Friday, 24 May 2024

After Us: A Unique Journey through the Post-Human Era

After Us

Welcome to the enchanting world of After Us, a captivating adventure developed by the talented team at Piccolo Studio. If you were moved by their previous work, Arise: A Simple Story, then prepare yourself for an even more thought-provoking experience. After Us takes us on an allegorical journey through a world reclaimed by nature after humanity’s departure. It explores our complex and often destructive relationship with the environment, leaving players with impactful themes to ponder. While the game showcases moments of brilliance and beauty, it does have its fair share of challenges along the way.

Embracing Gaia’s Spirit amidst Nature’s Ruin

In After Us, players assume the role of a nymphlike girl, embodying the spirit of Gaia, as she navigates a world ravaged by human neglect. Each stage presents a vast interconnected landscape, brimming with symbolic representations of nature’s devastation. Your mission? Chase down and restore the spirits of animals driven to extinction by human arrogance. Prepare to leap, sprint, and flit your way through this mesmerizing realm.

A Surreal Symphony of Humanity’s Footprint

The most unforgettable aspect of After Us lies within its surreal landscapes. Towering monuments of consumerism, piles of refuse, and colossal statues depict the anguish of humanity’s handiwork. Every step forward reveals a new and captivating destination. As you explore further, ghostly blue apparitions of long-dead animals begin to emerge, evoking a mix of sadness and wonder.

Balancing Beauty and Gameplay

While the visual feast of After Us is mesmerizing, its core gameplay doesn’t always match up. Jumping and traversal mechanics can feel imprecise, often resulting in frustrating respawns due to floaty landings. The infrequent battles lack basic functionalities like lock-on or lateral movement, sometimes requiring strategic retreats before launching an attack. Despite these moments, it’s worth pushing through to experience the captivating exploration.

Unveiling Clever Twists and Challenges

Each new area in After Us introduces clever twists and gimmicks that keep the adventure alive. In one devastated landscape, you must dodge between covered areas to avoid the poisonous rain’s grasp. In another, teleportation between abandoned televisions that display the same image becomes your key to progress. These elements bring light puzzle-solving into play, although the solutions are rarely intricate or convoluted.

Balancing Scale and Impact

While the locales in After Us are enchanting, some stages may feel overly prolonged. Scaling back the game’s scope and size could have enhanced its impact without diminishing its allure. At times, the extended stages and ethereal music can lull players into a sense of tranquility.

Pondering Humanity’s Impact

After Us raises familiar yet timely questions about our impact on the world and its creatures. However, the game also presents optional discoveries that hint at a more ambivalent perspective on the subject. These moments are best left for players to uncover and interpret themselves. As a piece of visual artistry, After Us comes highly recommended. While it may have its shortcomings as an interactive experience, no glaring issues should deter anyone from discovering the game’s striking and haunting world.


Q: What is After Us about?

After Us is an allegorical adventure that takes place in a world reclaimed by nature after humanity’s departure. Players control a nymphlike girl who embodies the spirit of Gaia, seeking to restore the spirits of animals driven to extinction.

Q: How is the gameplay in After Us?

The gameplay in After Us revolves around traversal mechanics and battles. While the exploration and surreal landscapes are captivating, some aspects of the core gameplay, such as imprecise jumps and rudimentary battles, can be frustrating.

Q: Are there any puzzles in After Us?

Yes, After Us incorporates light puzzle solving into its gameplay. Each new area introduces clever twists and gimmicks that keep the adventure engaging, although the puzzles themselves are not overly complex.

Q: Does After Us address environmental themes?

Yes, After Us explores humanity’s impact on the world and its living things. The game raises timely questions about our relationship with the environment, leaving players to contemplate the consequences of human actions.


After Us invites players on a unique and visually stunning journey through a post-human era. While it may have its gameplay challenges, the game’s enchanting landscapes and thought-provoking themes make it a worthwhile experience. Embrace the spirit of Gaia and uncover the secrets of a world reclaimed by nature. Start your adventure with Wqaindia today!