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Afterwords – 10000000

We are excited to announce that 10000000 has been awarded the Mobile Game of the Year by the team at Wqaindia. This game truly stands out as a near-perfect mobile experience that has captured the hearts of many players. In this article, we had the opportunity to speak with Luca Redwood, the game’s sole developer, to discuss the creation of the game, its unexpected success, and its future endeavors.

The Journey of a Solo Developer

Luca Redwood took on multiple roles during the development of 10000000. He handled the design, art, and coding aspects, pouring his heart and soul into the game. While he may not possess musical talents, Luca managed to find suitable stock tracks and even received the main theme for free from, a valuable resource for indie developers.

The development process was not without its challenges, but Luca was fortunate to have incredible support. During his time working as a software engineer in finance, he collaborated with talented testers who provided invaluable feedback. Additionally, Luca’s wife, who is not an avid gamer, offered a fresh perspective that helped refine the game. The development phase spanned approximately a year, during which Luca embraced an iterative approach, constantly refining and discarding features to ensure the best possible outcome.

Surprising Success

Despite minimal marketing efforts, 10000000 exceeded expectations. TouchArcade took notice of the game from day one, which led to widespread coverage and acclaim. To Luca’s delight, the game sold over 10,000 copies within the first few days and reached a staggering 50,000 copies in the first month. These impressive numbers are a testament to the game’s quality and appeal, especially considering the absence of Apple features.

Inspired by his success, Luca decided to continue working on the game while maintaining his day job. Balancing both became a challenge, but he has no regrets. The critical response to the game has been overwhelmingly positive, with the exception of one review that highlighted some control issues. Luca promptly addressed this concern, further improving the gameplay.

Expanding the Game

The players’ desire for additional content sparked Luca’s motivation to enhance 10000000 further. While acknowledging the game’s need for a clear endpoint, Luca listened to feedback and developed a plan to introduce new challenges, leaderboards, and room customization options. This update ensures that players who have completed the game can still enjoy new experiences and keep the game alive.

Multiple Platforms and Future Plans

Luca plans to bring 10000000 to various platforms, including Android, Windows Phone, and desktop systems. With the game built on the Unity engine, porting to different platforms is within reach. However, the diverse resolutions and aspect ratios of Android devices have presented some challenges. To ensure a seamless experience for all players, Luca has been collecting feedback through beta testing.

The anticipation for 10000000 to be available on Windows Phone is also high. Once Unity supports Windows Phone, Luca will make sure the game is accessible to this audience. Additionally, the game’s release on PC, Mac, and Linux is expected within the next month, as Luca has made the necessary adjustments for desktop gameplay.

Addressing Feedback and Future Updates

Time constraints prevented the implementation of online leaderboards and Game Center interactivity in the initial release. However, Luca recognizes the value these features would bring to the game and has plans to include them in the upcoming Big Content Update. This update aims to enrich the overall gameplay experience and provide players with more ways to connect and compete with others.

Setting the Price

Setting the price for a mobile game is a delicate decision, and Luca carefully considered various factors. Ultimately, he opted for a price point of $1.99, emphasizing the game’s 6-8 hours of entertainment value. Although pricing at $0.99 could have attracted a larger volume of buyers, Luca recognized the challenges associated with covering costs at that price level. By setting the game at $1.99, Luca ensured that players received a fair deal while supporting the longevity of the game.


Q: Are there plans to add additional content to the game?

A: Yes! Luca intends to provide post-game content that allows players to refit their rooms and unlock new challenges and leaderboards.

Q: Will the game be available on other platforms?

A: Absolutely! Luca has plans to bring 10000000 to Android, Windows Phone, and desktop systems.

Q: Why were online leaderboards and Game Center interactivity not included initially?

A: Due to time constraints, these features were not implemented in the initial release. However, they will be included in the upcoming Big Content Update.


Luca Redwood’s 10000000 is a testament to the creativity and dedication of indie game developers. The game’s success, despite minimal marketing efforts, is a testament to its quality and appeal. With future updates and expansions in the pipeline, 10000000 is poised to continue captivating players across different platforms. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from Luca Redwood and the world of 10000000.

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