Friday, 17 May 2024

AO Tennis 2 Review: A Mixed Bag with Promising Career Mode

AO Tennis 2 is a tennis game that aims to provide an immersive gameplay experience, but it falls short in certain areas. While it offers an impressive career mode and opportunities for strategic gameplay, there are some rough spots that hinder the overall experience.

Gameplay Challenges and Limitations

One of the issues with AO Tennis 2 is the occasional lack of synchronization between players’ movements and shot animations. This can lead to unexpected outcomes and disrupt the flow of the game. Additionally, players may give up on balls that could have been chased down, resulting in an increased number of outright winners. These instances can feel arbitrary and take away from the realism of the game.

Another challenge lies in the responsiveness of the players. Whether the movement assist is on or off, there are moments when the player is unresponsive, making it difficult to anticipate and react to the opponent’s shots. This can be frustrating, as quick reflexes and agility are crucial in tennis.

Redeeming Qualities and Strategic Gameplay

Despite these challenges, AO Tennis 2 does have redeeming qualities. The game rewards players who make the right shot choices at the right time. Slice shots, for example, provide a quick escape when under pressure, while well-placed and well-timed shots can make a significant impact on winning points. Strategic gameplay, such as shot depth, placement, and timing, plays a pivotal role in securing victories.

The Highlight: Career Mode

AO Tennis 2’s standout feature is its career mode, which offers an engaging experience for players. Balancing a tournament schedule with rest and training sessions adds depth and realism to the gameplay. Ensuring that fatigue is kept in check becomes essential, as it can significantly impact a player’s performance. Managing support services, such as a coach, physiotherapist, and sports scientist, adds another layer of strategy. The integration of real-world sponsors and the ability to create custom content further enhances the immersive experience.

Limitations in Online Mode

However, it is worth noting that the online mode in AO Tennis 2 is lacking. It only offers quick matches and the ability to create matches, with no matchmaking or larger structure. While the inclusion of leaderboards adds a competitive element, the lack of a comprehensive online experience is disappointing.


Q: Can I import real-life players and stadiums into AO Tennis 2?
A: Yes, AO Tennis 2 provides creation and import tools that allow you to enhance the game with real-life players, stadiums, and even sponsor logos.

Q: Does AO Tennis 2 feature a matchmaking system in online mode?
A: Unfortunately, AO Tennis 2’s online mode does not offer matchmaking. It only provides quick matches and the option to create matches.


In conclusion, AO Tennis 2 offers a mixed experience. While its career mode and strategic gameplay elements are commendable, there are noticeable flaws that prevent it from reaching its full potential. Despite its shortcomings, AO Tennis 2 can still provide enjoyable moments for tennis enthusiasts seeking a unique career mode experience.

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