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Tips for Mastering Into The Breach

Into The Breach

Subset Games’ Into The Breach is an exciting game that offers a unique and accessible experience. While it may seem straightforward at first, there is a depth to the gameplay that requires careful strategy and decision-making. To help you become a master at defending against the ferocious kaiju assaults, we have compiled a list of useful tips.

Start on Easy Difficulty

If you’re new to the game, it’s best to start on the easy difficulty setting. This allows you to get a feel for the game mechanics and earn unlocks before progressing to the normal difficulty level.

Utilize the Environment

One of the most important tips to keep in mind is the strategic use of the environment. The grid is filled with obstacles and enemies that can be manipulated to your advantage. Push enemies into each other or into obstacles like mountains to damage them. Position your units in a way that avoids damage from enemy attacks. Additionally, using obstacles to protect your artillery units can help keep them safe. Remember that controlling the center of the board often leads to better control of the entire map, similar to the game of Chess.

Protect the Grid

While advanced strategies may allow for some grid damage, it is crucial to prioritize protecting the grid. The grid carries over between matches, and its depletion results in an immediate game over. In the beginning, focus on preventing any damage to the buildings, even if it means sacrificing one of your mechs.

Understand Enemies’ Actions

Before taking any actions, make sure you fully understand what each enemy will do on their turn. Hover your mouse over an enemy unit and hold CTRL for a detailed view of their powers and upcoming attack. This knowledge will help you plan your moves effectively.

Target Specific Achievements

In each playthrough, focus on specific achievements to increase your chances of unlocking additional mech squads. By completing these achievements, you can unlock more squads, which offer unique abilities and playstyles.

Move First, Attack Later

When in doubt, prioritize movement. Once a mech attacks, its turn ends, but you can always move and then undo your last move. You can also move multiple units before taking action with any of them. This flexibility allows you to position your units strategically and maximize their effectiveness.

Synergize Mech Squad Abilities

Most mech squads are designed to complement each other. Take the time to consider how each mech in your group can support the others. For example, if one mech can transform smoke into a damaging effect, make sure to utilize other mechs that can create smoke. This synergy enhances your squad’s overall effectiveness.

Balance Reactor Core Usage

When upgrading your mechs, consider the balance between weapon upgrades and health upgrades. While specific weapon upgrades can be powerful, increasing mech health can also be a lifesaver. Evaluate your playstyle and focus on upgrading areas where you struggle the most.

Focus on Psions, but Prioritize the Grid

Psions can be a significant threat, but do not let them distract you from protecting the grid or achieving multi-kills. Although killing the psions is important, it’s also crucial to complete other essential tasks. Prioritize saving buildings and chaining multi-kills when necessary.

Don’t Worry About Optional Objectives

If you fail to complete an optional objective, don’t stress over it. There will be other opportunities to earn those stars. Focus on the overall mission and adapt your strategy accordingly.

Prioritize Grid over Mechs and Pilots

While your pilots and mechs may be expendable in more challenging missions, the grid damage is not. If necessary, use the bodies of fallen enemies to form a barrier and protect the grid.

Take Advantage of Time Pods

Keep an eye out for time pods that appear on the battlefield. Send one of your units to retrieve the pod before it is destroyed by the enemy. Time pods often contain valuable upgrades and items. Whenever possible, combine picking up the pod with a useful action that the unit can complete in the same location.

Energy Management

While having a full grid is essential, accumulating energy beyond the cap can increase your resistance to energy loss. However, the small percentage bonuses are not significant enough to sacrifice other meaningful upgrades. Consider the trade-offs wisely.

Aim for the Perfect Turn

Sometimes, there is a way to complete a perfect turn without taking any grid damage or losing bonus objectives. Take the time to explore all possible moves and examine the attack order tooltip to understand the sequence of events. Environmental damage often occurs first, so utilize your mechs for other purposes rather than wasting attacks that would be handled by environmental effects.

Keep Everything at Bay

Remember that winning battles in Into The Breach is not solely about killing all enemies but about keeping them at bay until the countdown ends. Prioritize defense and focus on preventing the enemies from causing damage.

Explore Different Environments

Once you complete an island, you can start on that island in subsequent playthroughs. Consider this when choosing your starting point, as certain environments may suit your playstyle better.

Heal Your Mechs

Don’t forget that you can heal your mechs during battle instead of always attacking or using special abilities. Click on the wrench icon and select the mech you want to heal to keep your units in top shape.

Placement Disruption Is Key

Instead of solely focusing on dealing damage, pay attention to disrupting enemy positions. Push them away from buildings and other vital structures to minimize the threat they pose.

Tricking Enemies

Trick enemies into attacking each other or sitting on spawn spots to neutralize their threat. Exploiting their AI can give you an advantage in the battle.

Make Use of Turn Reset

You have one chance to reset a turn per battle if you make a significant mistake. Use this opportunity wisely to correct any missteps and avoid unfavorable outcomes.

Protect the Bomb in the Final Battle

During the second phase of the final battle, your objective is to protect a bomb from damage. Keeping the bomb alive is crucial, as its destruction leads to additional turns that you need to survive. Prioritize preserving the bomb without compromising other win conditions.


  • How can I unlock additional mech squads?
    By focusing on specific achievements during your playthrough, you can increase your chances of unlocking more mech squads.

  • Is it essential to complete optional objectives?
    While optional objectives offer additional rewards, failing to meet them does not negatively impact your overall progress. Focus on the main mission and adapt your strategy accordingly.

  • Can I heal my mechs during battle?
    Yes, you can heal your mechs by using the wrench icon and selecting the mech you want to heal.


Mastering Into The Breach requires a combination of strategic thinking, careful planning, and adaptability. By following these tips and continually honing your skills, you will become a formidable force against the kaiju assaults. Embrace the challenge, experiment with different tactics, and enjoy the thrilling gameplay that Into The Breach offers.

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