Thursday, 23 May 2024

Asura’s Wrath: An Exhilarating Action Game with Unmatched Scale and Style

Asura's Wrath

As someone who has dabbled in Devil May Cry and Bayonetta-style games, I thought I had seen it all. That was until I experienced the sheer insanity of Asura’s Wrath. Capcom has truly outdone themselves with this action-packed adventure, creating a game that is a delightful caricature of the genre.

The protagonist, Asura, takes center stage in battles against hordes of enemies and epic boss fights that defy comprehension. The game’s art style, heavily shaded and exaggerated, adds to the overall flair and spectacle. Playing the demo, I couldn’t help but be awestruck by the scale and dynamism of the encounters.

The demo begins with Asura engaged in a shouting match with a pot-bellied giant sporting a grand mustache. With his white hair and intense demeanor, Asura’s appearance is reminiscent of Street Fighter IV’s Akuma or Dark Ryu. The giant, known as Wyzen, berates Asura, accusing him of betrayal and stripping him of his godly status. Wyzen reveals that Asura has been asleep for a staggering 12,000 years, during which his daughter, Priestess Mithra, has unknowingly provided power to the rotund foe.

Naturally, the antagonist’s words incite fury within Asura. A quicktime event grants the player the opportunity to interrupt Wyzen’s rant by launching into the air and delivering a devastating punch to his gut. Wyzen retaliates by summoning his minions, setting the stage for intense combat. Asura’s Wrath offers what you would expect from an action game – linking together light attacks to set up bone-shattering heavy hits. Asura can also engage in ranged combat, unleashing energy shots upon his foes. This seamless transition between close quarters and ranged combat elements reminded me of the dynamic gameplay found in Devil May Cry.

Unleashing Asura’s wrath upon his enemies is a sight to behold. With each successful strike, his wrath meter charges, leading to a series of cinematic quicktime events. These events allow you to perform jaw-dropping maneuvers, such as suplexing Wyzen, becoming a human bullet, or transforming into a six-armed berserker. Asura’s Wrath manages to revitalize quicktime events, offering action-packed sequences that would make Dragon Ball Z look like a leisurely stroll through a nursing home.

As the demo progresses, Wyzen grows exponentially in size. After the first encounter, the boss expands to the height of a skyscraper and hurls Asura into the distance. The player takes control of Asura as he races towards the colossal foe. Wyzen launches missiles in his direction, which can be deflected back with well-timed button presses. Sustaining enough damage, Wyzen’s growth reaches astronomical proportions, akin to the size of the moon. As Asura relentlessly pursues his foe, Wyzen’s reinforcements arrive in the form of a massive gunship, bombarding Asura with a barrage of missiles. Undeterred, Asura hurls the projectiles back at his adversaries. Finally catching up to the colossal enemy, Asura propels him into space.

But the interstellar battle is far from over. Wyzen morphs into a gargantuan entity, surpassing the size of the Earth itself. With his finger aimed at Asura, he intends to crush him once and for all. In a sequence of breathtaking quicktime events, players activate Asura’s wrath mode, solidify their stance, sprout four additional arms, and brace for impact. Asura stops Wyzen’s finger with incredible strength, unleashing a six-fisted barrage that resonates throughout the colossal foe’s body. The impact creates glowing orange fissures, which spread up Wyzen’s arm, eventually reaching his face just before his explosive demise, akin to the destruction of the Death Star.

This hands-on experience with Asura’s Wrath has left me in awe. The game’s flashiness, style, and scale put many final boss battles to shame. And Wyzen is just one of the seven gods Asura is destined to vanquish in his journey. I can’t help but anticipate the mind-boggling and exhilarating adventures that await players in Capcom’s newest action title. Stay tuned for more updates on Wqaindia’s coverage of Asura’s Wrath.


Q: How many gods does Asura have to defeat?
A: Asura must triumph over seven gods in his epic journey.

Q: Can you explain Asura’s wrath mode?
A: Asura’s wrath mode is a powerful state that triggers a series of quicktime events, enabling players to unleash devastating attacks with incredible flair and impact.


Asura’s Wrath takes the action game genre to extraordinary heights. With its larger-than-life battles, stunning visuals, and captivating gameplay, it promises an unforgettable gaming experience. Join us at Wqaindia as we continue to delve deeper into the world of Asura’s Wrath, bringing you the latest updates, insights, and excitement. Explore more about Wqaindia here.