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A Thrilling Adventure: The Story Behind Rockstar’s Agent

Rockstar Agent

Welcome to Wqaindia, your source for all things related to the gaming industry. Today, we bring you an exciting story from the development of Rockstar’s long-lost spy game, Agent. Join us as we delve into the challenges faced by the development team and their incredible journey in Cairo, Egypt.

The Quest for Reference Material

In the early 2000s, Rockstar San Diego was hard at work on Agent, an ambitious game set in various cities around the world. One of these cities was Cairo, Egypt. However, the team encountered a major roadblock – they couldn’t find any usable reference images of Cairo online. Determined to capture the city’s essence accurately, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

An Unforeseen Adventure

Led by project leader Luis Gigliotti, a team of artists embarked on a journey to Cairo to photograph the city themselves. Armed with digital cameras, they explored the neighborhoods, streets, and buildings, amassing over 12,000 photos along the way. While it was an exciting opportunity for the team, they soon realized they had unwittingly walked into a potential international crisis.

Encounters with the Law

Taking photos in Cairo proved to be a legal and cultural minefield. The team knew that photographing government buildings and officials was strictly prohibited, but they believed they could navigate the city carefully. However, encounters with the Egyptian police became increasingly tense and frequent. The team was stopped, questioned, and even had their driver detained for interrogation.

False Accusations and Desperate Measures

The situation escalated when one team member was held at gunpoint by an Egyptian official during a heated conversation. To make matters worse, false accusations of filming pornography were made against the team. This put their entire trip in jeopardy, as they faced the possibility of serious charges and legal consequences.

A Race Against Time

With their trip hanging by a thread, the team made quick decisions to salvage what they could. They FedEx’d burnt DVDs of their photos back to their studio in California, ensuring that any questionable content was deleted. They then prepared to leave Cairo, all while fearing the worst.

The Great Escape

After a nerve-wracking wait at the airport, the team finally boarded their plane and made their way back to California. The relief was palpable as they called their project leader, confirming their safe departure. The entire office erupted in celebration upon hearing the news.

The Impact and Reflection

While Agent never saw the light of day, the experience had a lasting impact on the team. It showcased their dedication to creating authentic gaming experiences and pushed them to go above and beyond. Some team members went on to form their own studio, Concrete Games, emphasizing the balance between passion and realism in game development.


Q: What happened to Rockstar’s version of Agent?
A: Unfortunately, Rockstar’s version of Agent, which was announced in 2009, never saw a release, and the project was eventually abandoned by Take-Two, Rockstar’s parent company.

Q: How did the team tackle the legal and cultural challenges in Cairo?
A: The team faced numerous encounters with the Egyptian police, but with the help of their tour guides, they managed to capture photos while avoiding further trouble.

Q: Did the team face any consequences for their actions?
A: Fortunately, the false accusations against the team did not lead to any legal consequences. They were able to return safely to California.


The story of Rockstar’s Agent is a testament to the passion and dedication of game developers. Despite the challenges faced in Cairo, the team’s adventure showcases their commitment to delivering authentic experiences. While the game itself may remain a mystery, the memories of their daring escapade will forever live on.

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