Thursday, 16 May 2024

LEC 2024 Winter – Regular Season Recap

Week 1 of the LEC Winter split brought a wave of excitement and surprises. With the introduction of patch 14.1, teams had to quickly adapt to the new items and champion changes. The standout team of the week was SK Gaming, who secured a perfect 3-0 record. Despite not being the expected powerhouses like G2 or Fnatic, SK Gaming showcased their strength by defeating Rogue, MDK Lions, and Fnatic. This early success has raised questions about whether SK Gaming can maintain their momentum throughout the split.

Other teams ended Week 1 with a 2-1 record, including Fnatic, Team BDS, Team Heretics, G2 Esports, and MAD Lions KOI. It was particularly exciting to see Team Heretics in action, featuring former G2 players. Team BDS continued to impress, carrying on their promising performance from 2023. Fnatic and G2 Esports showed their consistency, while MAD Lions KOI displayed great potential despite their loss to SK Gaming.

On the lower end of the standings, GiantX and Rogue struggled with a 1-2 record. It’s worth noting that both teams are still adjusting to their new roster changes. However, GiantX managed to secure a victory against Team Heretics, while Rogue surprised everyone by defeating G2.

Team Vitality and Karmine Corp found themselves at the bottom with a 0-3 record. Team Vitality, traditionally strong in the early stages of a split, had a challenging week facing Team BDS and Fnatic. Karmine Corp faced tough opponents in Fnatic and G2, resulting in disappointing losses for their passionate fanbase.

In Week 2, Team BDS claimed first place with a victory over SK Gaming. SK Gaming, Fnatic, G2 Esports, and Team Heretics all maintained their positions in second place with a 4-2 record. MAD Lions KOI slipped to third place after losses to Team BDS and G2. Team Vitality had a strong bounce-back week, finishing 3-0 after defeating Rogue, Karmine Corp, and G2 Esports, surprising many.

Meanwhile, GiantX, Rogue, and Karmine Corp faced increasing challenges with limited wins at the close of Week 2. Rogue’s sole victory came against G2 in the opening week, while Karmine Corp struggled to secure any wins. Week 3 is their last chance to turn their fortunes around and secure a spot in the playoffs.

The final weekend of the regular season saw Team BDS winning their matches on Saturday and Sunday, but faltering on Monday with a loss to Karmine Corp. G2 had a perfect week, dethroning Team BDS from first place. SK Gaming, MAD Lions KOI, and Fnatic all ended with a 5-4 record, showcasing their consistency.

Team Vitality, Team Heretics, and GiantX rounded out the top eight with a 4-5 record. Each team had standout weeks that secured their playoff berths. Team Vitality’s impressive 3-0 Week 2 performance turned their fortunes around after a difficult start. Team Heretics started strong but faced challenges as the weeks went by. GiantX narrowly secured their playoff spot with victories over MDK and Team Vitality in Week 3.

Unfortunately, Karmine Corp’s late success was not enough to secure a playoff spot. Rogue also fell short, unable to replicate their past successes. Both teams will need to regroup and strategize for future seasons.

Now that the regular season has concluded, it’s time to gear up for the playoffs. Tune in on February 3rd at 17:00 CET to watch Team Heretics and Team BDS kick off the playoffs.


Q: Who was the standout team of Week 1 in the LEC 2024 Winter split?
A: SK Gaming achieved a perfect 3-0 record, defeating Rogue, MDK Lions, and Fnatic.

Q: How did Team BDS perform in Week 2?
A: Team BDS claimed first place after defeating SK Gaming and securing wins against MDK Lions and Fnatic.

Q: Which teams qualified for the playoffs?
A: The top eight teams entering the playoffs are Team BDS, G2 Esports, SK Gaming, Fnatic, MAD Lions KOI, Team Vitality, Team Heretics, and GiantX.

Q: When do the playoffs begin?
A: The playoffs start on February 3rd at 17:00 CET with a match between Team Heretics and Team BDS.


The LEC 2024 Winter regular season was filled with excitement, surprises, and intense competition. Teams like SK Gaming and Team BDS showcased their skills, while others faced challenges and unexpected losses. The playoffs promise to be thrilling, so make sure to tune in and cheer for your favorite teams.