Friday, 17 May 2024

A Closer Look at the Season 1 Endgame Content in Skull and Bones

I’ve been closely following the development of Ubisoft Singapore’s multiplayer pirate game, Skull and Bones, since its announcement a few years ago. As a fan of pirate themes and the naval combat in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, I had high expectations for this game. Having had the chance to play various segments of the game in previews and betas, I can confidently say that Skull and Bones is shaping up to be an enjoyable and well-crafted experience.

Season 1: Raging Tides and the Rise of the Kingpins

Skull and Bones’ first season is known as Raging Tides, which sets the stage for the subsequent seasons: Chorus of Havoc, Into the Dragon’s Wake, and Shadow of the Deep. All of these seasons contribute to the game’s Year 1 roadmap, referred to as the Rise of the Kingpins by Ubisoft.

In Raging Tides, players find themselves pitted against the formidable pirate kingpin Phillippe Le Peste, known for his mastery of potent African poisons. Drawn to the region by rumors of the treasures you’ve amassed as the area’s kingpin, Le Peste sends his skirmishers and headhunters to put an end to your reign.

The season culminates in the La Potence World Event, where players engage in a climactic battle against Le Peste on the Indian Ocean. While I didn’t personally participate in this final showdown during my hands-on preview, I did have the opportunity to experience the La Potence World Event, which proved to be a unique and thrilling boss fight. It exceeded my expectations and showcased a level of variety that sets it apart from the typical ship-to-ship combat found in the game.

Unveiling the Endgame Content

Season 1 of Skull and Bones also introduces players to the Smuggle Pass, which mirrors the concept of a battle pass. By participating in the pass, players can unlock the Barque, a special ship, and themed equipment specifically designed to combat Le Peste. Additionally, players can acquire the essential La Potence schematics, necessary for challenging the season’s kingpin. The Smuggle Pass offers both free and premium options, allowing players to access even more seasonal offerings.

Moving on to Season 2: Chorus of Havoc, players face a new threat as the Hubac twins from the power-hungry Compagnie Royale invade the Indian Ocean. This intrusion puts your status as a pirate kingpin at stake once again, presenting fresh challenges and opportunities for action.

Challenging the Legendary Captains

Two notable endgame events in Skull and Bones are the Hostile Takeover and Legendary Heist. In Hostile Takeover, players must remain within a designated zone while causing as much damage as possible by destroying ships, buildings, and fortresses. This mode forces players to stay engaged in the action, eliminating the option to retreat and regroup.

Legendary Heists, on the other hand, require cooperation among players on the server to defeat a legendary captain and their armada. This event proved to be extremely challenging, as not only do players have to contend with the formidable captain, but they must also fend off rival players who might target them. Only one ship can take the captain to a marked outpost to claim the full suite of rewards, adding another layer of competition and strategy. This dynamic also applies to encounters with sea monsters, where only one player can turn in the monster’s head for rewards, encouraging both cooperation and rivalry among pirates.

Final Thoughts on Skull and Bones

Having experienced the Season 1 endgame content in Skull and Bones, I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the game. While it’s still early to comment on how the complete experience will come together, I can confidently say that Skull and Bones has exceeded my expectations so far. Its unique boss fights, engaging gameplay mechanics, and intriguing progression system make it a game worth exploring in its final form.

Skull and Bones is set to release on February 16 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Will you be setting sail in this pirate adventure? Let us know in the comments below!


Q: Can you switch between being a pirate and controlling a ship in Skull and Bones?
A: In Skull and Bones, players primarily control a ship rather than embodying a pirate character. The focus is on naval combat and ship customization.

Q: What platforms will Skull and Bones be available on?
A: Skull and Bones will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Q: Are the Smuggle Pass rewards free or paid?
A: The Smuggle Pass in Skull and Bones offers both free and premium options. Players can unlock rewards such as the Barque ship and themed equipment through the free version, while the premium version provides additional seasonal offerings.

Q: Can you encounter sea monsters in Skull and Bones?
A: Yes, Skull and Bones features encounters with sea monsters, adding an extra layer of challenge and competition among players. Only one player can turn in a sea monster’s head for rewards, which encourages both cooperation and rivalry among pirates.