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An In-depth Look At Destiny 2: Forsaken’s New Supers And Subclass Branches

Destiny 2: Forsaken is set to bring some exciting changes to the game, including the introduction of nine new supers. These supers not only give players the ability to choose their favorite subclass, but also allow for more customization and varied playstyles. Whether you’re a PvE enthusiast or love engaging in PvP encounters, Forsaken offers more options and engaging gameplay.

New Supers and Subclass Branches

Each super in Forsaken comes with a new subclass branch. When starting the Forsaken campaign, players get to choose which new subclass branch they want to pursue first for their class. Upon reaching the Dreaming City, additional quests become available that unlock the other two subclass branches, similar to how unlocking additional subclasses worked in the original Destiny 2 campaign.

The new subclass branches in Forsaken feel more synergistic than ever before. They offer more defined gameplans with abilities that complement each other, creating new roles for players to take on within a specific subclass. We had the opportunity to speak with Bungie senior sandbox designer Claude Jerome and gained insight into the studio’s approach in creating these new subclasses and supers. We learned about the various roles the new branches are designed to fill, including the potential for players to take on support roles.

To help you prepare for the release of Forsaken in September, we have breakdowns of each super and subclass ability below, along with a glimpse of some of the abilities that can be used to build up your super meter.


Arcstrider: Way of the Current

The Arcstrider subclass gains even more close-range power with the Way of the Current. This subclass focuses on closing the distance between you and your opponent, delivering powerful punches. The Tempest Strike melee ability, for example, requires a slide before unleashing it, but delivers an uppercut that juggles enemies into the air and leaves a trail of Arc energy behind.

Abilities like Ebb and Flow, electrify targets when an Arc ability is used on them, while Lightning Weave increases reload speed whenever an enemy is punched. Whirlwind Guard modifies the Arc Staff super with a shield that deflects projectiles, and successfully deflecting bullets increases Arc Staff attack damage.

Gunslinger: Way of a Thousand Cuts

The Gunslinger subclass gains the ability to throw multiple flaming knives with the Way of a Thousand Cuts. The Knife Trick ability allows players to throw a fan of knives, lighting enemies on fire. Abilities like The Burning Edge and Playing with Fire complement this playstyle, providing benefits for killing burning enemies. The Blade Barrage super trades utility for pure damage, allowing players to fire several knives at once.

Nightstalker: Way of the Wraith

The Nightstalker subclass takes on a stealthy and lethal approach with the Way of the Wraith. This subclass focuses on getting in undetected and quickly eliminating targets. Flawless Execution grants invisibility and Truesight (letting you see enemies through walls) after scoring a precision kill with full health. The Shattering Strike perk weakens enemies with a melee attack, and the Corrosive Smoke bomb melee ability slows and damages enemies from a distance. The Spectral Blades super allows players to roam while invisible, picking off foes without being noticed.


Sentinel: Code of the Commander

The Sentinel subclass assumes a leadership role with the Code of the Commander. This subclass focuses on calling shots and pushing objectives. Abilities like Controlled Demolition cause enemies to explode when hit with a Void ability, while Resupply heals you and your allies and grants grenade energy. Tactical Strike causes a Void explosion with melee attacks, and detonators from explosions can land on other enemies, spreading the damage.

The Banner Shield super is a must-have for PvE encounters, providing a huge barrier that protects your fireteam while allowing them to shoot through it.

Striker: Code of the Missile

The Striker subclass embraces its name with the Code of the Missile. This subclass allows players to crash-land into enemies, dealing massive damage. Abilities like Ballistic Slam launch players into the air, crashing down on enemies below. Impact Conversion rewards players with super energy based on the number of enemies hit. Inertia Override allows sliding through dropped ammo to reload weapons and increase their damage temporarily. The Thundercrash super ability delivers a powerful ground-shaking attack.

Sunbreaker: Code of the Devastator

The Sunbreaker subclass gains more versatility with the Code of the Devastator. This subclass introduces Throwing Hammer as a melee ability, which can be thrown at enemies from a distance. Picking up the hammer refills the melee ability and triggers health regeneration. Killing enemies with the hammer increases its damage output. The Burning Maul super ability allows players to deliver powerful melee attacks and create trails of fire.


Dawnblade: Attunement of Grace

Warlocks have always had a support role in Destiny 2, and with Attunement of Grace, they can fully embrace a support playstyle. Abilities like Divine Protection turn grenades into Blessings, which act as health pickups for allies and grant an overshield. Guiding Flame empowers allies with flaming melee attacks. Benevolent Dawn triggers the regeneration of melee, grenade, and Rift abilities when empowering or healing allies. The Well of Radiance super offers both healing and empowering effects to allies.

Stormcaller: Attunement of Control

The Stormcaller subclass gains increased mobility with the Attunement of Control. Abilities like Pulsewave give a speed boost to you and your allies when injured, while Ionic Traces refill grenade, melee, rift, and super energy when collected. Ball Lightning allows for ranged melee attacks that shoot slow projectiles. Chaos Reach, the super ability, unleashes an intense beam of Arc energy that quickly annihilates enemies.

Voidwalker: Attunement of Fission

The Voidwalker subclass excels in mid-range encounters with the Attunement of Fission. Abilities like Atomic Breach create Void explosions with ranged melee attacks, while Handheld Supernova turns grenades into powerful close-range attacks. Kills with these abilities grant health regeneration and energy for melee, grenade, and Rift. The Nova Warp super allows players to teleport short distances and unleash powerful explosions, even if enemies are spread apart.


Q: Will these changes be available to all players?

A: Yes, the new supers and subclass branches will be available to all players who own Destiny 2: Forsaken.

Q: Can I switch between the new subclass branches?

A: Yes, once you have unlocked the new subclass branches, you can freely switch between them based on your playstyle and preferences.

Q: When will Destiny 2: Forsaken be released?

A: Destiny 2: Forsaken is set to be released on September 4th.


Destiny 2: Forsaken brings exciting new supers and subclass branches that offer more options and customization for players. Whether you’re a Hunter, Titan, or Warlock, there’s something new and exciting to explore. The new subclasses and supers introduce synergistic abilities and create new roles within each class. Get ready to dive into the world of Destiny 2: Forsaken and discover the power of the new supers and subclasses.

For more information on Destiny 2: Forsaken, including an extended look at the Tangled Shore and changes to the Flashpoint milestone, visit the Wqaindia website. Stay tuned for more coverage throughout the month.