force in the wild west.

Optional Missions: Uncover Hidden Stories

Red Dead Redemption II offers not only a compelling main narrative but also a plethora of optional missions. These missions are denoted by white markers on your map. To fully immerse yourself in the world and experience everything the game has to offer, complete as many side missions as possible before progressing further in the main story. Some optional missions may become inaccessible as the camp moves, so don’t miss the opportunity to investigate white question marks in the wild. These missions often reveal unique gameplay features, collectibles, and thrilling hunts. Remember, these side missions will remain available even after starting the epilogue, so take your time to explore every corner of the frontier.

Prepare for the Seasons: Dress for Success

The dynamic weather system in Red Dead Redemption II demands preparation for different climates. Save winter and summer outfits to your horse to ensure you’re ready for any weather condition. Frosty mountains require warm clothing to prevent health depletion, while swamps necessitate lighter attire to combat the heat. Create custom outfits or utilize pre-made sets available from the start of the game and assign them to your horse. Stay comfortable and adapt to the ever-changing seasons of the untamed west.

Some Quests Automatically Start: Beware of Mission Areas

Red Dead Redemption II occasionally triggers mission sequences upon entering designated areas. If you’re not ready to embark on a specific mission, it’s best to avoid these areas until you’re prepared to progress the story. Stepping foot into a mission area can unknowingly initiate a story sequence, potentially disrupting your plans. While some missions require direct interaction with specific characters, others may begin simply by entering a predefined zone. Exercise caution and explore at your own pace to maintain control over your journey.

Eat and Drug Up: Maintain Health and Stamina

Surviving in the wild west requires taking care of your physical well-being. Monitor your health and Dead Eye cores closely to ensure you’re always at your peak. When your cores turn red, it’s time to tend to them. Return to your base, set up camp, or enjoy a hearty meal to restore your health and stamina. Remember to extend the same care to your horse, keeping a close eye on its well-being as well. A well-nourished and healthy outlaw is a force to be reckoned with.

First-Person Helps: Scavenge with Precision

While scavenging for resources, consider utilizing the first-person perspective. The third-person camera can be finicky, making it challenging to target specific items in cluttered environments. Switch to first-person view by pressing the touchpad on PS4 or the menu button on Xbox. This viewpoint offers greater precision and ease when gathering essential supplies and examining intricate details. Optimize your scavenging efficiency and fully appreciate the stunning environments of Red Dead Redemption II.

Clean Your Guns: Maintain Peak Performance

Your trusty firearms require regular cleaning to ensure their optimal performance. We recommend cleaning your guns after a few hours of gameplay. To clean a weapon, access the weapon wheel, highlight the desired gun, and press R3 to maintain it. Follow up by pressing X or Square to clean it thoroughly. This simple maintenance routine will prevent your weapons from deteriorating during intense combat and ensure they remain reliable partners throughout your journey.

Take Care of Your Horse: A Loyal Companion

Your horse is more than just a means of transportation in Red Dead Redemption II. Developing a strong bond with your horse is vital for efficient travel and enhanced stamina. Spend time riding together to foster a deeper connection with your equine companion. Additionally, dismounting your horse provides an opportunity to feed, pat, and groom it, increasing its stamina and overall health. Treat your horse with care, and it will repay your kindness with loyalty and unwavering support.

Keep Your Horse Nearby: A Friend on Four Legs

Your trusty steed is a valuable ally in the untamed frontier. To ensure you’re never separated from your horse, keep it close at all times. If you wander too far, your horse might not hear your whistle, making it challenging to reunite. Even during missions, you can whistle to keep your horse in proximity, ready to assist you when needed. Whether you’re riding another horse or hopping on a train, rest assured that your loyal companion will follow you faithfully after being summoned.

Don’t Worry About Hitching Your Horse: A Trustworthy Steed

Although the game introduces the concept of hitching your horse early on, it’s not something you need to obsess over. Your horse will not run away or wander too far from where you left it. Feel free to focus on your adventures without constantly worrying about securing your horse. The bond between you and your steed ensures that it will stay close by, even if you venture far from its original location.

A New Hat: Style on the Go

Losing your hat can be a frequent occurrence in the wild west, but fear not; you don’t have to endure a cold head for long. Anyone wearing a hat becomes an impromptu hat store. Knock out or discreetly take the hat of a person you come across to acquire a new stylish accessory. Alternatively, win battles and scavenge enemy hats to expand your hat collection. Remember, you can always re-equip your original hat while mounted on your horse. Embrace your personal style and let your hat become a symbol of your outlaw identity.

Eye Your Character/Horse Profiles In The Menu: Stay Informed

To monitor the condition of both Arthur Morgan and your trusty steed, access the Player menu in the pause screen. Here, you’ll find detailed reports on essential aspects such as weight, temperature, and honor rating. If you or your horse is underweight, consider indulging in a well-deserved feast. Be mindful not to overeat, as excessive consumption can lead to unwanted weight gain. Keep a close eye on your character and horse profiles, ensuring you’re always in top form for the challenges that lie ahead.


Q: Can I complete side missions after finishing the main story?

Absolutely! The side missions will remain available even after completing the main narrative. Take your time to explore and tackle these missions at your own pace.

Q: How can I ensure my horse stays close to me?

Whistling is the key to keeping your horse nearby. Whenever you need your trusty steed by your side, simply whistle, and it will come to you faithfully.

Q: Are legendary hunts worth undertaking?

Definitely! Legendary hunts offer thrilling challenges and the chance to obtain unique rewards. Embark on these hunts, test your skills, and become a legendary hunter yourself.


Red Dead Redemption II is a masterpiece that immerses players in a vivid and unforgiving world. By following the tips and tricks in this comprehensive guide, you’ll be well-prepared to traverse the frontier and experience everything this captivating game has to offer. Remember to embrace the wild west spirit, explore with curiosity, and forge your own path in this remarkable narrative. So saddle up, partner, and embark on your unforgettable adventure in Red Dead Redemption II.

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