Thursday, 20 Jun 2024

League of Legends: Galio’s Size Scaling Discussion

The question of whether Galio in League of Legends should have size scaling has ignited a passionate debate within the community. User Qw2rty raised the issue in a Reddit post, suggesting that Galio’s size should scale with magic resistance (MR) to better reflect his lore and thematic elements. This article explores the different perspectives and proposals surrounding this topic.


  • Galio players are divided on the need for size scaling to align with Galio’s lore.
  • Suggestions include growing in size based on damage absorption and gaining benefits from MR scaling.
  • Some players express nostalgia for the old version of Galio.
  • There are calls for Riot to introduce unique mechanics tied to Galio’s size amplification.

Galio Image

JesiAsh’s Take on Galio

JesiAsh believes that Galio should be a stronger tank rather than an ability power (AP) champion. They advocate for MR scaling, similar to how champions like Malphite and Rammus have armor scaling. JesiAsh emphasizes the importance of Galio fulfilling his role as an anti-magic tank, protecting his team from magical damage.

05McFly25’s Creative Proposal

05McFly25 puts forward an intriguing mechanic where Galio’s size increases based on the magic damage he absorbs. This proposed size scaling is tied to Galio’s passive shield, enhancing his anti-mage capabilities. The goal is to reinforce Galio’s thematic as an anti-magic tank, making his size a tangible representation of his power.

Ky1arStern’s Support for the Idea

Ky1arStern supports the notion of size scaling for Galio and questions why anyone would dispute the proposal. This sentiment resonates with the belief that Galio’s design should be in harmony with his lore and thematic elements. The size scaling would provide visual and gameplay cohesion.

ZanesTheArgent on Size Amplification

ZanesTheArgent highlights the importance of size amplification mechanics being meaningful in gameplay. They suggest that size mechanics should have tangible effects beyond visual aesthetics. For example, Big Galio and similar champions could have impactful size-related interactions that bring depth and strategic value to the gameplay experience.

Galio Image

While some players hold onto the nostalgic aspects of old Galio, the majority of the community is intrigued by the prospect of incorporating size scaling as a thematic and gameplay element. The ongoing debate showcases the community’s creativity and passion for enhancing champion design and gameplay experiences.


  • Q: Will Riot Games implement size scaling for Galio?

    • A: It is uncertain whether Riot Games will implement this proposal. However, the community’s enthusiasm and discussion around the idea may influence future changes to Galio’s design.
  • Q: How does size scaling enhance Galio’s gameplay?

    • A: Size scaling adds depth and visual cohesion to Galio’s thematic as an anti-magic tank. It has the potential to introduce unique gameplay mechanics tied to Galio’s size, creating interesting interactions and strategic opportunities.


The debate surrounding Galio’s potential size scaling reflects the community’s passion for champion design and gameplay experiences. Incorporating size scaling as a thematic and gameplay element has garnered interest and creative proposals from Galio players. Whether or not Riot Games implements these suggestions, the ongoing discussion demonstrates the community’s commitment to enhancing the League of Legends experience. Visit Wqaindia for more insightful articles and discussions on League of Legends.