Friday, 24 May 2024

The Top ADC Picks to Climb Ranks in League of Legends Patch 13.21

The latest patch in League of Legends has brought about significant changes to the meta. With adjustments to the jungle and snowball mechanics, the landscape of champions has shifted. Some champions have gained an advantage while others have fallen behind. Patch 13.21 aims to balance things out, making adjustments to certain ADCs to ensure a fair playing field. Let’s take a closer look at the changes and the best ADC picks for climbing ranks.

Changes to ADC in Patch 13.21

In Patch 13.21, there have been three notable changes to ADC champions. The first adjustment is to Jinx, who had become too strong in the previous patch. Her “Get Excited!” passive has been capped at 5 stacks, which should help to balance her power without making her significantly weaker. The second change is to Caitlyn, specifically her Lethality build. The damage output of her passive “Headshot” and her ultimate “Ace in the Hole” has been adjusted to reduce her reliance on Lethality. Lastly, Varus has received a small buff to his abilities “Blighted Quiver” and “Hail of Arrows” to improve his on-hit build without making him too powerful in his Lethality state.

These changes aim to bring more balance to the ADC role, allowing for a wider variety of viable picks. Let’s now move on to the top 5 ADC champions to consider for climbing ranks in Patch 13.21.

5. Ashe


Ashe has made a comeback in the current meta, thanks to the slower-paced games and the prominence of tanks. She is one of the most well-rounded ADCs due to her utility and range. With her passive ability “Frost Shot,” she can slow down enemies and maintain a safe distance. Her ultimate, “Crystal Enchant Arrow,” allows her to engage in fights and have a significant impact on the game. Additionally, her DPS with a Trinity Force + Kraken Slayer build makes her especially effective against tanks. Although she may lack some explosive damage compared to other picks, she is a reliable and safe choice for climbing ranks.

4. Ezreal


Ezreal is known for his mobility and ability to escape dangerous situations. With his “Arcane Shift,” he can easily maneuver through fights and be more aggressive than other ADCs. His “Mystic Shot” provides cooldown reduction when it hits an enemy, allowing for continuous damage output. Ezreal’s high skill ceiling and reward for hitting skill shots make him a great pick for experienced players. While he was considered the best pick in previous patches, he faces more challenges in Patch 13.21 due to tanks becoming harder to kill. Nevertheless, Ezreal remains a strong choice, particularly for high ELO players.

3. Jinx


Jinx is an easy-to-play ADC who can quickly become a force to be reckoned with once she starts racking up takedowns. Her passive, “Get Excited!,” boosts her speed and attack speed, making her a threat in team fights. Despite the recent nerfs, which were meant to balance her out, Jinx remains one of the best picks, especially in lower ELOs where her lack of mobility is not as heavily punished. If you enjoy playing Jinx and have found success with her, she can still be a strong choice for climbing ranks.

2. Vayne


Vayne has seen significant improvements in Patch 13.20, thanks to the base stat changes from starter items and the return of tanks to the meta. She excels in solo carrying games and is unmatched in dueling potential. Her mobility with “Tumble” and stealth with “Final Hour” allow her to navigate team fights with ease and deal massive damage. With the right positioning and skill, Vayne can take down tanks and popular picks like Jarvan IV. While she may struggle in the early laning phase and has a high skill requirement, mastering Vayne can lead to great success in climbing ranks.

1. Ziggs


Surprisingly, our top pick for Patch 13.21 is not a traditional ADC but rather Ziggs, the explosive mage. Ziggs has been performing exceptionally well since his buffs in Patch 13.20. His poke and burst damage in the laning phase are unmatched by most ADCs. With the right support, Ziggs can dominate the lane and continually push waves with his abilities “Bouncing Bomb” and “Hexplosive Minefield.” His ultimate, “Mega Inferno Bomb,” can turn team fights and secure objectives. While Ziggs requires skilled aim to be effective, he dominates in the Emerald+ rank and offers a fresh and unexpected choice for ADC players.

To truly excel with any champion, it is important to learn their strengths and weaknesses. Our recommended MOBAFire guides provide in-depth information on each champion, helping you master their playstyle and strategies. Additionally, CounterStats offers valuable insights and tips on countering specific champions.

With all the top picks mentioned, it is crucial to remember that the best choice is the one you enjoy playing the most. While these picks have proven to be strong in the current meta, it’s ultimately your skill and enjoyment that will determine your success. Keep practicing and experimenting to find the champion that suits you best.

  • Q: Are these ADC picks suitable for all ranks?

  • A: These picks can be effective in most ranks, but their success may vary depending on individual skill and playstyle.

  • Q: Which ADC has the highest win rate?

  • A: Ziggs currently holds the highest win rate among ADCs in Patch 13.21.

  • Q: Are there any honorable mentions worth considering?

  • A: Yes, Samira, Lucian, and Twitch are all viable picks worth exploring.

The recent changes to ADC champions in Patch 13.21 have opened up new possibilities for climbing ranks in League of Legends. Ashe, Ezreal, Jinx, Vayne, and Ziggs are all excellent choices, each with their own unique strengths and playstyles. Whether you prefer safety and utility, mobility and skill shots, or unconventional mages, there is a pick for everyone. Remember to focus on mastering your chosen champion and playstyle, as the best pick is the one that brings you joy and success on the Rift. Good luck and have fun climbing!