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Core Macro Concepts in League of Legends

It’s essential to understand the core macro concepts in League of Legends to improve your gameplay and decision-making. Macro refers to the high-level decision making involved in rotations, recall timings, and tempo. On the other hand, micro refers to the mechanical skills of controlling your character. While experience plays a significant role in understanding macro concepts, it’s also beneficial to think about them and learn the core concepts to enhance your gameplay.

Understanding Macro Concepts

Having a thorough understanding of macro concepts can help you see the potential strategies and tactics in League of Legends. It improves your cognitive understanding of the game and facilitates better communication and teamwork within your team. If you’re looking for like-minded players to team up with, you can use our zleague app, which helps in finding suitable teammates.

Lane Priority

Lane priority is crucial in determining your ability to move out of your lane and assist your teammates in sidelanes or with the jungler. If you’re pushed under your turret, you have low lane priority, which is also influenced by the size of the wave pushing into your turret. A significant wave disadvantage, like being shoved in by a 2-3 wave slow push, results in zero lane priority. This situation restricts your ability to trade with your opponent and rotate to other lanes effectively. It also leads to a loss of gold from minions dying to your turret.

Understanding lane priority is essential because it directly influences your decision-making. For instance, as a jungler, your decision to contest Scuttle Crabs, take objectives, or invade should heavily depend on the priority of your nearby lanes. Taking objectives like Herald without lane priority is risky unless your opponents are unaware. Otherwise, you might end up dying and losing the Herald.


Rotations refer to how you move between lanes and objectives. One common rotation in higher-level play involves the support and mid laner roaming to the Herald while the ADC covers the mid lane. Another example is rotating the bot lane to mid or top after destroying the bot turret. Effective rotations are crucial for maximizing your resources and minimizing downtime. They are closely linked with tempo, which is a significant factor in overall team performance.


Scaling relates to the growth potential of champions and team compositions over time and resources. Some champions become significantly more powerful with higher levels or after acquiring a specific number of items. Scaling implies that as the game progresses, resources such as gold and experience have a more substantial impact on your champion’s strength. Understanding the power curves of different champions is crucial for grasping the concept of scaling.

These are the key macro concepts that heavily influence how the game should be played. While there are other important concepts as well, focusing on these will significantly enhance your understanding of macro gameplay.


Q: What is macro in League of Legends?
A: Macro refers to the high-level decision making involved in rotations, recall timings, and tempo. It focuses on strategic gameplay and decision making as opposed to mechanical skills.

Q: How does lane priority impact gameplay?
A: Lane priority determines your ability to move out of your lane and assist teammates or the jungler. It affects your options for rotations and objective control.

Q: What are rotations in League of Legends?
A: Rotations involve moving between lanes and objectives to maximize resources and minimize downtime. They are essential for efficient team play.

Q: What does scaling mean in League of Legends?
A: Scaling refers to champions and team compositions’ growth potential over time and resources. It indicates how much stronger a champion becomes as the game progresses.


By understanding and applying the core macro concepts of League of Legends, you can improve your decision-making, communication, and teamwork. Lane priority, rotations, and scaling are key factors that influence gameplay and strategic choices. Keep these concepts in mind to enhance your gameplay and achieve success on the battlefield.

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