Thursday, 16 May 2024

343 Industries Releases New Look At Glow-Up Of The Year Winner Craig The Brute

When Microsoft and 343 Industries showcased the first-ever gameplay of Halo Infinite’s campaign last year, it attracted a lot of attention, both positive and negative. One character, in particular, stood out – Craig the Brute.

Initially, Craig was just an ordinary brute, going about his daily routine of guarding an outpost. Little did he know that his life would soon be turned upside down when Spartan 117, also known as Master Chief, crossed his path. Craig had to face off against the formidable Master Chief and ended up becoming the focus of criticism due to his appearance in the gameplay showcase.

However, things have taken a positive turn for our friend Craig. Witness the transformation of the year in the screenshot above. Craig has embraced a new look, sporting a mini mohawk and a stylish goatee. In addition to his new appearance, he has also been promoted, as evident from his face paint and armor. Surviving a fight against Master Chief certainly deserves recognition. Even though we will still face off against Craig in Halo Infinite, it’s worth celebrating his glow-up.

The latest Inside Infinite blog post delves into Craig’s glow-up, featuring an entire section dedicated to his transformation. Interestingly, 343 Industries has a love-hate relationship with Craig.

According to Steve Dyck, the character and combat director of Halo Infinite, the team finds Craig’s popularity amusing. However, it also highlights that Craig represented some unfinished content and systems in the demo. The positive outcome of Craig’s prominence was that it granted the team more time to refine the game and ensure the Brutes meet their expectations.

To commemorate this Halo Infinite update, Xbox shared an exciting tweet showcasing Craig’s new look.

For a more detailed breakdown of the character and enemy designs in Halo Infinite, check out the full Inside Infinite blog post. After that, dive into our comprehensive breakdown of everything we know about Halo Infinite.

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Q: Who is Craig the Brute?
A: Craig the Brute is a character from Halo Infinite. He gained attention after the first gameplay showcase due to his appearance.

Q: What changes have been made to Craig’s look?
A: Craig now sports a mini mohawk, a goatee, and has received a promotion, as seen through his updated face paint and armor.

Q: Why did Craig become the center of criticism in the gameplay showcase?
A: Craig’s appearance in the demo highlighted unfinished content and systems, which prompted criticism from the community.

Q: How has 343 Industries responded to Craig’s popularity?
A: The team at 343 Industries finds Craig’s popularity amusing, but they also acknowledge that his prominence allowed them to address unfinished aspects of the game.


Craig the Brute’s glow-up in Halo Infinite has become a talking point in the gaming community. This transformation not only showcases the dedication of the developers at 343 Industries but also gives us a glimpse into the evolution of the game’s visuals and characters. As we eagerly await the release of Halo Infinite, let’s appreciate Craig’s journey and the impact he has had on the development process.