Saturday, 18 May 2024

AlphaDream On Remaking Bowser’s Inside Story And How Mario & Luigi Could Possibly Fit Inside Of Bowser

Developer AlphaDream, known for creating the Mario & Luigi series, has recently released a remake of their beloved game, Bowser’s Inside Story. In an exclusive interview, we spoke with members of AlphaDream and Akira Otani, a producer from Nintendo, to learn more about the process of creating this remake and the unique gameplay it offers.

The Favorite Among Fans

Bowser’s Inside Story has often been hailed as the favorite among the Mario & Luigi games. When asked about the reason behind its popularity, Yoshihiko Maekawa, producer at AlphaDream, explained that it’s because players get to control Bowser, a well-known rival, in addition to Mario & Luigi. The dynamic gameplay and the ability to explore Bowser’s insides make it a truly unique and enjoyable experience.

Choosing the Platform

One question that arises is why the remake is exclusively available on the Nintendo 3DS and not on the popular Nintendo Switch console. Maekawa and Otani both clarified that the decision was made to maintain the original gameplay experience, which heavily relies on the dual screen feature of the 3DS.

The Legacy of AlphaDream

With this remake, AlphaDream has not only updated the visuals but also added a new mode that showcases the relationship between Bowser and Bowser Jr. The team believes that remaking their own games allows them to brush up on the visuals and impart their legacy to new employees.

The Proportions of Bowser’s Inside Story

Some fans have questioned the logic behind Mario and Luigi fitting inside Bowser. When asked about this, Akira Otani humorously replied that the game didn’t delve into the specifics of how they fit. However, Mario’s ability to change size and the familiarity with his character made the concept less strange. Sometimes, it’s best not to overthink the details and simply enjoy the fun gameplay.

A Nod to Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey allowed players to control Bowser for a significant portion of the game. When asked if the Mario & Luigi team felt that Odyssey’s concept was similar to their own, Otani expressed his appreciation for the portrayal of Mario and Bowser’s relationship in Odyssey. Seeing the two rivals working together made him smile and acknowledge the similarities.

Luigi’s Role in the Series

Luigi is often portrayed as the perpetual loser in the Mario & Luigi games, but the developers emphasized that they view his character differently. While he may encounter some challenges, they see it as teasing rather than bullying. In fact, they encourage players to explore the next game in the series, Dream Team, to witness the love and care they have for Luigi’s character.

Selecting Which Games to Remake

When asked why they chose to remake Bowser’s Inside Story and skipped Partners in Time, Otani explained that Bowser’s Inside Story was the most well-received title in the series. They also wanted to bring back popular characters like Fawful and explore the parent-child relationship between Bowser and Bowser Jr. They aim to maintain the uniqueness of both the Mario & Luigi and Paper Mario series, except for the collaboration in the title “Paper Jam.”

The Joy of Remaking a Game

Remaking a game comes with its own set of challenges and rewards. Maekawa highlighted the opportunity to enhance the visuals and create a new game system without the pressure of developing an entirely new game. Additionally, it allows them to pass on their knowledge and legacy to new employees joining the company.

Bowser Jr.’s Journey

Adding Bowser Jr.’s Journey to the remake was a fun experience for the team. They put a lot of effort into creating comical movements and developing the story of a child growing up. Striking the right balance between his struggles and brattiness was a challenge they successfully met.

Collaboration with Paper Mario Developer

Contrary to popular belief, AlphaDream and Intelligent Systems, the developer of Paper Mario, do not usually communicate regarding the two series. They prefer to keep both series separate to maintain their originality, with the exception of the collaboration on “Paper Jam.”

Unseen Game: Tomato Adventure

Fans have wondered why the game Tomato Adventure was never released in the West. Maekawa explained that the target age group for the game was considered too small, and there were also concerns about the battle system being poorly received.

Faithful to the Original

The developers clarified that there were no areas or content cut from the original game when creating the remake. They were able to successfully convey the exploration of Bowser’s body in cute and funny ways while maintaining the original layout. The updated graphics allowed for more detailed and visually appealing designs.

Characters for Smash Bros.

Both Otani and Maekawa expressed their preferences for characters from the Mario & Luigi series to appear in Super Smash Bros. Otani’s choice is Starlow, while Maekawa’s choices are either Fawful or Broque Madame.

In conclusion, the remake of Bowser’s Inside Story offers players a chance to revisit a beloved game with updated visuals and a new mode. The developers at AlphaDream have put their heart and soul into creating an enjoyable experience for fans. The legacy of the Mario & Luigi series is being carried forward by a passionate team dedicated to providing unique and entertaining gameplay.