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A Refreshing Reinvention – Discovering the Delights of Peacock’s Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal

The anticipation is palpable as Sweet Tooth hurls his machete towards John Doe, and I can’t help but get caught up in the excitement. I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of Peacock’s adaptation of Twisted Metal, a beloved franchise from my childhood. However, as I watch the teaser, I can’t help but feel a mix of uncertainty and curiosity. The clip feels out of context and showcases a comedic twist that deviates from the explosive vehicular battles I remember. Despite my initial reservations, after watching the first season, I can confidently say that Twisted Metal has won me over.

A Blast From the Past

Before protagonists like Joel and Ellie, Kratos, Nathan Drake, or even Crash Bandicoot graced our screens, Twisted Metal ruled the realm of PlayStation. With its exhilarating gameplay, dark humor, and an eccentric cast of characters led by the iconic Sweet Tooth, the franchise revolutionized the car combat genre. Twisted Metal took players on a wild journey through various installments, from the highs of Twisted Metal 2 and Twisted Metal: Black to the lows of Twisted Metal 3 and 4.

Despite its success, the series has been dormant since its enjoyable but somewhat forgettable reboot in 2012. However, hope for a revival emerged when Peacock announced a 10-episode live-action adaptation. Spearheaded by talented writers Michael Jonathan Smith (known for Cobra Kai) and Rhett Smith and Paul Wernick (known for Deadpool), Twisted Metal takes us on a post-apocalyptic journey alongside John Doe, an amnesiac delivery driver navigating the perils of a divided United States.

A New Direction

Longtime fans of the series might raise an eyebrow at this setup, resembling the iconic Mad Max universe more than the traditional Twisted Metal tournament. The games have always revolved around drivers competing in a death-defying contest orchestrated by the enigmatic Calypso, who grants the victor any wish they desire with often unintended consequences. While the show takes a different approach, it succeeds in introducing new layers to the Twisted Metal mythos.

For the first time, I found myself genuinely invested in the characters behind the wheel, extending beyond my affection for Sweet Tooth. John Doe, an endearingly foolish Milkman seeking a permanent place in New San Francisco, forms an unlikely partnership with Quiet, a revenge-driven loner portrayed by Stephanie Beatriz. Their banter, reminiscent of the Guardians of the Galaxy films, adds a touch of expletive-laden humor that often hits the mark. In fact, the overall tone of the series bears a striking resemblance to the work of James Gunn, especially HBO’s Peacemaker.

A Cast of Eccentricities

The show’s memorable characters are brought to life by a talented cast. Will Arnett provides the voice for Sweet Tooth, while Joe Seanoa, also known as Samoa Joe, delivers captivating physical performances. Together, they capture the terrifying presence and unhinged personality of the iconic clown. Thomas Haden Church, as Agent Stone, serves as the ideal adversary, embodying a cold, law-obsessed sheriff leading a brutal police force.

The adaptation honors its source material through countless references, ranging from the overt to the subtle. Some moments had me chuckling at the absurdity, like John utilizing cheat codes from Twisted Metal 2 to activate his car’s defenses. And to my surprise, even less beloved drivers receive redemption arcs that had me rooting for them against all odds.

A Balance of Tones

Twisted Metal masterfully balances multiple narrative threads without becoming overwhelmed. Flashbacks provide insights into the backstories of John, Quiet, Stone, and Sweet Tooth, inviting us to empathize with their journeys. The performances are generally solid, and the story manages to strike an emotional chord with surprisingly heartfelt moments. While the abrupt tonal shifts from goofiness to seriousness can be jarring, the show ultimately finds a rhythm that resonates.

Unfortunately, car combat enthusiasts might crave more intense vehicular skirmishes. Most battles wrap up quickly, with a significant portion of the action occurring on foot. However, the patient viewer will be rewarded as the plot builds towards a satisfying finale that leaves room for an enticing second season. I genuinely hope we get to experience a continuation of this thrilling adaptation. Twisted Metal embraces its inherent absurdity and gratuitous violence, capturing the essence of the games while delivering more hits than misses.


Q: When does Twisted Metal premiere?
A: Twisted Metal is set to premiere on Peacock on July 27.

Q: Where can I find an interview with the cast of Twisted Metal?
A: For an exclusive interview with Stephanie Beatriz, Thomas Haden Church, and Samoa Joe, check out our website Wqaindia.


Peacock’s Twisted Metal breathes new life into a beloved franchise, offering an exciting and engaging adaptation for fans old and new. While it may take a different approach than its gaming counterpart, the show captures the essence of Twisted Metal’s characters and humor, delivering a series that is both thrilling and entertaining. Strap in and prepare for a twisted ride that will leave you craving more.

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