Monday, 27 May 2024

An Interview With Blizzard President J. Allen Brack

When Blizzard co-founder Mike Morhaime announced his retirement last year, the mantle passed to new president J. Allen Brack. After overseeing World of Warcraft for years, Brack now brings his extensive experience to lead Blizzard into a new era. In this exclusive interview, Brack shares his insights on Blizzard’s future plans and the exciting projects they have in store.

A New Focus for Blizzard

Brack’s main focus used to be World of Warcraft, but now he has taken on the responsibility of overseeing all of Blizzard’s games. This transition has been challenging, but Brack is excited about the possibilities it brings. Blizzard is currently working on more games than ever before in its history, and Brack is thrilled to be a part of the team creating these exciting experiences.

Bringing a Fresh Perspective

When asked about the differences between his leadership and Mike Morhaime’s, Brack acknowledges Morhaime’s accomplishments and expresses his respect for him. However, he also highlights the company’s increased focus on game development and creating more content. With a passionate community and dedicated fans, Blizzard aims to deliver what their players crave most – more games and more immersive experiences.

Embracing New Platforms

Blizzard is known for its PC games, but Brack clarifies that they are not shifting to become a mobile-only company. PC gaming will continue to be a significant part of Blizzard’s identity. However, Brack acknowledges the importance of mobile gaming and believes that Blizzard can create authentic and exciting experiences on mobile devices. The goal is to bring their beloved franchises and characters to a wider audience and explore new platforms while staying true to their roots.

The Future of Esports

Blizzard has been investing heavily in esports as a way to engage players and fans. Brack sees esports as an integral part of the game experience, allowing fans to connect with their favorite games even when they’re not playing. He expresses his passion for esports and believes it offers a unique opportunity for players to witness the best in the world compete and interact with the game and its community.

Balancing Gameplay and Watchability

When asked about making gameplay decisions based on watchability, Brack acknowledges the challenge. He mentions the Mythic Dungeon experience in World of Warcraft as an example. While Blizzard wants to celebrate the fun and engaging aspects of the game, they also want to maintain balance and ensure a great experience for the majority of players. This delicate balance requires careful consideration and constant evaluation.

Exciting Surprises at Blizzcon

Brack remains tight-lipped about the specifics of Blizzcon but mentions that the team has learned from previous years and is committed to making each Blizzcon experience better than the last. While he can’t reveal any details yet, he emphasizes that Blizzcon provides an opportunity to share what they have been working on and excite fans with new announcements.

A Commitment to New Experiences

Blizzard has more games in development than ever, and Brack believes that their franchises have the potential to offer a variety of gaming experiences. He emphasizes that Blizzard aims to create more games within their existing IP while also considering the possibility of new franchises. However, he also acknowledges the high standards that Blizzard sets for itself, which can sometimes limit their ability to experiment with smaller or different types of games.

Blizzard’s main focus is satisfying their passionate community and delivering experiences that resonate with their players. The team is constantly striving to provide more content and games that meet the expectations of their hungry player base. Brack highlights the success of Hearthstone as an example of a game that initially faced skepticism but ultimately became a beloved franchise. Blizzard’s goal is to create games that are adored by millions of players worldwide.


  1. Is Blizzard becoming a mobile-only company?
    No, Blizzard is primarily a PC developer with a strong foundation in console gaming. While they recognize the significance of mobile gaming, they will continue to create games for various platforms, including PCs and consoles.

  2. What can we expect at Blizzcon this year?
    Details about Blizzcon have not been finalized yet, but it will be an opportunity for Blizzard to showcase their latest projects and announcements. Stay tuned for more information as the event approaches.


Blizzard’s new president, J. Allen Brack, brings a fresh perspective and a wealth of experience to lead the company into the future. With a focus on game development, Blizzard aims to create more content and deliver immersive experiences for their passionate community. They are embracing new platforms, including mobile, while remaining committed to their PC gaming roots. Esports continues to be a key component of Blizzard’s strategy, providing fans with engaging ways to connect with their favorite games. As they prepare for Blizzcon, Blizzard is excited to share their latest projects and continue to delight players with new announcements.