Friday, 24 May 2024

Best Comps to Play in TFT Patch 13.25 – Winter break edition

A lot of optimization has happened since the last mid-patch update before going to winter break. Most of the comps that were the best got knocked out by the newcomers, Sentinel Ahri KR comp and EDM Jax reroll, which have been dominating since the patch went live. Winter break is almost coming to an end, but there’s still time left to climb before Patch 14.1 arrives on Jan. 10th. If you have free time still and want to get to your desired rank, below you will find the best comps to get it done!

Most OP comp of the patch – Sentinel Ahri

Sentinel Ahri Comp
Play this for free LP. Fast 8

The Korean Setup has taken the TFT meta by storm and is currently the most OP comp in the game. What makes it that much stronger compared to the other comp is how easy is to play. All of this while being stupidly broken in terms of winning out fights. The fact that you do not need to focus on looking for a specific headliner (you need only Sentinel +1), makes it way more lenient to play. Lastly, you only need Ahri 2* to come online.

When do you want to play this comp?

  • Good components/items for Ahri (Tears, Rods, Swords, etc)
  • Not being that contested (That easy to play)

In a meta where Melee Reroll comps dominate (EDM Jax or Yone reroll). The extra beefiness of Sentinels along with the sustain of Ahri with Gunblade just simply make this comp too good for the meta. One optimization is to save up to get 9 and get extra units such as Sona or Qiyana to enable another carry so the comp wins more lobbies. Do this once you have your core of 6 Sentinels + Ahri 2* with two more Spellweavers. Apart from being the single most OP and easy comp, there are a few things you need to learn to get it right in most games. Check LeDuck’s guide to get all the secret sauce in order to improve your chances and gain tons of LP (abusing this comp).

Senna 6 True Damage

True Damage Senna Comp
True Damage is too OP. Reroll Lv. 6

Senna and True Damage are destroying lobbies. Senna is easily the most powerful 2-cost unit in the game. Her scaling and damage are almost unmatched, and the fact that she’s True Damage just makes her a menace throughout all stages of the game. Especially if you have a True Damage emblem, this comp is one of the best to-win games.

When do you want to play this comp?

  • Find an early Senna Headliner
  • Have a Spat (True Damage Emblem win condition)
  • Are against heavy frontline comps
  • Have good items (Shojin, Nashor’s Tooth, etc)

As like every slow roll comp, stay at 6 until you hit your Senna 3*. Make sure to use the strength of Super Fans to give Senna a free Spear of Shojin. Along with items and the early headliner, she should blast through most boards in mid-game. The main drawback is that Senna is heavily contested for the players that want to go Fast 9 or simply against other players going for True Damage flex comps. However, if you find the right conditions such as a True Damage emblem or capping with Akali/Qiyana, this comp is an easy Top 4/2. Check LeDuck’s guide to get all the secret tips to play Sena reroll right. For instance, understanding when to prioritize your roll downs, which are good items to slam, and much more.

KDA Spellweaver

KDA Ahri Comp
Ahri is the Queen of this patch. Fast 8

K/DA Ahri is still one of the most consistent and easier comps to play around with. Ahri is just the premiere AP unit in the game since buffs to Blue Buff and her changes from Patch 13.23.

When do you want to play this comp?

  • Find good items for Ahri/Akali (Blue buff, HoJ, Gunblade)
  • Have a good K/DA and Super Fans opening
  • Find a headliner K/DA Ahri or Akali

Unlike the Sentinel setup, this comp doesn’t cap as high to win lobbies, so you may want to learn this variation in case you are getting contested with Sentinels. This comp is still a great option to pivot and aim for Top 4s though. You want to run a duo carry setup with Akali and Ahri as your main carries. Akali is great at sniping out the backliners while Ahri does work to the frontline. Keep in mind to have good items for both of these carries, HoJ/Bloodthirster is key for Akali, for instance. Usually, you want to get an advantage with an early Superfans opener, or by playing Annie at the beginning. Once you get to level 8, you should roll to get your Headliner unit. While this comp is really strong the fact that Sentinel Ahri is way easier to play and straight-up better makes it less popular. Still, is a good option to have on your arsenal. You can check LeDuck’s guide on how to play K/DA Spellweaver to learn the different board variations, when to level, items, and much more.


EDM Jax Reroll Comp
EDMs are busted. Reroll lv.6

There’s a setup for this comp that focuses on prioritizing EDM and using Jazz to get extra damage. When buffs to EDM came in Patch 13.24B, this trait instantly became one of the best. The most successful comp consists of using EDM Jax as your main carry. This is due to the sheer power of Jax 3 starred, the damage and healing turn him into an unkillable machine.

When do you want to play this comp?

  • If you have HoJ (Hand of Justice), Zhonya’s, or any great Jax item
  • Find an early EDM Jax headliner (You can play EDM Lux too)
  • Find good combat augments like Idealism

As with every reroll comp, you may want to start loss streaking to ensure a good economy at Stage 3. Heck, there are people that just open fort (not recommended for beginners), to get their economy going. There are two setups of EDM Jax. One of them uses Moshers with Poppy/Yorick and Zed for extra Jax power (Mosher scale in the fight). The second variant uses Jazz for extra combat stats to all of the units along with more synergies for your EDM units. Currently, the Jazz variant with Dazzler, Bruiser, and Crowdiver is the one doing the best. There are a ton of things you need to learn to play this comp right. One recommendation is to check guides such as LeDuck’s YouTube ones. They help you to have a better understanding of how EDM units work, and dark hidden tech to optimize damage. If you know most of the EDM shenanigans, you can check LeDuck’s guide which mainly focuses on explaining how to play the comp itself. He explains what are the best items, units, positioning, and much more.

Country Samira

Country Samira Comp
Still really good. Reroll Lv. 7

Although most comps from the last patch took a heavy dip performance-wise, Samira Reroll is still going strong and remains one of the most consistent comps to climb.

When do you want to play this comp?

  • If you find early copies of Samira or Urgot
  • If you find Country headliners early (Tahm Kench or Katarina helps)
  • You are not contested (you MUST hit your units)
  • Good augments to reroll or Items for your carries (Samira and Amumu items are key)

Like in previous entries, this comp is all about tempo. You want to use the Country trait to gain advantages in the early stages of the game. That’s why is common to play around this comp if you find early Country units such as Tahm Kench/Katarina to streak in Stage 2/3. This should help you have good econ before your roll down at level 7 to find your main carries: Urgot and Samira. The cap of this board is achieved when you get your trio of Samira/Urgot/Amumu three-starred. With most people prioritizing other units, currently, Country Samira is way more accessible. If you like to one trick a comp, then Country is one of the most ideal options.

Honorable mentions

  • Crowdiver Yone Reroll – Caps high and is good to win lobbies. The issue is that is less consistent and has a tough matchup against Sentinel Ahri
  • Disco Dazzle – Keeps going strong, TF is a great AP carry and Disco is good in the early/mid-game. To get Top 4s you need to cap high though
  • Riven Reroll – In the CN server, Riven is been doing quite hot as a 3-cost reroll carry. Expect it to be rising spots in coming entries

As in every patch, especially Remix Rumble, having a flexible outlook on the game is what going to make you climb besides knowing the best comps. One way to know the different options is to learn about them. You can check LeDuck’s Augments Tier Lists (to learn the best Augments), or look at the team comps section so you can learn the different lines that weren’t covered here and help you to become well-versed at adapting like the pros.