Friday, 24 May 2024

Neeko Rework: Enhancing Shapeshifting Fantasy and Gameplay

After months of anticipation, the Neeko Midscope Rework has finally arrived on the PBE rift. Riot Phlox, in a video by LoLDev, discussed the series of changes planned for Neeko to enhance her shapeshifting fantasy that players found less satisfying.

Expanded Shapeshifting Abilities

Neeko’s passive shapeshifting ability has been revamped, allowing her to transform into a wider range of objects and creatures. Now, she can turn into ally minions, jungle plants, Heimerdinger turrets, and even Kalista’s Sentinel Ghost. However, there are a few exceptions to keep in mind. Neeko cannot transform into enemy champions, minions, towers, neutral epic monsters like Rift Scuttle/Baron/Dragons, or specific exceptions like Anivia’s egg.

To obtain a unique form, called Sho’ma (Shape), Neeko needs to be close to the unit and channel her passive for a few seconds to absorb it. She can store one unique shape at a time, so players will need to strategize accordingly.

Improved Kit and Abilities

The Midscope Team took this opportunity to make several updates to Neeko’s kit and adjust her numbers to prevent her from being overpowered with the new passive shapeshifting abilities. Notably, Neeko’s Shapesplitter (W) now allows players to control her clone, including performing fake recalls. Her Pop Blossom (Ultimate) no longer provides a shield at the end but elevates enemies for a brief period, similar to Namis Aqua Prison ability.

While these changes slightly nerf Neeko’s early game numbers, they improve her scaling, making her a viable option for jungle play due to increased damage to jungle monsters.

Rich Interaction Possibilities

The depth of Neeko’s interactions is extensive, with numerous possibilities that would require more than one article to cover. Hextech Lab’s YouTube channel explores many different interactions, including curious scenarios like whether Neeko can be eaten by Nunu’s Q or smited when transformed into a jungle creep.

Additionally, there are other channels dedicated to Neeko experimentation, providing ample content for those interested in exploring her abilities further.

Mixed Reactions and Release Details

The reaction to Neeko’s rework has been mixed within the community. While some veteran players have reservations about the changes, most responses have been positive. Many Neeko players have praised the rework as one of Riot’s best updates in quite some time.

Currently, Neeko is live on the PBE cycle for League of Legends patch 13.9. This suggests that she will be released in patch 13.9, scheduled for May 3. However, it’s important to note that these changes are still in the PBE phase, and whether they will be implemented on the live servers is still up for debate.


Q: When will the LoL New Neeko Rework be available to play?
A: Neeko is currently available on the PBE cycle, with the expected release in patch 13.9, scheduled for May 3.


The Neeko Rework brings exciting updates to her shapeshifting abilities, providing players with more diverse gameplay options. While the reaction from the community has been mixed, many players are enthusiastic about the changes. It’s essential to follow the updates closely to stay ahead in the evolving world of Neeko. For further guidance, explore our Neeko MOBAFire guides, crafted by the best Neeko players and Master+ level experts in the game.