Thursday, 16 May 2024

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy

There’s never been a better time to dive into the world of Ace Attorney. The Apollo Justice trilogy, developed and published by Capcom, has been remastered and re-released for modern consoles. After going hands-on with the games, we can confidently say that they’ve never felt better.

A Collection of Three Games

The Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy consists of three games: Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice, each with their respective DLCs. While the collection may not have the same cohesiveness as the first three games in the series, it’s still important to play them in order. Interestingly, despite Apollo’s name only appearing in one of the titles, he is a central and playable character in every game.

Remastered, Not Remade

If you’ve played these games in their original forms, you’ll have a general idea of what to expect from the remastered versions. The main audience for this collection is either people who missed out on playing the games on other platforms or fans who want to experience them with enhanced graphics and quality-of-life features. In addition to a revamped user interface, the game includes an auto-advance setting that automatically scrolls through text, eliminating the need for button mashing. Personally, I find this feature to be a huge highlight, especially when I want to multitask. Plus, if you accidentally miss any text, you can always catch up using the History button. For those who prefer an even more hands-off approach, there’s a Story Mode that progresses through the entire story, solving puzzles and investigating on your behalf.

A New Museum Mode

The trilogy also introduces a new museum mode, which adds extra value to the collection. In addition to the Orchestra Hall, where you can listen to songs on demand, and a gallery of concept art, there’s an animation studio feature. With the animation studio, you can cycle through every character animation in the game. While it may not provide extensive gameplay, it’s a fun addition that allows fans to revisit over-the-top animations from their favorite characters. It’s the kind of extra touch that fans appreciate in a remaster like this.

A Refresher Course

For those who are unfamiliar with the games in the trilogy or need a refresher, here’s a quick overview:

  • Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney takes place seven years after Ace Attorney 3 and introduces Apollo Justice, a young lawyer guided by Phoenix Wright and his daughter, Trucy.
  • Dual Destinies and Spirit of Justice marked a visual leap for the series, with a transition to 3D models for characters and environments. Dual Destinies reintroduces Phoenix as a playable character and introduces new attorney Athena Cykes, who analyzes emotions mid-trial with her Mood Matrix mechanic. Spirit of Justice introduces the Séances system, allowing players to revisit the moments leading up to a murder victim’s death.


In conclusion, the Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy offers a fantastic opportunity for both newcomers and fans of the series to experience these games on modern consoles. The remastered versions bring improved graphics and quality-of-life features, making the gameplay even more enjoyable. Whether you’re a fan of the original trilogy or new to the world of Ace Attorney, this collection is worth exploring. Mark your calendars for the release date in early next year, on January 25.


Q: Where can I play the Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy?
A: The trilogy is available on modern consoles, such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Q: Do I need to play the games in a specific order?
A: Yes, it’s recommended to play the games in order to fully understand the story and character development.

Q: Are there any new features in the remastered versions?
A: Yes, the remastered versions include a revamped user interface, an auto-advance setting for text, a Story Mode for a more hands-off experience, and a museum mode with additional content.

Q: Can I enjoy the games even if I haven’t played the previous Ace Attorney games?
A: Absolutely! While there are connections to the previous games, the trilogy is designed to be accessible to newcomers as well. The stories are self-contained and offer a great introduction to the series.

Q: Will there be any additional content or DLC for the collection?
A: The collection includes all the DLC for each game, so you’ll have access to the complete experience.

Q: Is there a physical edition available?
A: Yes, there is a physical edition of the trilogy available for those who prefer physical copies of games. Check your local retailers for availability.