Friday, 17 May 2024

PlayStation TV Discontinued: An Update on Sony’s Micro-Console

Sony has recently announced that the PlayStation TV (PSTV) will be discontinued in North America and Europe. However, the micro-console is still being produced in other territories, such as Japan. As of now, there are no announcements regarding any future changes for the device’s availability in Japan.

The Story behind PlayStation TV’s Discontinuation

Originally released in November 2013 in Japan and later in October 2014 in the United States, the PlayStation TV failed to make a significant impact in the market. Several retailers even dropped the console’s listed price of $99.99 to as low as $39.99 shortly after its release. The device, which was a more limited version of the PlayStation Vita, offered compatibility with some games from the PlayStation Vita library, but not all. It did not come with a Netflix streaming app, despite the Vita having one.

Explaining the Lack of Success

Sony’s President of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, discussed why the PlayStation TV struggled to garner consumer interest. He noted that the device’s concept was challenging to explain and that it fell short compared to other mini-consoles or video streaming devices. While it boasted features like remote play of PS4 games, it did not have one standout feature that would make it highly appealing to consumers.

Our Thoughts

As someone who has personally enjoyed using the PlayStation TV, I find its discontinuation to be disappointing but not entirely unexpected. The lack of popular streaming apps like Netflix and a limited selection of games from the Vita library made it difficult for the device to achieve success. Despite its unique features, the PlayStation TV faced tough competition from other devices in the market.


  • What is the PlayStation TV?
    The PlayStation TV is a micro-console that offers limited gaming capabilities and some unique features like remote play of PS4 games.

  • Why was the PlayStation TV discontinued in North America and Europe?
    Sony has not provided specific reasons for discontinuing the device in these regions, but it may be due to low demand and competition from other streaming and gaming devices.

  • Is the PlayStation TV still available in Japan?
    As of now, the PlayStation TV is still in production in Japan, and there have been no announcements regarding changes to its availability.

  • Will there be a successor to the PlayStation TV?
    There is no information about a successor to the PlayStation TV at this time.


The discontinuation of the PlayStation TV in North America and Europe marks the end of an era for this micro-console. Despite its unique features, the device struggled to find its place in the market. However, it still remains available in Japan for those interested in exploring its capabilities. For more information about the PlayStation TV, visit Wqaindia.