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A New Star Fox Zero Experience: A Conversation with Shigeru Miyamoto and His Team

Earlier this week, we had the privilege of experiencing the highly anticipated game, Star Fox Zero. This latest installment in the Star Fox series introduces an exhilarating gameplay experience, utilizing both the Gamepad screen and television to create a more dynamic and captivating adventure.

A Collaborative Effort

After getting a firsthand look at the game’s various vehicles, flight modes, and enemy types, we had the opportunity to sit down with the legendary video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, along with game director Yugo Hiyashi and Yusuke Hashimoto from Platinum Games, who are co-developing the title. We were eager to learn about the collaborative effort behind Star Fox Zero.

Miyamoto explained his approach to game development, stating, “I typically start by working with a smaller internal team to create the core of the game. Once that’s established, I look both within and outside of Nintendo for the right development team to bring the game to life. During the development of Star Fox Zero, it became clear to me that Platinum Games would be the perfect fit, especially given their exceptional work on Bayonetta 2. Our collaboration has been seamless, with daily meetings and constant communication.”

The Focus on Single Player and the Potential for Multiplayer

During our hands-on time with Star Fox Zero, we were fully immersed in the single-player experience. This led us to wonder if multiplayer would make a return in this installment. Miyamoto reassured us, saying, “In previous Star Fox games, multiplayer has always been a significant aspect. However, this time, our main focus is on creating a rich and engaging single-player experience that leverages the unique capabilities of the two screens. We want players to have a cinematic experience while exploring the vast universe of Star Fox.”

While multiplayer may not be available initially, Miyamoto hinted at the possibility of adding online multiplayer features in the future. He drew a parallel with Splatoon, stating, “Once players become accustomed to the game mechanics, we may consider introducing one-on-one combat in an online environment. The future holds exciting possibilities.”

New Exploration and Mission Variety

In Star Fox Zero, players will have the opportunity to revisit completed planets with new vehicles, allowing them to further refine their skills. During our playthrough of the Corneria stage, we noticed a sealed gate and inquired about its purpose. Miyamoto revealed, “The Corneria map offers branching paths within it, but what we’re really emphasizing this time is the availability of second and third missions on the same stage. Each mission presents players with unique goals and challenges, ensuring a diverse and engaging gameplay experience.”

While the game takes a more linear approach compared to previous installments, Miyamoto assured us that the focus is on creating variety through different missions on each planet. He stated, “Our goal is to provide a cinematic experience that can be completed in the same amount of time it takes to watch a movie. Although there are still branching paths, we want players to explore the depth of each planet by tackling multiple missions.”

The Core Gameplay and Simplification

As we delved deeper into the design philosophy behind Star Fox Zero, Miyamoto highlighted the importance of simplicity amidst the increasing complexity of modern games. He explained, “With Star Fox, my aim was to empower players to aim at targets themselves. I wanted even beginners to be able to shoot down enemies with precision. This time, I decided to remove the bomb feature, emphasizing the need for precise aiming.”

However, Miyamoto did mention the possibility of a cooperative mode, where younger players could focus on shooting enemies using the Gamepad cockpit view while another player controls the craft using a Wii remote and nunchuck. This cooperative feature ensures that players of all skill levels can enjoy the game together.

Unlocking New Experiences and Challenges

Star Fox Zero incorporates a scoring mechanic that rewards players for defeating enemies. Miyamoto emphasized the strategic possibilities offered by the two screens, stating, “Having two screens opens up numerous strategies and approaches for each course. Observing how others play and employing different tactics adds to the replay value. In Star Fox Zero, we have a point system, similar to Star Fox 64. With the new controls and the ability to look around, it’s now achievable to shoot down every enemy in a stage.”

Regarding the inclusion of coins and medals scattered throughout the game, Miyamoto clarified that they wouldn’t be used to unlock cosmetic upgrades or additional characters. He stated, “While the concept of gradually enhancing weapons through collecting items is common in many games, my focus for Star Fox Zero is to create a fun and enjoyable experience without such elements. I want to keep it simple and pure.”

The Amiibo Influence

As the use of Amiibo figures has become prevalent in various games, we couldn’t help but wonder if Star Fox Zero would feature Amiibo functionality. Miyamoto shared his thoughts, saying, “While it would be great to have a Slippy Amiibo, the current Amiibo lineup is vast, and meeting the demand is a challenge in itself. However, we are considering incorporating small bonuses in the game for tapping the Fox and Falco Amiibo figures.”

A Glimpse into the Future

Our first hands-on experience with Star Fox Zero left us with a positive impression. Despite being early in the development process, the game already showcases its solid core across six exciting levels. The release of Star Fox Zero later this year promises to be a thrilling journey for fans of the series.

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Q: Will Star Fox Zero have multiplayer?
A: The primary focus of Star Fox Zero is on delivering an engaging single-player experience. However, the potential for adding online multiplayer features in the future has not been ruled out.

Q: Are there different paths through the galaxy in Star Fox Zero?
A: Star Fox Zero takes a more linear approach in terms of galaxy exploration. However, players can expect a variety of missions within each planet, offering diverse gameplay experiences.

Q: Can I adjust the difficulty level in Star Fox Zero?
A: Star Fox Zero does not provide options to tweak the game’s difficulty level. However, with practice and mastery of the controls, players can overcome any challenges they encounter.

Q: Will there be unlockable content in Star Fox Zero?
A: While the game does include a scoring mechanic, the focus of Star Fox Zero is on delivering a fun and enjoyable experience without the need for unlockable content.


Star Fox Zero promises to be a thrilling addition to the beloved franchise, with its innovative gameplay mechanics and captivating missions. The collaboration between Shigeru Miyamoto, Yugo Hiyashi, and Yusuke Hashimoto has resulted in a game that stays true to the series’ roots while introducing exciting new elements. As the release date approaches, fans eagerly await the chance to embark on an epic adventure in the Star Fox universe.

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