Monday, 27 May 2024

Abandoned Developer Clarifies Rumors About Upcoming Horror Game

BlueBox Game Studio has recently been at the center of rumors surrounding their highly anticipated horror adventure game, Abandoned. Speculation has been rampant, with one prevailing theory suggesting that the game is actually a secret Silent Hill project helmed by renowned game designer Hideo Kojima. Despite the studio’s attempts to address these rumors, skepticism persists and some believe that their responses only serve as further evidence of the supposed connection. Now, the director of BlueBox Game Studio has released a video to definitively clarify the truth about Abandoned.

Addressing Misconceptions

Hasan Kahraman, the studio’s director, took to Twitter to share a concise video about the upcoming game. Given that BlueBox is a relatively unknown indie studio, the very nature of their game has sparked curiosity and given rise to numerous conspiracy theories. Some critics have even gone so far as to claim that Kahraman himself is an actor hired to conceal Kojima’s involvement. With all the excitement and anticipation surrounding Abandoned, it has been both entertaining and bewildering to witness the unfolding events. Setting aside fan speculation and wild theories, Kahraman spoke candidly in the video to address the following key points:

  • He is a genuine developer and not a paid actor.
  • BlueBox Game Studio is indeed working on a game called Abandoned.
  • There is no association between their team and Hideo Kojima.
  • They are not developing a new Silent Hill project.

Kahraman also mentioned that the studio plans to release a video for a developer Q&A session shortly, although the specific date has yet to be determined.

Dispelling Doubts

Despite the video’s clear rebuttal of many popular rumors, some individuals continue to dispute the authenticity of the studio’s claims, maintaining their belief that the video is part of an elaborate ruse. It is understandable to have concerns about Abandoned, considering the ambitious goals set by such a small and unfamiliar team. The hype surrounding the game, fueled by speculation, may lead to unrealistic expectations that the actual experience may not meet. Many, myself included, are eagerly anticipating the forthcoming Q&A session, especially with regards to the game’s graphical aspirations and survival elements.

What are your thoughts on the rumors surrounding Abandoned? Are these conspiracy theories merely lighthearted fun, or does it reflect a larger issue within our community, wherein expectations often overshadow reality? Share your insights in the comments below.


  • Q: Is Abandoned a Silent Hill game?

    • A: No, Abandoned is a distinct horror adventure game being developed by BlueBox Game Studio. It is not associated with the Silent Hill franchise or Hideo Kojima.
  • Q: When will the developer Q&A video be released?

    • A: While a specific date has not been announced yet, BlueBox Game Studio has plans to release a Q&A video in the near future.


With the release of a video addressing the ongoing speculation, BlueBox Game Studio aims to dispel any doubts surrounding their upcoming horror game, Abandoned. Hasan Kahraman, the studio’s director, reaffirms that Abandoned is an independent project and not linked to Silent Hill or Hideo Kojima. As fans eagerly await the developer Q&A video, the focus shifts to the game’s potential and the unique experience it promises to deliver.