Thursday, 20 Jun 2024

Jeff Strain, Founder of ArenaNet and Undead Labs, Launches New Game Studio

Industry veteran Jeff Strain has recently announced the launch of Possibility Space, a dynamic game development studio that embraces remote work to attract talent from all corners of the world. Strain, known for his involvement in the creation of Guild Wars and State of Decay, has already assembled an impressive team of developers from renowned studios such as Campo Santo, Ubisoft, and BioWare. This new venture aims to meet the evolving needs of both players and developers, offering a fresh perspective in the gaming industry.

A Modern Studio Embracing Remote Work

Possibility Space was born out of Strain’s desire to create a game studio that can adapt to the changing times. In a press release, Strain expresses his motivation behind this endeavor, stating, “The past year and a half has been challenging for many of us. The anxiety, fear, and isolation have been overwhelming. That inspired me to establish Possibility Space—a game studio that brings joy to people’s lives and fulfills my long-standing dream.”

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Strain made the decision to establish a distributed game development studio. This innovative approach allows developers to live and work wherever they choose while benefitting from the synergy of a cohesive team. Although Possibility Space welcomes remote work, the studio will be based in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Gathering Exceptional Talent

Possibility Space has attracted an array of talented individuals who share Strain’s vision. Jane Ng, former lead environment artist for Firewatch and artist on Half-Life: Alyx, joins the team as the visual director. Liz England, known for her work as the lead designer of Watch Dogs: Legion, will take on the role of narrative systems design director. Austin Walker, previously the editor-in-chief of Waypoint, has transitioned from games media to game development and will serve as the IP director.

Serving Underserved Communities

In addition to embracing remote work, Possibility Space is committed to making a positive impact on underserved communities. The studio actively seeks to identify, mentor, train, and hire individuals from these communities, providing opportunities for growth and representation in the gaming industry.

Possibility Space’s press release highlights this commitment, stating, “[Possibility Space] is built from the ground up as a distributed studio, allowing staff to live where they want to live and work where they want, while supporting the communities they love.”

A Call for Change

Strain’s announcement comes on the heels of his call for unionization within the gaming industry. In an open letter addressing the ongoing lawsuit against Activision Blizzard, Strain voiced his support for employee unions and emphasized the need for change. His stance on this matter reflects his dedication to the well-being and fair treatment of industry professionals.


Q: Where is Possibility Space based?
A: Possibility Space is based in New Orleans, Louisiana, but operates as a distributed game development studio.

Q: What is the commitment of Possibility Space to underserved communities?
A: Possibility Space actively seeks to identify, mentor, train, and hire individuals from underserved communities, aiming to provide opportunities for growth and representation.

Q: What inspired Jeff Strain to establish Possibility Space?
A: The anxiety, fear, and isolation experienced during the past year and a half motivated Jeff Strain to create Possibility Space—a game studio that brings joy and fulfills his long-standing dream.


With the launch of Possibility Space, Jeff Strain and his team aim to redefine the game development landscape. By embracing remote work, assembling exceptional talent, and actively supporting underserved communities, the studio is setting a new standard for inclusivity and innovation. Exciting times lie ahead as Possibility Space works towards creating unforgettable gaming experiences that resonate with players worldwide.

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