Friday, 24 May 2024

Evolve’s New DLC Characters: A Comprehensive Review

Turtle Rock has introduced a fresh batch of DLC characters for Evolve, the popular asymmetrical 4v1 shooter. This expansion includes a new monster and a squad of hunters, adding exciting new dynamics to the game. In this article, we will explore how these new characters fit into the existing roster and determine whether they are worth your time and money.

Torvald: The Devastating Assault


Torvald, the assault character, brings a heavy arsenal to the battlefield. Armed with shrapnel grenades, an autofire shotgun, and mortar cannons, Torvald is capable of dealing massive damage. The shrapnel grenades create weak points, allowing the entire team to inflict additional damage. The autofire shotgun requires precision, making it a satisfying weapon to use. The mortar cannons are a versatile offensive tool, perfect for taking down stationary opponents. Torvald’s arsenal makes him a force to be reckoned with.

Crow: The Aerial Trapper


Crow offers a unique take on the trapper class with his pet batray, Gobi. Gobi scouts the area, highlighting any living creatures he encounters. While Gobi is only out for a short period, his short cooldown time makes him highly effective. Additionally, Crow possesses a stasis gun that slows down the monster, making it easier to land shots. His kinetic long rifle, capable of bypassing the monster’s armor, adds a strategic element to his gameplay. Crow is a valuable asset to any team, especially when paired with other hunters that create weak points.

Slim: The Unconventional Medic


Slim, the medic, brings a unique twist to the Evolve hunters with his insect-human hybrid abilities. Equipped with a healing drone, Slim automatically replenishes the health of his teammates. However, the drone becomes vulnerable if attacked. The leech gun reduces the cooldown on Slim’s healing burst, making him a constant source of support. His spore cloud launcher blankets an area, temporarily disabling the monster’s sniff mode and hindering its ability to locate and attack the hunters. Slim’s abilities require careful management and can be highly effective in the right hands.

Sunny: The Versatile Support


Sunny, the support character, offers a wide range of options to assist teammates. Her shield drone functions similarly to Hank’s shield projector, providing automatic protection to allies. Her jetpack boost ensures that no monster can outrun a buffed trapper. Additionally, her mininuke grenade launcher deals massive damage, making her a formidable force in combat. Sunny’s support abilities combined with her firepower make her a valuable addition to any team.

Behemoth: The Mighty Monster


Behemoth, the new monster, brings a unique gameplay style to Evolve. His ability to transform into a boulder and roll through the environment adds an interesting dynamic to battles. However, this comes at the cost of traditional jumping. Behemoth possesses a mix of close- and long-range attacks, including the lava bomb, fissure attack, tongue grab, and rock wall. These abilities allow Behemoth to adapt to different situations and create strategic advantages. Although Behemoth requires careful maneuvering, he provides an exciting challenge for hunters.


  1. Are the new DLC characters overpowered?

    • While some players have voiced concerns about certain characters being overpowered, it ultimately comes down to personal playstyle and strategy. The developers are actively listening to community feedback and making adjustments as needed.
  2. Should I buy the DLC characters?

    • If you are a dedicated Evolve player who enjoys the game regularly, the new DLC characters are worth considering. They bring fresh gameplay options and add depth to the existing roster. However, if you have grown tired of Evolve or feel that the game lacks content, the DLC characters may not change your perspective.


The new DLC characters in Evolve offer exciting gameplay experiences for both hunters and monsters. Torvald, Crow, Slim, Sunny, and Behemoth each bring unique abilities and strategies to the game. While some balancing tweaks may be necessary, these characters are solid additions to their respective rosters. If you are still passionate about Evolve, give these new characters a try and see which ones resonate with your playstyle. For more information on Evolve, check out the official website Wqaindia.