Friday, 24 May 2024

Anthem: Appreciating the Journey and Reflecting on What Could Have Been


Anthem, the online action game developed by Electronic Arts and BioWare, had its fair share of ups and downs. The recent cancellation of Anthem Next, also known as Anthem 2.0, was not unexpected news, given the lack of updates from the team. However, it’s worth taking a moment to appreciate the potential that Anthem held and the journey it took us on. Let’s dive into the game, its launch, and the missed opportunities.

Pre-launch Excitement

When I first experienced Anthem during a pre-launch press event, I was captivated by the game’s smooth flight and combat mechanics. The attention to detail in the animations was remarkable and showed the developers’ passion for their craft. Despite the bugs that come with early access, the joy of soaring through the skies in my custom Javelin was undeniable.

A Rich Storyline

Anthem’s main story may have been incomplete, as expected in a live-action game, but the journey leading up to the endgame was full of depth and character. Conversations with Brin and her infectious enthusiasm, as well as Matthias and his captivating arc, added layers to the world of Anthem. The execution of Matthias’ split-personality storyline was enthralling, with each version of him portrayed with nuance and flair. Moments like these showcased the magic that Anthem had to offer, and they weren’t just fleeting experiences.

Discovering Tarsis

The story before the “final” fight in Anthem flowed seamlessly, providing a sense of fun and natural discovery. As I triumphed over challenges, Tarsis transformed from a struggling city to a vibrant hub of human life. The characters became more relatable, and their stories resonated with me. I found myself genuinely caring about the people of Anthem, their fears, and their bravery. The base game held beauty, personality, and the promise of an ongoing experience beyond the credits.

The Divide of the Endgame

The endgame of Anthem, unfortunately, felt disconnected from the rest of the game. The vast difference between the introductory narrative and the endgame experience was jarring. While cliffhangers are expected in live-service games, Anthem dropped the ball in delivering meaningful content updates in a timely manner. The lack of clarity regarding the release of major updates left players feeling uncertain about the future. The communication breakdown from BioWare only amplified this feeling, dimming the hope for new content.

Crafting and Customization

One aspect of Anthem that stood out was the enjoyable crafting and customization options. Creating my own unique Javelin suit with various colors and patterns was a delight. Whether it was donning a purple dinosaur suit or teaming up with Iron Man, the customization options added a fun twist. The ability to choose different components and their levels added depth to the gameplay, making the grind for gear rewarding. Gathering materials for crafting was surprisingly enjoyable, thanks to the stunning world of Anthem.

Fond Farewells

With the official news of no further updates for Anthem, including the anticipated Anthem Next overhaul, it’s hard not to feel a sense of loss. The endgame had the potential for redemption, just like No Man’s Sky had its own journey to recovery. While it’s disappointing to see this potential go to waste, we can take solace in knowing that the talented team at BioWare can now focus on other promising projects like Dragon Age 4 and the future of Mass Effect.

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  • Q: Will there be any future updates for Anthem?

  • A: No, Electronic Arts and BioWare have confirmed that there will be no further updates for Anthem.

  • Q: What other projects can we expect from BioWare?

  • A: BioWare is currently working on Dragon Age 4 and the future of Mass Effect.


Anthem had its faults, but it also offered a unique and captivating experience. While we may never see the game reach its full potential, it’s essential to appreciate the journey and the moments of magic it provided. The cancellation of Anthem Next allows BioWare to focus on other exciting projects, leaving us hopeful for what the future holds.