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101 Things You Can Do in Red Dead Redemption II

Red Dead Redemption II is an incredible game that offers much more than just its captivating story campaign. With a plethora of activities and distractions, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’ve completed the game or simply want a break from the main storyline, we’ve compiled a list of 101 things worth investigating in the world of Red Dead Redemption II.

Get a New Look

  1. Get a haircut: Stop by Valentine and give Arthur a fresh trim. You can even apply some pomade or give him a stylish mustache.

Master Culinary Skills

  1. Become a master chef: Hunt down animals and gather herbs to spice up your meals. Experiment with different combinations to enhance your stat boosts.

Embrace Your Inner Bully

  1. Be a Bully: Try antagonizing everyone in the camp and see how they react. You might be surprised by the results.

Live Life on the Edge

  1. Stick up a stagecoach: Ride over to a stagecoach and rob the driver at gunpoint. See if you can get away with a big score.

  2. Steal a stagecoach: If the robbery doesn’t go as planned, steal a stagecoach instead. Sell it to a fence at Emerald Ranch for easy money.

Test Your Luck at the Tables

  1. Poker Night: Show off your poker skills in one of the saloons. Impress your opponents and win big, or resort to shooting your way to victory.

Hunt for Hidden Treasures

  1. Gimme the loot: Search for treasure maps that lead you to hidden treasures. Uncover the gold hidden in the hills and make a fortune.

Fight for Justice

  1. Fend off a robbery: Encounter a random event where you get robbed on the road. Choose to be pacifistic or show them your prowess with a gun.

Customize Your Arsenal

  1. I call it Vera: Pay a visit to the local gunsmith and customize your weapons. Personalize every detail, from the color of the metal to engravings on the stock.

Embrace Your Inner Outlaw

  1. Be a real dastard: Lasso and hogtie bandits after a battle. Have some fun by putting them on train tracks and watch as the train approaches.

Witness Strange Phenomena

  1. All the scorched horses: Explore the area near Saint Denis where horses are mysteriously becoming immolated. It’s a strange sight to behold.

Pamper Yourself

  1. Take a bath: After a rough day, find a hotel and indulge in a relaxing bath. Clean up and remove the stink of the wild.

Become a Master Angler

  1. Seaman: Enjoy the complexity of fishing in Red Dead Redemption II. Experiment with different baits and relax by the riverside.

Explore Urban Innovations

  1. Slow ride, take it easy: Explore the technological marvels of Saint Denis, including the trolley system. Take a scenic ride around town and immerse yourself in the city’s atmosphere.

Find Solitude in the Wilderness

  1. Into the wild: Escape the hustle and bustle of the Van der Linde camp and venture into the deserted mountains to the north. Explore the frozen woods and enjoy the tranquility of nature.

Embrace Your Inner Thief

  1. House call: Search for homes with smoke rising from chimneys and explore them while the residents are sleeping. Find valuable items to sell to a fence.

Uncover Strange Mysteries

  1. The weirdo trade: Meet the eccentric Algernon Wasp in Saint Denis and complete his quests. You’ll be rewarded with something truly unique.

Discover Graffiti Art

  1. Jet Set Radio Past: Look for curious graffiti in Saint Denis buildings. Find all the pieces and unveil a mysterious new location in the city.

Set the World on Fire

  1. You’ve got to love yourself a fire: Discover bandit camps in the world and unleash chaos by throwing fire bombs. Watch the magnificent fireworks light up the sky.

Follow the Smoke Signals

  1. Smoke signals: Keep an eye out for smoke rising in the sky. It’s a sign that something interesting is nearby—an event, camp, or sidequest worth investigating.

Study the Wildlife

  1. I am a scientist: Complete your compendium by studying the animals you encounter. Observe them without harming them and become a wildlife expert.

Master the Art of Herbology

  1. Herbology 101: Collect plants and fill your book with information about different flora. Expand your botanical knowledge and become a true naturalist.

Take a Ride on the Railways

  1. Take a train ride: Use the train as a fast travel method and enjoy the picturesque landscapes. Sit back, relax, and let the train take you to your destination.

  2. Drive a train: Take control of a train by overpowering the conductor. Ride around the world and experience the thrill of being a locomotive driver.

Live Life as an Outlaw

  1. The not-so-great train robbery: Rob trains and reap the rewards. Plant dynamite on the safe, face armed resistance, and outsmart the lawmen for a big score.

Face the Consequences

  1. Die savagely: Let loose and engage in intense shootouts. Increase your bounty and see how high you can get it while fending off the lawmen.

Take Down Criminal Enterprises

  1. Who burgles the burglars: Discover seedy underground operations happening in certain stores. Crash in and steal their profits for yourself, becoming a vigilante in the process.

Conquer the Beasts

  1. Top of the food chain: Hunt down legendary animals and prove your skills. Challenge the toughest beasts and become the ultimate predator.

Unearth Ancient Secrets

  1. Jurassic Park: Encounter an old woman excavating for dinosaur bones. Embark on a quest to find 30 bones scattered throughout the map.

Engage in Duels

  1. It’s time to du-du-duel: Engage in duels with NPCs by cheating at poker or provoking them. Prove your marksmanship with well-aimed shots.

Sell Stolen Horses

  1. Couldn’t drag me away: Visit the horse fence north of Clemens Point and sell any stolen or lassoed horses. Earn some extra cash for your efforts.

Collect Rare Weapons

  1. Fancy yourself a collector: Find rare weapons throughout the world. Complete the Gunslinger missions for Calloway in Valentine to uncover some unique guns.

Explore the Supernatural

  1. Spirit tracks: Ride along the tracks near Lemoyne at 3:00 AM and witness something mysterious. Discover the hidden secrets of the night.

Master the Controls

  1. Press all the buttons: Experiment with the controls and discover hidden functions. Try different combinations and unlock new mechanics.

Dress for Success

  1. The latest in fashion: Save your pelts and visit the trapper in Saint Denis. Customize Arthur’s outfits and acquire unique pieces of frontiersmen gear.

Confront Prejudice

  1. The KKK won’t take my baby away: Encounter members of the Ku Klux Klan and show them your disapproval. Put an end to their regressive philosophies using force.

Face the Wild Beasts

  1. Poke the bear: Provoke dangerous animals like alligators and bears. Experience intense confrontations and witness astonishing animations.

Tame the Legendary Steed

  1. Arabian nights: Track and capture the elusive white Arabian breed. Search the mountains near Lake Isabella and engage in an epic battle of wills.

Perform Spectacular Stunts

  1. The sickest of stunts: Experiment with the physics and systems of the game. Ride your horse through challenging terrain or push NPCs to discover unexpected outcomes.

Explore Your Creative Side

  1. Make it an Olympic sport: Use the lasso creatively to make an example out of bandits. Tie them up and perform diabolical tricks or send them flying off mountaintops.

Enjoy the Scenic Soundscapes

  1. Lend me your ear: Appreciate the astonishing soundtrack that changes as you travel from region to region. Immerse yourself in the ambiance of each place.

Establish Your Domination

  1. Wrath like the cold rain: Take down the seven gangs that roam the world. Show them why the Van der Linde gang reigns supreme.

Choose the Path of Honor

  1. Canonized: Strive to become a saint of the West. Perform good deeds, bring bounties in alive, and help those in need to boost your honor rating.

Spread the Positivity

  1. Howdy partner: Greet everyone politely and raise your honor incrementally. Make a positive impact on the world one greeting at a time.

Seek Out Hidden Opportunities

  1. Unchained: Free prisoners and unravel the secrets of chain gangs. Discover locations worth investigating and gain valuable information from NPCs.

Build Communities

  1. Hammer in the morning: Interact with the Appleseed Timber Company and help build it up. Witness the changes and improvements as the camp evolves.

Aid the Homeless

  1. Got a dime, buddy: Help homeless NPCs in different cities by giving them money. Boost your honor and witness their gratitude.

Strengthen Bonds

  1. Bonding time: Complete main story quests that offer opportunities to bond with other characters. Participate in activities together and enjoy funny and touching moments.

Investigate the Circle of Life

  1. Science experiment: Observe the decay of bodies in the game and witness the advanced decaying system. It’s a chilling and realistic feature.

Respect Personal Space

  1. A lesson in respecting personal space: Stand behind a horse that isn’t yours and see how it reacts. The results can be quite amusing.

Show Love to the Animals

  1. Every dog has his day: Interact with dogs and cats in various towns. Pet them and enjoy their company, but remember, do not harm them!

Discover Hidden Secrets

  1. What lies beneath: Explore the gunsmith in Rhodes and investigate the secrets hidden in its basement. Circle the building and uncover the mysteries within.

Enjoy the Theatrical Arts

  1. The show must go on: Attend theatrical shows in Blackwater, Saint Denis, and on the outskirts of Valentine. Cheer or boo the performers and experience the cultural scene.

Engage in Friendly Competition

  1. So many little dots: Play dominos on the boards scattered throughout the world, including one at camp. Challenge yourself and test your skills against fellow gamblers.

Unravel the Mysteries of Science

  1. Step into the Twilight Zone: Encounter a crackpot named Marko Dragic near a pond in Saint Denis. Complete his quests to uncover strange and fascinating scientific experiments.

Show off Your Shooting Skills

  1. Rootin, tootin: Meet gunslingers throughout the world and challenge them to shooting contests. Prove your marksmanship and put them in their place.

Engage in Immersive Shopping

  1. Window shopping: Visit general stores and flip through catalogs to buy various items. Immerse yourself in the shopping experience and choose your purchases carefully.

Overcome Challenges

  1. Trials of fire: Take on a variety of challenges, such as killing enemies with throwing knives or robbing multiple stores in a single day. Complete them all for a special reward.

Embark on an Epic Quest

  1. The Good, The Bad, and the Clever: Solve mysteries and find hidden objects throughout the world. Embark on a quest that culminates in something truly special.

Capture Memorable Moments

  1. Strike a pose: Visit the photo studio in Saint Denis and take memorable pictures of Arthur. Capture his best (or worst) outfits and create lasting memories.

Stay Informed

  1. Extra, extra read all about it: Buy newspapers from newspaper boys in cities and stay up to date with the latest events. Discover what others think about the Van der Linde gang’s adventures.

Experience the Wild Nightlife

  1. Hair of the dog: Visit the bars scattered throughout the world and witness the wild antics that unfold as Arthur gets drunk. Enjoy the lively atmosphere and let loose.

Pursue Law and Order

  1. And the law won: Take a break from being an outlaw and become a bounty hunter. Chase down criminals and bring them to justice for a change.

Become a Photographer’s Assistant

  1. The photographer’s assistant: Help a peculiar photographer with his quests. Embark on one of the most extensive and weirdest side quests in the game.

Solve Mysteries as a Detective

  1. Arthur Morgan, super sleuth: Uncover a vicious killer as you take on the role of a detective. Investigate clues and solve the case in this exciting side quest.

Be Fashionable, Inside and Out

  1. Create a fashion ensemble: Customize your horse’s outfits. Choose from a variety of options and have clothes for all occasions while on the go.

Keep an Eye on Your Health

  1. Get in (or out of) shape: Maintain Arthur’s weight by eating. Experiment with different foods and observe the stat bonuses and hits.

Take Care of Your Weapons

  1. Dirt in the chamber: Clean your weapons with gun oil to maintain their condition. Watch the visual effects of neglecting them and appreciate the attention to detail.

Settle Disputes Without Violence

  1. The first rule of Fight Club: Settle disputes by engaging in fistfights. Sometimes a good punch is more satisfying than a bullet.

Embrace a Life of Crime

  1. Bandito: Wear your bandana around town and experience unique comments from everyone you encounter. Enjoy the thrill of being an anonymous outlaw.

Have Conversations with Yourself

  1. You talking to me: Talk to your reflection in a mirror and witness the hilarious conversations Arthur has with himself.

Experience an Amusing Love Triangle

  1. Tweedledum and Tweedledee: Engage in an amusing questline involving two brothers and a woman they both love. Arthur gets caught up in their antics.

Collectible Card Hunt

  1. Gotta Collect ‘Em All: Help a fellow collector find all the collectible cards in cigarette packets. Assist him and earn a generous reward.

Keep a Journal of Your Adventures

  1. Dear diary: Take the time to read Arthur’s journal. Explore summaries of quests, interesting locations, and detailed drawings of animals and landscapes.

Venture into the Past

  1. The refuse of the past: Assist an old man in recovering precious items from his old plantation. Embark on a captivating journey through history.

Grow Your Beard

  1. Put some hair on that chin: Use hair tonic to accelerate beard growth. Watch your beard flourish more quickly than ever before.

Explore the Circle of Life

  1. Six pieces, sixteen pigs: Witness the voracious appetite of pigs by dropping a body near them. Observe as they devour the meal with gusto.

Master Unconventional Fishing

  1. The Macgyver School Of Thought: Use alternative methods for fishing. Try using your bow instead of a rod or throw a stick of dynamite into the water for a unique experience.

Customize Your Horse’s Appearance

  1. Deck Out My Ride: Personalize your horse by customizing their stirrups, blankets, and mane color. Make your loyal companion stand out from the crowd.

Protect Your Weapons

  1. Giftwrap: Wrap your rifle stocks for both visual and practical benefits. Reducing degradation means less time spent cleaning and more time enjoying the wild.

Set Your Sights on Adrenaline

  1. Evel Knievel: Jump off a ledge onto your horse and experience the thrill of a daring leap. Just make sure to aim correctly!

Capture Memorable Moments

  1. A thousand words: Use the in-game photo mode to take stunning pictures. Capture the beauty of the world and immortalize your adventures.

Find Redemption in Kindness

  1. Be a Bully, Part The Second: After antagonizing everyone in camp, try winning strangers over with your charm and wit. Experience memorable encounters and unique reactions.

Expand Your Wardrobe

  1. Secret shopping: Discover different clothing options from general stores in various places. Find area-specific outfits and express your personal style.

Spice Up Your Gameplay

  1. The easy way: Experiment with cheats to enhance your gameplay experience. Try out infinite ammo or unlock all outfits and enjoy the game with a twist.

Embrace the Unknown

  1. The outer limits: Uncover a fascinating sci-fi-oriented quest that begins in a shack north of Emerald Station. Follow the trail of corpses and embark on a mind-bending adventure.

Embrace the Spirituality

  1. Bring me a dream: Find hidden dream catchers scattered throughout the game. Uncover all 20 to unlock a useful item for your bow.

Face Your Fears

  1. Cave o’ bones: Venture into Roanake Valley at night and face a mysterious and terrifying creature. Follow the howl and see where it leads you.

Embrace Viking Heritage

  1. From the land of the ice and snow: Discover Viking artifacts in an old tomb near Annesburg. Embrace your inner Viking and wield the powerful Viking helmet and axe.

Uncover Hidden Narratives

  1. You did know me: Visit a shack in the west section of the bayou. Revisit this location throughout the game for cryptic messages and intriguing narratives.

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead!

  1. Time goes by: Experience the consequences of certain choices Arthur made during the main game. Notice how they impact the post-game storyline.

  2. Vacation, all I ever wanted: Take a diversion to the island of Guarma during Chapter 5. Enjoy the sights and make the most of your time there before you can’t return.

  3. Calm before the storm: Complete white quest markers with gang members’ names before moving forward in the story. Don’t miss out on their quests and interactions.

  4. The simple life: After Beecher’s Hope is built, perform chores around the ranch like shoveling manure and feeding the horses. Embrace the simple joys of ranch life.

  5. Reunited: After the main game, encounter surviving gang members in the world. Explore the credits sequence for clues about their whereabouts.

  6. Blood on memory lane: Replay levels or shootouts from the game in the story menu. Strive for gold medals and relive the most memorable moments.

  7. Man’s best friend: Bond with a horse to the maximum level before the last mission. Witness a special cutscene and strengthen your connection with your trusted companion.

  8. An old flame: Reconnect with Arthur’s old love, Mary. Complete all her quests before the end of each chapter to keep the interactions alive.

  9. Now it’s a party: Stay for the entirety of camp parties after completing certain missions. Observe special character interactions and enjoy the festivities.

  10. The fallen: Find the graves of gang members who didn’t survive the events of the main story. Pay your respects and reflect on their sacrifices.

  11. Hey, I remember this place: Visit places from the first Red Dead Redemption, such as the McFarlane Ranch, and reminisce about past adventures.

With so much to discover and explore, Red Dead Redemption II offers endless possibilities. Embark on your own adventure and uncover all the secrets the Wild West has to offer.


Q1: Can I play Red Dead Redemption II on PC?
A1: Yes, Red Dead Redemption II is available on PC, as well as on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Q2: How long does it take to complete Red Dead Redemption II?
A2: The main story campaign of Red Dead Redemption II takes approximately 40-60 hours to complete. However, exploring all the activities and side quests can extend the gameplay time significantly.

Q3: Can I play Red Dead Redemption II online?
A3: Yes, Red Dead Redemption II has an online multiplayer mode called Red Dead Online, where you can play with friends or other players in a vast open world.

Q4: Are there any expansion packs or DLCs for Red Dead Redemption II?
A4: As of now, Red Dead Redemption II does not have any expansion packs or DLCs. However, the game’s online mode, Red Dead Online, receives regular updates and new content.

Q5: What is the age rating for Red Dead Redemption II?
A5: Red Dead Redemption II has an age rating of 17+ due to its mature content, including violence, strong language, and sexual themes.

Q6: Can I use mods in Red Dead Redemption II?
A6: Modding is not officially supported by Red Dead Redemption II. However, there are unofficial mods available for the PC version of the game. Keep in mind that using mods can potentially affect the game’s stability and may result in the loss of online multiplayer privileges.

Q7: Will my choices in Red Dead Redemption II affect the outcome of the story?
A7: Yes, your choices in Red Dead Redemption II can impact the story and characters. Certain decisions can lead to different outcomes, affecting how the story unfolds.

Q8: Can I pet other animals besides dogs and cats?
A8: No, as of now, you can only pet dogs and cats in Red Dead Redemption II. However, there are various wild animals you can interact with in other ways, such as hunting or studying them.

Q9: Is there a New Game Plus mode in Red Dead Redemption II?
A9: Red Dead Redemption II does not have a traditional New Game Plus mode. However, you can start a new playthrough while keeping some unlocked items and upgrades from your previous playthrough.

Q10: Can I complete all the activities and side quests after completing the main story?
A10: Yes, you can continue playing and completing activities and side quests even after completing the main story in Red Dead Redemption II. The game world remains open for exploration, allowing you to enjoy all the content at your own pace.