Friday, 17 May 2024

Shadow Complex Remastered: Exciting News for Fans!


Get ready, gamers! We have some thrilling news for you today. The highly anticipated remastered version of Shadow Complex is finally here! In this article, we’ll dive into the details of this release, including a surprise gift for PC players.

Shadow Complex Remastered

The Remastered Edition

The ratings listing that appeared online earlier this week was accurate, but there’s more to the story. At The Game Awards, Chair announced the updated version of Shadow Complex Remastered for PC and current-gen consoles. This means that fans, both old and new, can now experience the game like never before.

To celebrate this exciting launch, the PC version is now available for free until the end of 2015 on the official Shadow Complex website. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to explore the Shadow Complex universe without spending a dime.

A Look Back at Shadow Complex

First released in 2009, Shadow Complex quickly became a standout game on Xbox Live Arcade. The game, developed by Chair, immerses players in an enthralling Metroid-like experience. You take on the role of an unwitting hero, voiced by none other than Nolan North, who must uncover a conspiracy hidden within an underground base. As you progress, you’ll encounter armor and weapon upgrades that grant you access to hidden areas within the facility.

The Future of Shadow Complex

Chair co-founder Donald Mustard expressed his excitement over the remastered edition. He stated, “We’re super excited to introduce a remastered version to fans, old and new, and for the opportunity it creates for us to do more in the Shadow Complex universe.” This statement suggests that Chair has big plans for the future of the franchise, potentially including a sequel or expanded content. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us!

The Power of Remastered Editions

We’ve seen the success of remastered editions in the gaming industry. Sega’s decision to bring Valkyria Chronicles to PC paved the way for a new entry in the series. Similarly, the remastered version of Shadow Complex opens the door for a larger audience and the potential for a follow-up on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.


Shadow Complex Remastered is a must-play for both long-time fans and newcomers to the series. With its engaging gameplay, immersive storyline, and the promise of more to come, this remastered edition is sure to capture the hearts of gamers everywhere. Don’t miss out on your chance to experience this iconic game for free on PC before the year ends!


Q: When will the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 editions be released?

A: The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 editions of Shadow Complex Remastered are set to launch in 2016. Stay tuned for more updates!

Q: Is the remastered edition only available for PC?

A: No, the remastered edition will also be released for current-gen consoles, including Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Q: Are there any plans for a sequel or additional content?

A: Chair co-founder Donald Mustard hinted at the possibility of expanding the Shadow Complex universe in the future. While no specific details have been announced, fans can look forward to more exciting adventures in this captivating world.