Friday, 24 May 2024

A Child’s Adventure in Kingdom Hearts III: A Fun and Confusing Experience

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to jump into a game series without playing any of the previous titles? Well, that’s exactly what I did with my six-year-old daughter in Kingdom Hearts III. As lovers of all things Disney, we embarked on an adventure filled with excitement, confusion, and plenty of fun moments. Let me take you on a journey through our first hour of gameplay and share our impressions of this highly-anticipated game.

Confusion Before the Game Begins

Even before we started playing, my daughter was already asking tough questions about the characters featured on the artwork. She couldn’t help but notice that some of the characters with spiky hair looked similar. In her innocent comparison, she wondered if they were like My Little Pony characters with different hair colors.

A Conversation With Hades

As the game began, we found ourselves in an opening sequence that left us both a bit perplexed. Two characters were playing chess, while others were flying around and giving us a recap of past events. My daughter couldn’t help but notice that the chess players looked identical. We also had some confusion about Sora’s abilities and the representation of the “unicorn cat” in one of the pictures. Despite the initial confusion, we soon got the hang of the gameplay during the tutorial battles, and both enjoyed the hack-and-slash combat.

Hercules’ Confusing Rescue

Early on in our adventure, we encountered a rescue mission with Hercules. The sequence felt incomplete, leaving my daughter with many unanswered questions. She couldn’t understand why the game didn’t show us what happened after Hercules threw a giant statue of himself. It was a moment that broke her imagination and left her wondering what exactly had transpired.

Logical Thinking

As we progressed, we encountered a man in a room filled with enemies. My daughter questioned why he wasn’t being attacked and if we could do the same. Unfortunately, I had to explain that in the game, I had to fight and couldn’t avoid the enemies. It was a lesson in game inconsistencies and the limitations of our actions within the virtual world.

Don’t Hit Everything

While exploring the game’s world, we stumbled upon a harp that we could interact with. My daughter immediately scolded me, thinking it belonged to someone else and that I would get into trouble for hitting it. It was a playful moment that taught us about the boundaries of the game world.

Confusion Again

During our adventure, we came across a woman trapped on a column. My daughter, always full of imaginative ideas, suggested that she could run up the flashing pole just as Sora could run up walls. It was a cute and amusing thought that added a touch of humor to our gameplay experience.

Hercules The Wimp?

Seeing Hercules struggle to lift a rock over his shoulders confused my daughter. She couldn’t understand why he couldn’t lift it after throwing a giant statue just moments before. Her innocent conclusion was that he must be poisoned. When the roof collapsed, she thought Hercules was done for, only to be surprised when he emerged unscathed. It was a moment of misunderstanding Hercule’s flexing, thinking he was showing us that his muscles no longer worked.

We Don’t Learn From Our Mistakes

As another evil-looking character emerged, my daughter urged me to shoot fire at him and not let him escape. Unfortunately, the game’s mechanics didn’t allow for immediate action, leading to her exasperation. Sora’s inclination to talk first didn’t sit well with her.

Pirate Ships are Dumb

Finally, we encountered the first boss, a giant heartless. My daughter handed me the controller and expressed her concern about the tough-looking enemy. I assured her that I had just learned how to summon a pirate ship, which I thought was powerful, even though its effects weren’t immediately clear. However, my daughter found the whole sequence dumbfounding. To her, the ship seemed pointless, and she didn’t want to use it anymore.


Our first hour of playing Kingdom Hearts III was filled with joy and confusion. While the backstory and opening moments of the game were a bit perplexing, once we landed in Olympus, the narrative became more engaging, and we had no trouble following it. In the end, I asked my daughter what she thought of the game, and with a deep-thinker face, she awarded it a perfect score of 100. According to her, it was one of the best games she had ever played, even though she found it all confusing. She couldn’t wait to play it again the next day, leaving us excited for more adventures in this magical world.


  • Q: Can you jump into Kingdom Hearts III without playing the previous games in the series?
    A: While it’s definitely possible, newcomers might find certain portions of the game challenging to follow. The developers have included a memory archive in the menu to provide short videos and refresh players’ memories, but it might not be enough for a comprehensive understanding.

  • Q: Is Kingdom Hearts III suitable for young children?
    A: Kingdom Hearts III blends Disney characters and storytelling with action-packed gameplay. It can be enjoyed by players of all ages, but younger children may need some guidance to understand the complex narrative elements.

  • Q: Are there any other Disney princesses in the game?
    A: Yes, Kingdom Hearts III features various Disney princesses. Exploring the game will introduce players to beloved characters from the Disney universe.


Embarking on a gaming adventure with my daughter in Kingdom Hearts III was a delightful experience. Despite the initial confusion, we found joy in exploring the world, battling enemies, and encountering familiar Disney characters. The game’s intricate narrative may require some context for newcomers, but once immersed in the gameplay, it becomes a captivating and enjoyable journey. So, grab your keyblade and join us in this magical world – it’s a journey worth taking!