Monday, 27 May 2024

007 Legends Review

James Bond’s journey in the gaming world has been a mixed bag, with titles ranging from exceptional to mediocre. While classics like GoldenEye and Everything or Nothing have left a lasting impression, others like 007 Legends fall short of expectations. This review will delve into the strengths and weaknesses of the game, providing insight into its concept and execution.

A Novel Concept

007 Legends explores a unique and somewhat nonsensical concept. The game begins with a scene from the film Skyfall, where Daniel Craig’s Bond falls off a train. This incident triggers a flashback in which Bond relives his past adventures through five missions, each based on a different Bond classic. While the concept is intriguing, it does raise questions considering that Casino Royale effectively rebooted the franchise with Craig as a younger Bond. Nevertheless, the idea of paying tribute to iconic moments and villains from the film series holds potential for a captivating gaming experience.

Missed Opportunities

Unfortunately, 007 Legends fails to capitalize on its promising concept. Gameplay largely consists of following onscreen indicators that instruct players to “PRESS THIS, SHOOT THIS, HACK THIS” at every turn. Though there are occasional investigations and stealth sections, the core experience feels like a generic shooter. Each showcased Bond villain offers a repetitive quicktime event boss battle, where players mindlessly press an analog stick and occasionally tap buttons to deplete their life bars. These encounters lack any sense of challenge or excitement.

Technical Flaws

Beyond its uninspired gameplay, 007 Legends suffers from various technical issues that hinder the overall experience. Enemy AI frequently behaves erratically, with soldiers running endlessly against walls and firing aimlessly. Frame rate drops, rendering the game unplayable at times, even during normal exploration. The visuals appear subpar, reminiscent of older console generations. Objects like doorknobs are poorly rendered, resembling something out of a Nintendo 64 game. Enemies materialize out of thin air, breaking immersion and disrupting the flow of gameplay. These issues extend to the multiplayer mode, which features lag, awkward character animations, and an unsatisfying upgrade system.

Potential Squandered

The flaws present in 007 Legends point to a rushed development focused on aligning the game’s release with the film’s premiere. However, other studios like Rocksteady have demonstrated that a highly regarded intellectual property can translate into a remarkable gaming experience when entrusted to a capable development team. The James Bond franchise, with its rich history and iconic characters, has the potential for an exceptional gaming adaptation. Regrettably, Activision’s approach with 007 Legends falls short, missing the mark on what could have been an extraordinary endeavor.


  • Q: Is there any redeeming factor in 007 Legends?

    • A: While the game falls short in many aspects, fans of the James Bond franchise may still find some enjoyment reliving iconic moments from the films.
  • Q: How does 007 Legends compare to other James Bond games?

    • A: When compared to other titles like GoldenEye and Everything or Nothing, 007 Legends pales in comparison. It fails to capture the essence and excitement of being James Bond.


007 Legends, with its ambitious concept and potential, disappoints with its lackluster execution. The game’s cookie-cutter gameplay, repetitive boss battles, and technical flaws prevent it from reaching the heights set by other James Bond games. While its release alongside the film may have been strategic, it is clear that more time and effort were needed to deliver an exceptional gaming experience. As fans of the franchise, we can only hope for a future Bond game that truly captures the essence and thrill of being 007.

007 Legends