Monday, 27 May 2024

Bonnie Ross Departs from 343 Industries

Bonnie Ross, the co-founder and longtime studio head of 343 Industries, the developer behind the popular Halo franchise, has made the difficult decision to leave the studio. This news comes as a result of a family medical issue, which necessitates her full attention. Ross took to Twitter to express her gratitude and pride in the work done by 343 Industries over the years, including their upcoming release, Halo Infinite.

A Legacy of Halo

343 Industries, founded by Ross in 2007, has been at the forefront of the Halo franchise, working on beloved titles such as Halo 4, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Halo 5: Guardians, and the highly anticipated Halo Infinite. Following Bungie’s departure from the brand, 343 Industries fully took over the development of Halo games under Ross’ guidance. With a deep commitment to the Halo universe, Ross has overseen the franchise’s growth and success throughout her tenure.

A Passionate Industry Leader

Having been with Microsoft since 1994, Ross has taken on various roles within the company, demonstrating her expertise and dedication. From studio manager to producer, general manager, and corporate vice president, Ross’s contributions to Microsoft and Xbox have left a lasting impact. Her leadership extended beyond just game development, as she co-founded the Microsoft Women in Gaming community in 1997, providing support and networking opportunities for women in the industry.

Farewell and Future Endeavors

In a heartfelt statement shared on her personal Twitter account, Ross expressed her appreciation for the Halo community and her excitement for the future. She unfortunately had to depart before the Winter Update, but she assured fans that Halo’s future is bright. Ross concluded her statement by inviting fans to join her as a fellow enthusiast at the upcoming Halo World Championship in October.

Gratitude from Xbox

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, took to Twitter to thank Bonnie Ross for her immense contributions to the Xbox brand and the Halo universe. He acknowledged the legacy she leaves behind and her impact on millions of fans worldwide. Ross received recognition for her work with the Halo franchise and her efforts in promoting diversity and STEM initiatives within the gaming industry, and she was rightfully inducted into the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame in 2019.

A New Chapter for 343 Industries

According to Windows Central, the responsibilities previously held by Ross will be divided among three talented individuals. Pierre Hintze will assume the role of studio head, ensuring the creative vision of 343 Industries continues. Bryan Koski will take on the position of general manager of the Halo franchise, overseeing the development and growth of future Halo games. Additionally, Elizabeth Van Wyck will be responsible for the business and operational aspects of the studio.


Q: What is Bonnie Ross known for?
A: Bonnie Ross is known for co-founding and leading 343 Industries, the studio behind the Halo franchise. She has been instrumental in the development and success of Halo games over the years.

Q: What is the Halo World Championship?
A: The Halo World Championship is a highly anticipated esports tournament featuring professional Halo players from around the world. It showcases the skill and competitiveness of the Halo community.


Bonnie Ross’s departure from 343 Industries marks the end of an era for the studio. Her role as co-founder and studio head has shaped the Halo franchise and brought joy to millions of fans. As the studio transitions to new leadership, the future of Halo remains bright, promising exciting experiences for fans to come.