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A Tour of Battleborn’s Art: Exploring the Creative Process

Gearbox Software, the renowned creators of Borderlands, are back with Battleborn, their latest game that not only promises an engaging gameplay experience but also stunning art styles. In this article, we take a guided tour through the concept art of Battleborn, providing insight into the creative process and goals of the talented team at Gearbox.

The Vision Behind Battleborn’s Art

At the helm of Battleborn’s art direction is Scott Kester, who previously worked on the character concept design for the Borderlands series. Kester’s goal with Battleborn is to create a visually diverse universe that captures the essence of each character’s origin. The game features different factions, and Kester wants players to be able to identify a character’s background by their appearance and the world they come from. The art style unifies the game while offering a variety of aesthetics that almost feel like different games within the same universe.

Jennerit Empire's Home World
Early concept of the Jennerit Empire’s home world

Bringing Characters to Life

The art team at Gearbox is dedicated to giving each character in Battleborn a distinct and memorable identity. Nick Wilson, the lead visual FX artist, explains that their work helps make each character feel unique while maintaining a cohesive art style throughout the game. Animation producer Trey Davenport and senior animator Dia Hadley emphasize the importance of individual ownership and visual interpretation, allowing each character to have its own personality and distinguishing characteristics.

Brief look at the iconic minions of Battleborn

The charm and personality of Battleborn’s spider-mechs

The Role of Visual Effects

Visual effects play a crucial role in Battleborn, adding to the overall immersive experience. Wilson highlights the distinct approach taken in Battleborn compared to Borderlands, where they prioritize stylization to make each character fitting for the game’s universe. The effects team at Gearbox works closely with the individual character designers to ensure that the effects capture the essence of each character’s abilities, giving them a unique and recognizable impact.

The Varelsi
The sinister and faceless Varelsi

Collaboration with Accomplished Artists

Gearbox has enlisted the talents of renowned animator Michel Gagne to serve as Battleborn’s effects director. Gagne’s hand-animated art style brings a unique flair to the game, elevating the visual effects to a whole new level. His extensive experience, including work on films like The Iron Giant and Brave, adds a touch of cinematic quality, making Battleborn an immersive experience.

A Journey of Exploration

Battleborn’s art aims to captivate players with its attention to detail and distinctive style. Each piece of concept art tells a story, and the team at Gearbox has invested significant effort into creating an engaging world that players can truly get lost in. From the initial speed paints to the focus on silhouettes and framing, every element contributes to the overall vision of Battleborn’s universe.


What is the goal of Battleborn’s art direction?

Battleborn’s art direction aims to create a visually diverse universe with distinct aesthetics for each character and faction while maintaining a cohesive art style.

How do visual effects contribute to Battleborn?

Visual effects play a vital role in Battleborn by enhancing the immersive experience, capturing the essence of each character’s abilities, and providing a unique impact.

Who is Michel Gagne, and what is his role in Battleborn?

Michel Gagne is the effects director for Battleborn. With extensive experience in animation, including work on notable films, he brings a distinctive hand-animated art style to the game’s visual effects.


Battleborn’s art showcases the remarkable talent and dedication of the team at Gearbox Software. From the concept art to the visual effects, every aspect of the game’s art direction is meticulously crafted to immerse players in a visually stunning universe. As Battleborn’s release approaches, we can look forward to experiencing the captivating world that Gearbox has created.

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