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2016 Adventure Game Awards

2015 was a year filled with incredible adventure games, but 2016 may have had fewer releases. However, what it lacked in quantity, it made up for in quality. We saw a handful of fantastic narrative-driven experiences that left a lasting impression. In this article, we will highlight the best adventure games of 2016.

Best Story: Firewatch

Firewatch takes you on a journey as a man who becomes a fire lookout at a national park in 1989. What starts as a slow burn mystery evolves into something truly special. The characters, Henry and Delilah, are both troubled individuals with their own traumas. Watching them meet in the middle and try to work through their issues is a fascinating and moving experience. Firewatch delivers one of the most memorable stories in gaming in recent years.


Best Setting: Adrift

Adrift may not have reached its full storytelling potential, but it excels in representing the dangers and terror of space. You play as an astronaut floating through the wreckage of a destroyed space station. Whether you’re experiencing the game in virtual reality or watching it on your screen, Adrift’s tension is unbeatable.


Best Graphics: Abzu

While Firewatch’s picturesque sunsets and Pixar-like character models are memorable, it was Abzu’s gorgeous watercolor-esque visuals that won us over. The game immerses you in an underwater world filled with stunning colors and breathtaking scenery.


Best Soundtrack: Virginia

Virginia may be a divisive game, but one aspect most people agree on is its incredible soundtrack. The music, reminiscent of the Coen Brothers’ films, is an essential part of the game’s experience. Even if Virginia isn’t your cup of tea, you can still appreciate its fantastic music.


Best Character: Delilah (Firewatch)

Delilah, a character you never actually see, stands out due to her well-written dialogue and the excellent performance by Cissy Jones. Despite her absence on-screen, Delilah feels more human than many characters you encounter in games.


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Funniest Game: King’s Quest

The Odd Gentlemen’s take on the classic King’s Quest series brings plenty of humor inspired by The Princess Bride. Despite the occasional misstep with puzzles, the game keeps you chuckling throughout the entire experience. Christopher Lolyd deserves extra kudos for his great, humorous portrayal of elderly King Graham.

Most Touching Moment: King’s Quest

The new King’s Quest strikes a balance between sweetness and humor without becoming overly sentimental. One standout moment occurs in Chapter 4, where King Graham cradles his child and sings a lullaby. The scene tugs at your heartstrings with the line, “Your quest has begun, my kingdom, you’ll run. I’ll love you forever, my son.”

No, it’s fine. I just have something in my eye, that’s all.

Most Shocking Moment: Batman: A Telltale Series

Telltale’s version of Batman offers a unique and impressive story in a saturated market filled with Batman tales. Early on, Bruce Wayne uncovers a secret about his family that casts a shadow over the rest of the game. This revelation forces both Bruce and players to question every choice they make and explore the complexities of dispensing justice.

Most Educational: 1979 Revolution: Black Friday

1979 Revolution: Black Friday is a game that combines aspects of edutainment and interactive documentary. It tells the story of a photojournalist during a real-life revolution in Iran. While the occasional quick-time event may feel cheesy, the game overall does an excellent job of creating a gripping narrative and educating players about a tragic and world-shaping event.

Best Dialogue: Firewatch

Firewatch stands out with its honest and compelling dialogue between Henry and Delilah. The heart of the game lies in their exchanges, which cover a wide range of topics from low-brow humor to deeply personal confessions. These conversations create a convincing and engaging relationship between the characters.

Best Ending: Zero Time Dilemma

Zero Time Dilemma takes you on a journey through multiple timelines, forcing you to confront your characters’ deaths repeatedly. The game presents challenging puzzles and mediocre voice acting, but the payoff of reaching the ending is worth it all.

Best Adventure On The Go: Phoenix Wright: Spirit of Justice

Phoenix Wright: Spirit of Justice continues the series’ tradition of high-stakes court battles and investigation. This installment also captures the trademark goofiness and outrageousness of the franchise. It’s the perfect game to lighten the mood while traveling.

Adventure Game Of The Year: Firewatch

Firewatch is a beautiful and bold game that tells an enthralling story about broken individuals seeking peace in the world. Despite not always reaching its highest potential, Firewatch leaves a lasting impression. The evolution of Henry and Delilah’s relationship throughout the game is truly spellbinding, making it our Adventure Game of the Year for 2016.



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The adventure genre in 2016 offered a selection of quality games that captivated players with their narratives, settings, characters, and gameplay. Whether you’re exploring the mysteries of a national park in Firewatch or floating through space in Adrift, these games provide immersive and unforgettable experiences. As the Adventure Game of the Year, Firewatch shines as a testament to the power of storytelling in gaming. Explore the world of adventure games and embark on your own unforgettable journey.