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5 Games That Could Use an Original Cut

Have you ever wondered what your favorite video games would be like in their original, unrevised forms? Well, it’s something I’ve thought about. While it may be rude to demand it like some fans did with the “Snyder Cut” of Justice League, it’s an interesting idea to explore.

BioShock 2: Unleash the Power of the Big Sister

One game that comes to mind is BioShock 2. The original vision for the game’s Big Sister character was much more fascinating than what we got. She was meant to be a singular, powerful enemy in the style of Resident Evil’s iconic foes. Instead, she became just another faceless enemy. It would have been intriguing to see her play a major role in the game’s narrative, especially considering her connection to the first game.

BioShock 2

Devil May Cry: A Radical Departure

Did you know that Devil May Cry was originally conceived as a prototype for Resident Evil 4? The game’s director, Hideki Kamiya, took the opportunity to create something unique and fast-paced. However, it would be interesting to see a fully-realized version of that original prototype. A Resident Evil game with the stylish action of Devil May Cry? It might have been a disaster, but it’s a clash of styles that would be fascinating to witness.

Devil May Cry

Resident Evil 4: The Hook Man’s Revenge

Resident Evil 4 went through several iterations before becoming the acclaimed game we know today. One version that I would love to play is the famous “hook man” version. In this version, the game took a supernatural turn, with paranormal foes and an apparition of a man wielding a hook. While Capcom ultimately scrapped this idea, elements of it made their way into the final game. With Resident Evil embracing the supernatural again in the upcoming Village, it’s reignited my desire to experience the hook man version.

Resident Evil 4

Portal 2: F-Stop and Polaroid Magic

When it comes to Portal 2, Valve had some interesting prototypes before settling on the final mechanics. One of these was F-Stop, a concept where players used a camera to capture polaroid photos and spawn objects elsewhere in the environment. While Valve ultimately went with the familiar portal mechanics, F-Stop’s idea was inventive and could have been explored further with a bigger budget.

Portal 2

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain: The Director’s Vision

Hideo Kojima’s Konami swan song, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, is a game that could have benefited from a director’s cut. Due to budget constraints and a strained relationship between Kojima and Konami, a significant amount of content was cut from the game. One notable example is Episode 51, which would have added an exciting mission involving Big Boss and child soldiers in Africa. It’s a shame that we can only experience it through a cutscene. Imagining what the game would have been like with a smoother development process is intriguing.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


Q: Are these original cuts available to play?
A: No, these original cuts are purely speculative and not officially released.

Q: Can fans make a difference in getting original cuts released?
A: While it worked for the Snyder Cut of Justice League, demanding original cuts of video games is not recommended. Game development is a complex process, and revisions are often made to improve the final product.

Q: What other games would benefit from an original cut?
A: The possibilities are endless! It would be interesting to hear what games our readers would like to see in their original, unrevised forms.


It’s fascinating to imagine what our favorite games would be like in their original incarnations. While some revisions may have improved the final products, it’s still intriguing to think about the paths not taken. However, it’s important to appreciate the games we have and the hard work that game developers put into creating them.

So, what games would you like to see in their original cuts? Let us know in the comments below!

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