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A Look Into Captain Marvel’s Presence in Video Games

Captain Marvel has taken the world by storm with her recent debut in theaters. Many fans have wondered if there are any video game adaptations of this iconic superheroine. While history has shown that movie-to-game adaptations can be hit or miss, the idea of playing as Captain Marvel in a video game is undoubtedly enticing.

Although we don’t currently have a dedicated video game featuring Captain Marvel, there are still options for those eager to step into her shoes. It’s worth noting, however, that she hasn’t always been known as Captain Marvel. Her comic book origins are a bit complicated, with various identities and ideas attached to her character.

Before taking on the mantle of Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers went through several iterations, including Ms. Marvel, Binary, and Warbird. To fully appreciate her character, it’s advisable to delve into her past and explore her journey. It’s worth mentioning that her timeline, both in the comics and video games, can be a convoluted mess.

While trying to piece together her chronology, it’s possible that there might be a game or two that were missed. However, her first appearance in a video game seems to have been in X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse. Unfortunately, she only played a limited non-playable character role in the comic book mission “Rescue Lilandra,” which was exclusive to the PSP version of the game.

In the game Marvel Ultimate Alliance, players had the chance to control Ms. Marvel. It’s worth noting that the previous Captain Marvel was also a playable character in this game, adding another layer of complexity. Ms. Marvel returned as a playable hero in the sequel, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, and also featured prominently in games like Marvel Super Hero Squad and Marvel Super Hero Squad Online, which were tailored for a younger audience.

As time went on, Carol Danvers became a staple in most Marvel games with sizable rosters. She appeared as an unlockable character in Lego Marvel Super Heroes and had her own unique way of being unlocked, which you can discover in the video below. She also made appearances in Marvel Heroes, Marvel Contest of Champions, and Marvel: Avengers Alliance, showcasing her versatility in various team-based Facebook and mobile games.

One of her most significant roles in a video game came in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, where she resembled her movie and current comic book counterpart. And for something a little different, a teenage version of Carol Danvers appeared in the Marvel Avengers Academy game.

In the virtual reality realm, Marvel Powers United allows players to step directly into Captain Marvel’s suit. This immersive experience grants players the ability to fly as Captain Marvel and shoot lasers from her hands.

While we eagerly await a dedicated Captain Marvel video game, it’s exciting to see her presence in various games across different platforms. As the Marvel game universe continues to expand, there’s hope that we’ll witness more heroes, including Captain Marvel, taking center stage.


Q1: Are there any dedicated Captain Marvel video games?
Currently, there are no standalone Captain Marvel video games. However, she has made appearances in various Marvel games.

Q2: What is the first video game appearance of Captain Marvel?
Captain Marvel’s first video game appearance seems to have been in X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse, albeit in a limited non-playable character role.

Q3: Can I play as Captain Marvel in any mobile games?
Yes, Captain Marvel can be found in team-based mobile games like Marvel Contest of Champions and Marvel: Avengers Alliance.

Q4: Are there any virtual reality games featuring Captain Marvel?
Yes, Marvel Powers United offers players the opportunity to step into Captain Marvel’s suit and experience her powers in virtual reality.


While there may not be a dedicated video game solely focused on Captain Marvel, her presence in various Marvel games allows fans to experience her powers and explore her character in different ways. As the Marvel game universe continues to evolve, it’s only a matter of time before we see a dedicated Captain Marvel game that truly does justice to this remarkable superheroine. So, suit up, gather your team, and get ready for an electrifying journey with Captain Marvel in the gaming world.

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